What’s Wrong With American Idol? (and The Voice)

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Rick Beato

2 år sedan

Are shows like American Idol, The Voice and America's Got Talent good for music? Featuring Michael Palmisano from Guitar Gate and Rhett Shull.
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Kevin Vitale
Kevin Vitale Dag sedan
I know someone local that has great talent and is very successful in her local bands. She tried AI twice, but didn’t have any kind of a sob story and thus passed by… twice.
Whinegummi Dag sedan
I am with Rick. Fake nothing else.
Acousticmarine Dag sedan
Throw Mick Jagger in on the list of singers that would never have been on those reality singing shows
Valeria Cardona
Valeria Cardona 3 dagar sedan
American idol is just for judges to be more famous not to discover new talents.
Misty Mangham
Misty Mangham 6 dagar sedan
Reuben is a relatively successful gospel artist. Taylor Hicks did Broadway & Bo Bice he is still performing local. I'm from Alabama and though I'm not a fan of these shows. In a way they are wanting a specific formula. Just my opinion.
Jim Konen
Jim Konen 6 dagar sedan
It's like watching young talented people get thrown into a tree shredder.They are all focused on a promised "carrot" they believe will make them famous and happy if....they can win the contest. It's a great spectacle and, it sells commercials. So, if nothing happens after the show, it doesn't matter, the sponsors made their money back and the talent???? There's "a new kid in town", and of course, everybody loves him now.
overhaul 12 dagar sedan
This is just my opinion and I may be wrong, but i believe the over popularity of these shows has some contribution to the decline of instrumentalists over time. Clearly, no top artists of this gen have a great "musician". Of course there are EXTREMELY skilled artists, a lot of them, but there will never be another Jimmy Page or BB King or John Bonham or Prince.
Chris M
Chris M 14 dagar sedan
I don’t put much stock in those shows, we could do without them!
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson 14 dagar sedan
If this was after Rubin, most likely he was pushed off.
sean johnson
sean johnson 16 dagar sedan
Coming to the discussion late, but I know for a fact the band pulls back on some of those singers on purpose! Especially for the people they don’t want to win. And! If you don’t have a sad story your chances are slim
Laura T
Laura T 17 dagar sedan
The best singers and performers don't win most of the time.
Scott Duthie
Scott Duthie 19 dagar sedan
The best thing that I've ever heard come from any of those shows is Haley Reinhart and the second best of course would be Casey Abrams
patrick campbell
patrick campbell 20 dagar sedan
Rick, do you think there is a difference in the artists in current times (that do not often have the opportunity to "pay dues" doing bar work-I notice a difference in musicianship from "bar trained" musicians from those that did not learn their chops in gigs from my own experience playing music) from "old school bar trained" artists? Thanks Rick, love your videos.
Wendy C
Wendy C 20 dagar sedan
Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtery are the memorable Forgot Carrie Underwood
Dietrich Kappe
Dietrich Kappe 21 dag sedan
The Voice has an unpleasant tendency to get rid of black and old singers.
Steven Jacobson
Steven Jacobson 22 dagar sedan
Doubt Leon Redbone would have passed the audition.
Ashley Carrier
Ashley Carrier 24 dagar sedan
What's wrong? They mostly sing songs that when I hear them on the car radio, I change the channel.
Kass McGann
Kass McGann 24 dagar sedan
I don't know why it strikes me this way, but Rhett appears so erudite. I could listen to him talk all day.
Godless Goat
Godless Goat 24 dagar sedan
I don't think it leaves them "positive", maybe the top three (maybe). The rest are probably heartbroken and move on. Three a-hole judges and a large crowd on t.v. - sounds more exploitative, like gladiators for the masses. But that's most tv, right!?
Tom Hathaway
Tom Hathaway 25 dagar sedan
Too much emphasis on voice and not enough on everything else, songwriting, tech ability, uniqueness, showmanship and on and on and on, a show that considers EVERYTHING is the show the world needs!!!
foto21com 28 dagar sedan
American Idol is better than the Voice. I've seen great singing there, and they have a good format, problem is what they do with the contestants after the show is over. The Voice has many problems not worth going into, but largely the 'advisors'.
Matthew Anthony
Matthew Anthony Månad sedan
I never believed in the competitive element of these shows. Right from the start, I figured that winning it was meaningless as opposed to finishing tenth. It’s not like some great singer was just going to go home as a loser. Of course not. They were going to be rewarded, too.
Stayner Treasures
Stayner Treasures Månad sedan
Also now they exploit children to make $$$ and ratings. should not be allowed under child labour laws
Minority Damage
Minority Damage Månad sedan
As if being a good singer would be enough to pursue a music career!! There are kazillions of amazing singers in the world...these shows should tell the world that songwriting is a lot more important aspect of a musician than singing..kids watch these shows and think they gonna be stars just cause they can sing...
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Månad sedan
These shows, and the music industry as a whole including radio is like a museum that has roped off everything except the Picasso section. Picasso is art, you all like art dont you? There used to be variety and authenticity, now its all just pop/love/R&B/Country crossover. Dire Straits would get nowhere today.
Trudy Ziegler
Trudy Ziegler Månad sedan
Sometimes they seem to be more like popularity contests. Also, there was at least one episode of The Voice where it seemed like the coach made a decision more to promote himself at the expense of his singer.
ax1sp0wers Månad sedan
Brian Johnson and Bonn Scott wouldn’t have passed the American Idol test either, and then where on earth would we be!? Oh, what a wretched thought!
ax1sp0wers Månad sedan
@Rick Beato - Your guy brings up a good point! Maybe you could do a video analyzing how old all the great legends were when they finally made it big. Were they in the late teens? Or were they well into the 20s or 30s?
Rafa Gómez
Rafa Gómez Månad sedan
You might like this anecdote: we've got this great singer-performer that participated in a sort of Venezuelan Idol (I don't think it's the same franchise). The case is that they made her say she hadn't seen her mother in decades, while she visited her weekly, so they could arrange the "reencounter" in front of the cameras
abc stv
abc stv Månad sedan
i'm not sure about those shows being pinnacles of success from GP's POV. I remember when I knew nothing about music, when Adam Lambert came out after the shows and have songs charted, there were plenty of conversations on news outlets about whether those shows actually find long-termed musical success .... Anyway ...ppl telling others to go on shows is a common phenomenon because ppl want to see good competitions. So when they see potential candidates online, they want to see more entertainment by rooting for those folks on a show. Just like lots of IG athletes get inundated with suggestions to go Ninja Warriors. But we are aware that NW is hardly it. I mean.... we have the Olympics.
Ochomarvo G.
Ochomarvo G. Månad sedan
If they had the talent they'd use American Idol also if they had the chance. .they can't use it so they're against it.
tracy Lincoln
tracy Lincoln Månad sedan
Your thoughts on adam lambert?
Robert Higgins
Robert Higgins Månad sedan
Here is what is wrong with the shows like "The Voice" as Blake Shelton was mortified when he found this out. Luke Combs attempted to perform on The Voice, but was rejected from performing because as they replied, his voice just wasn't "Interesting enough"....now a few million songs sales later...I wonder if the selection committee has changed their minds....
Full Beans
Full Beans Månad sedan
I believe the concept of these shows started with the UKs "X-Factor" where the judges would always quip about contestants having the "X" factor. I always said that was simon cowells way of saying "They will get us number one in the charts on Christmas day" that "X"mas number one, that X FACTOR. Although it was always just the show. The judges would watch the masses react and please them to ensure everybody is happy with their designated singer with the predetermined cover of a popular song for nostalgia at Christmas. Boring predictable junk food TV/music.
Mike Peacock
Mike Peacock Månad sedan
Forgive me, because I did not read all 2,5K comments, but isn't there more to music than just singing? In my mind, my major beef is that these shows put a Singer up onto a pedestal, but I don't think these shows actually promote musicality. It would be nice if a show actually promoted singers who actually can also write, or play an instrument...???
Copy Bloc
Copy Bloc 20 dagar sedan
They began allowing contestants to perform with instruments about a decade ago. More recently contestants have been alllowed to perform original songs.
Mike Peacock
Mike Peacock Månad sedan
As an example, how would Lennon or McCartney do on American Idol...
Robert Scott
Robert Scott Månad sedan
people watch it to see the people get kicked off as a kind of emotional release, like Survivor, but in AI's case, they get kicked off for not perfectly covering someone else's work... ie- being the most vanilla kind of performer... makes my skin crawl.
Leonard Weisfeld
Leonard Weisfeld 2 månader sedan
The only thing wrong with American Idol is that people take it seriously. You may as well ask why Gilligan kept screwing up the rescue attempts.
Kevin Jolly
Kevin Jolly 2 månader sedan
"reality show" is misnomer. These show are overblown splashy "talent shows". There is no such thing as the "best" when it comes to singing. Art is not a competition. You either like it or you don't. The sports analogy doesn't apply because sports is about scoring the most points to "win" the game. Art is about expression not winning, Take any virtuoso guitarist- not everyone is a Van Halen or Yngwie fan. Some people just don't like them. These show just give people with "stars in their eyes" a chance at national exposure. The back stories are simply to draw you in to give you someone to love or hate. They create a narrative to keep the viewer interested. If you're lucky enough to win the "popularity" contest you might MIGHT have a chance at making a living. Sadly most of these contestants don't. Statistically, American Idol has produced few pop star of not but the Voice has not. That's because the Voice is not about the "artists" it's about bragging rights and whatever the celebrity judges get for winning. The singers are simply being used. It's like giving a baby bird two feathers and telling them to go out and fly. These shows basically exploit dream chasers for the producers, celebrity hosts, and the networks benefit. They're cheaper to produce than a sitcom or drama, highly popular and rake in a lot of money. Pop culture has it's place.
Michael Tibus
Michael Tibus 2 månader sedan
They let the people vote, and that's never a good thing. They started voting looks over pure talent a long time ago.
BottleAire 2 månader sedan
When I catch a glimpse of these shows I always think of the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where Debbie Reynolds does a Beatles medley. I respect Anthony Jackson as a bass player, but both shows are sad and shallow. That electric motorcycle shoulda finished the job on that smug douchebag Cowell.
lesterross1 2 månader sedan
More concerned about family tragedies than talent.
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 2 månader sedan
Why would you tune in to those turds,anyway?You know what kind of clowns do these shows so ignore them.Nobody HAS to watch
Kyle Whitlock
Kyle Whitlock 2 månader sedan
Almost everything!
Rodney Carpenter
Rodney Carpenter 2 månader sedan
I don't watch any of these shows often. But when I do I use it as a guide as to who NOT to listen to. These shows are a joke and have absolutely NOTHING to do with actual talent. Your point about Geddy...spot on.
Scott Andrews
Scott Andrews 2 månader sedan
Music is anything but a competition. That's my biggest problem with these shows
Roger Hennie
Roger Hennie 2 månader sedan
Karaoke competitions. Who needs THAT!
Cimarron Porsche Werks
Cimarron Porsche Werks 2 månader sedan
The point where I became certain the show was scripted, when the Voice had “guest coaches”, a talented black female r&b singer went in to meet her coach. It was Hilary Scott. I thought what are the odds that this person knows by sight who that is. Across genres. Just seemed unlikely. Heck, I didn’t know some of them even after they were introduced. The guy from “Fun” was showcased. The guy had just released his solo effort. Somebody paid for him to be there. All fake to me. Can’t watch them.
lillpete64 2 månader sedan
Who doesn't remember their first battle of the bands and the nerves so to your point Rick no way these kids are prepared epic manipulation
lillpete64 2 månader sedan
It's not the destination it's the journey that's what these kids are missing out on....im no one famous all though it's a goal ive alwase had but the point is what tastes good without seasoning in a slow cooker..IN MY EVER SO HUMBLE O
Corey Bickmore
Corey Bickmore 2 månader sedan
I'm a fan of Daughtry who didn't win but knew what he wanted
Bill Durling
Bill Durling 2 månader sedan
I can't prove this yet I believe American Idol pushes finalists that need the shows promotion more than other finalists. Two glaring examples in my opinion are Alejandro Aranda and Adam Lambert who both came in second who were both odds on favorites. What's up with that?! I certainly can't prove this but both season finale results reek of manipulation. Fortunately for both runner-ups they went on to much deserved success.
Copy Bloc
Copy Bloc Månad sedan
Aranda and Lambert received a fair amount of positive hype, which is why they were considered frontrunners. The Idol voting audience though leans towards young women and older conservative folks. The most clearcut example of manipulation was the way Haley Reinhart was treated. She was given no backstory and was the only contestant routinely criticized. Usually for things like song choice by two of the judges to make it appear she had given a bad performance when she had not. It came to a head Top 4 night. Randy Jackson started shouting over Steven Tyler to repeat his criticism after Tyler told Haley not to listen to them. Then, before a commercial break, and Haley's peformance to follow the break, they brought the four contestants out so Randy Jackson could declare the first round was a tie between the other three. She finished in the bottom three a near record of times before finishing third overall behind two teen country music singers (they had lowered the age limit that year). A weaker person would have crumbled. Tyler, in an e-online interview with Seacrest after the show that night, declared: "The best singers have character. If you watch Reinhart up there, every bad comment she gets rolls right off. That's how good she is." ... A couple of seasons later the show appeared to manipulate the field. The female finalists were strong singers while the male contestants came up short. It appears that was in response to criticism that "White guys with guitars" were becoming regular winners. Lazaro Arbos was a good looking guy with a hearing impairment. He was possibly the weakest male singer of that weak field, but he was the last guy standing because the young girls voted for him. He finished sixth overall.
Bill Durling
Bill Durling 2 månader sedan
To expand on what you said about singers who would have never made it on these shows: I think one of the greatest disservices they do for singers coming up is the notion that one, maybe two, types of singing will get you success and/or have artistic merit. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, Simon Cowell's comments on Adam Lambert's singing as "too broadway-ish" for American Idol as if that style of singing is somehow not as good or of less artistic merit?? Come on now!
William Furner
William Furner 2 månader sedan
I keep thinking of Jimmy Hendrix and All Along The Watchtower. What a GREAT tune but Jimmy doesn’t have a great voice!!! I hope they have a contest of great songs and amazing melodies not just acrobatic voices n not having anything close to a hit tune:( Enjoyed this video !
Idris 89
Idris 89 2 månader sedan
Uhm 1 word everything ^^
Brimp555 2 månader sedan
I've only seen about ten minutes of the American Idol screening process and never watched any of these shows except for an occasional clip on youtube. I don't see the appeal of these shows. What am I missing?
vivek mishra
vivek mishra 2 månader sedan
And now even Kids reality shows are there and creating wrong sense of success amongst them which I think is really sad. And I heard lot of horrible things that they do for TRP. Even some of the Judges/contestents ( here in India) have come out and criticised.
filthwhistle 2 månader sedan
It's NOT good for music, because it's not about music. It's about fucking singers who, more often than not, have nothing to fucking do with the music. They're just fucking singers. There are precious few Freddie Mercurys in the world.
Donna Oberlin
Donna Oberlin 2 månader sedan
Don’t forget the American Idol who LOST- Jennifer Hudson!!
novadhd 2 månader sedan
Years ago I had a roommate who could have easily been on AI or Voice. She was intimidated and didnt fit the "ideal package" of what they were looking for.
gibsondrummer 2 månader sedan
American idol is garbage
lillian cataldi
lillian cataldi 2 månader sedan
These shows are just "entertainment" fluff that make gobs of money off of aspiring artists. The producers of these shows not only control the artists but also the audience by asking America to vote. How is it right for these singers to be judged by others who know nothing about music? It is all set up to benefit the producers of these shows. Bottom line: Creativity and craft are NOT a contest. Artists should be free to create, grow, and develop their craft, and hopefully connect to others through their musical expression.
Darth Virgin
Darth Virgin 2 månader sedan
here’s an obvious problem with these shows: singers like Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Robert Plant, Janice Joplin, Madeleine Peyroux, Jack White, etc. most probably would not even have qualified in the opening rounds. and these are great soulful singers.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller 2 månader sedan
American idol is all about the story how they can market it not talent
Bruce Dillinger
Bruce Dillinger 2 månader sedan
"There's little reality in reality tv". Kinda like a lot of today's music. (Auto-tuned voices)
Mark Pikus
Mark Pikus 2 månader sedan
Everything 🥸
Ruel Gonzalez
Ruel Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Good perspectives. Let’s not forget that even though these shows have strong elements of music it is still a TV show aired on national TV whose main objective is to get viewership for popularity so they can make money in advertisements. Although talent can be discovered and can help promote the show, it is not a critical success factor. Like Rick said how many winners from these shows can you name and have actually made a dent in the music industry? Not very many compared with those discovered outside of this platform.
Raven Strange
Raven Strange 2 månader sedan
Everything? It's Glamorized karaoke.
James Edens
James Edens 2 månader sedan
I do enjoy watching "The Voice", but I record the show and then fast forward through all the sob stories that describe what a hard life contestant A had to go through in their life as if they are the only person who has ever had a parent that died. A two hour show that could be condensed to 1/2 an hour.
Steve Hostetler
Steve Hostetler 2 månader sedan
..what you're trying to say is, the shows make it look like someone from a small town in Iowa are just walking in off the street and becoming stars in 8 weeks.... what they are telling you is many of these people have been working in music for a LONG time ... for instance, Carrie Underwood had worked with a renowned vocal coach in Nashville before she was "selected" for Idol. Rarely is there "instant fame"
Preston 2 månader sedan
I've always felt that these types of shows don't encourage individual artistry or expression the goal is to appeal to as many people as possible at the expense of individualism...a horrible model in my opinion
Yvonne Winters
Yvonne Winters 2 månader sedan
I also feel that the American idol and the voice series are following each up other like the speed of light. So season a has hardly ended, when season b is starting.
Roger Alleyne
Roger Alleyne 2 månader sedan
Those session players are monsters!!! The best of the best!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Merav Gilboa
Merav Gilboa 2 månader sedan
Are there music competitions that aren’t reality tv?
C Piper
C Piper 2 månader sedan
The Voice starts off with the best premise (the "blind" audition) but then becomes the usual push for viewer's votes and revenue. Idol, IMO, topped out around season 4 or 5. After that, the producers made the show so formulaic that it was barely watchable. Subsequent seasons all had the prerequisite backstories - the single mom whose kid has a disability or disease, the gay black guy, the good looking guy or gal who can't really sing that well but may pull in viewers, the actual musician who's been toiling for years but never had that "big break." It's the producer's version of a Chinese menu - pick one from column A and one from column B, etc.
Brian Polet
Brian Polet 2 månader sedan
The Voice would be truly "the voice" if the judges NEVER saw the contestant. You want great singers? Blind auditions.
M. Doyle Productions
M. Doyle Productions 2 månader sedan
Before I even watch this video, I will proclaim my massive hatred for "talent" shows and even more acutely the repulsive celebrity worship for the judges, like they're the bastions of the music industry and we need to know what they think. My band used to play talent shows and battle of the bands constantly, but for one reason: we always made incredible contacts through those things. We didn't care who won (of course you'd take it, if you did). We just wanted to meet people to form relationships and help each other out. We certainly weren't there for the judges. We didn't give a fuck who had what reaction, or who turned their chair around.
Carolina Guasch
Carolina Guasch 2 månader sedan
Kids w poor taste singing irrelevant songs their families push
Jose Araujo
Jose Araujo 2 månader sedan
One of the major downsides is that were are being fed 1 song per artist, we now don't listen to full albums or full shows, its just the hit singles, like a top of the tops. So not only we are reducing performers to a mold but even music is being reduced in its variety.
forpestermester 2 månader sedan
I don't know there and don't want to know, but even just the few seconds of TV trailers for "The Voice" in Norway gets on my nerves... it's not even singing, just nonsensical vocal acrobatics
eye onit
eye onit 2 månader sedan
Chris Daughtry phoned Adam Lambert and told him 2nd place was the best thing thing that happened. Gave him the freedom to go where HE wanted not where the Idol stable told him to go. The music business us an ugly business and most young people are just lambs to the slaughter. They aren't prepared and not experienced enough to enter that industry.
Robbie Garnz
Robbie Garnz 2 månader sedan
I couldn’t care less about these shows. By their own admission they don’t pick the best of the best but the person whom they can produce to create an icon. Btw the latest entourage of judges are crap... I used to like Lionel Richie until this show.. Katy Perry is absolutely awful.. rant over. You guys hit the nail on the head!
Joel Christopher Mann
Joel Christopher Mann 2 månader sedan
The shows are heavily staged. Know an entertainment marketer who has worked with the "talent" on those shows. One client was one of the more popular acts to ever appear on Idol. They planned out a marketing strategy complete with release of personal info to lose the favor of the teenage female voting segment when fan voting came into play, followed by an intentional bad performance to be voted off at the right time to avoid being locked into the company's contract for its top finishers.
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan 2 månader sedan
Hey what's up Mike it's the Animal. Great seeing you here on this video. I'll be rocking out all over Baltimore hope to see you.
Daddy Richard
Daddy Richard 2 månader sedan
music biz has always been about beggars and theives...nothing new or suprising here, ony difference is its now more prevalent and in you face..kids these days have no idea what its really about, the machine biz sucks em in and spits them out once they squeezed out what the can from them... cheers..
Mini Surf
Mini Surf 2 månader sedan
Thats the reason i dont watch that crap
RSS 2 månader sedan
American Idol looks for cookie cutter talent. There is only singing ability not artistic ability
kevinsvt 2 månader sedan
They kind sound bitter !
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin 2 månader sedan
Ric Ocasek would have bombed miserably on a talent show. Same with Stevie NIcks. James LaBrie DID bomb off one of those talent shows.
Gerald Vos
Gerald Vos 2 månader sedan
All those CRAP shows are aimed at one thing and one thing only: selling advertising space and cramming in as much commercials as possible. Watching that stuff is totally like watching car wrecks - you are horrified and still can't wait to see heads roll...
Greg Chartrand
Greg Chartrand 2 månader sedan
Do I detect a bit of hypocrisy here? You knock the shows but you despise the recording industry that produces cookie cutter music? Picky, picky picky!! Then you have true originals like Alejandro Aranda who never would have had a strong career and add to that Adam Lambert who revived the greatest live rock group of all-time, Queen. You guys sound like a bunch of old farts complaining about your social security check being two days late. OK, you've been slammed but I love your site, your ability to teach tone-deaf people like me the complexities of music, and the talent you have in so many aspects of music. Thanks for sharing it with us.
jmtheboat 2 månader sedan
Dudes, Kelly’s original contract, which I used to have a copy of, was a lifetime contract with all rights going to AI. That’s any image or recording. It was renegotiated later.
Rich Palmisano
Rich Palmisano 2 månader sedan
I am not related to Mike but I like his name
Laura Joy
Laura Joy 2 månader sedan
No. I am saying it. Simon's reign must end. Simon says No more what society does. I shall pat my head and rub my belly elsewhere.
Laura Joy
Laura Joy 2 månader sedan
Someone forms a band called the New England Patriots. Made out of 1D fans.
Laura Joy
Laura Joy 2 månader sedan
Singers must gain notoriety, not, no variety!
Cathy Ortiz
Cathy Ortiz 2 månader sedan
Very few who win on the show have done well. They don't like real singer/songwriters. It is just about drama.
Dan Blumel
Dan Blumel 2 månader sedan
Also America's got talent
Marshalls Mountain
Marshalls Mountain 2 månader sedan
Beauty contests. As a musician since 1964, I see no redeeming qualities in beauty contests. . . Like American Idol, The Voice and America's Got Talent.
Dan Dann
Dan Dann 2 månader sedan
It's all about how much money the show producers/owners can make. they don't care about the 'artistes' there are plenty more where they came from.
Bob Turnley
Bob Turnley 2 månader sedan
Everybody knows that very few of the winners of these shows will go on to have a big career or any career in music. But these shows are great for letting the viewers hear talented young singers sing old hits and new hits with a great band. And it gives these young singers some great exposure and experience. Of course if you don't have the right look it doesn't matter what kind of voice you've got and then you still need some great songs to sell an album.
Deborah Vellozo da Silva
Deborah Vellozo da Silva 2 månader sedan
Great video! But there's something People should know regardign the voice: it is not only audio because before you on with blind auditions, there are various stops to follow, including an auditions with at least 4 People that will judge you, and so they judge you appearence, Yes. You are always judged by the look, not only your voice. I am telling because I have been there.
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