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The full Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 press conference and face off video where tyson fury spoke on the fury vs wilder 3 fight and deontay wilder refused to speak as the two fighters went face to face in their only press conference

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mr H.R.P*
mr H.R.P* 5 dagar sedan
Have you seen Ruiz belly
Mr. Timedying
Mr. Timedying 8 dagar sedan
This was fucking cringe.
Dmoney King
Dmoney King 8 dagar sedan
The fact that wilder was not say anything at all means that Tyson has a fact to be not back down
A.M. Sport
A.M. Sport 12 dagar sedan
Stare off says Deontay Gonna beat this Creatcodes Fury like he stole something. Oh yeah he did the belt ..and tried to steal his life
ManLife Adventures
ManLife Adventures 12 dagar sedan
Disrespectful press conferences, almost no one paying attention. Then Wilder instead of being grateful to his past trainer for saving his life, he decided to fire him...he's going to lose again.
APMEE Transformative Meditation
APMEE Transformative Meditation 14 dagar sedan
I don't know y'all! This is going to be a REAL interesting fight. God says those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted. I see something different. Wilder showed up real focused. No noise getting in his ear gates. Trainer said from Wilder that talking is over and it's showtime in the ring. I was amazed by Fury's performance sitting Wilder's butt down...but now Wilder accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior...he looks a different focus to me..no showboating or talking smack...the fact its the 3rd fight is promotion enough...crazy how everyone was riding Wilder now everybody got something to say against him! Lol...people so floppy floppy...but this will be a really good fight
ursamajor2000 14 dagar sedan
27:22 underrated part of press conference
John Leyson
John Leyson 15 dagar sedan
fury is certainly the nemesis of deontey
A.M. Sport
A.M. Sport 16 dagar sedan
He said enough in the 2nd conference..this time ..deontay is NOT entertaining..I don't blame him being on Monster mode.now Cheatcodes Fury is on the run..no big clothing trying to size him up here ..Deontay knows action will speak louder than words
Gryanobli Barfield
Gryanobli Barfield 17 dagar sedan
Bunch of hatin ass people who know nothing about boxing... it's a reason why fury trying to pull out of the fight
ArchStanton311 18 dagar sedan
Does wilder think that if he acts detached enough it won't be his fault when he loses? I know that doesn't make any sense, but neither has anything Wilder has said in the last year.
abdul smith
abdul smith 19 dagar sedan
I'm so glad Deontae Said nothing. Fury is a fraud 😳 and a joke to the boxing world 🌎. Wilder need to move on to bigger and better things.....
Timothy Syms
Timothy Syms 19 dagar sedan
Fury s a racist and a drug addict who cheated with the help of the boxing world Bob arum and the wrest of them,,,,,,wilder by brutal KO
Allen Mol
Allen Mol 20 dagar sedan
Combat sports are tough to bet cause anyone can win in there, but god knows I got at least 50 on Tyson come fight night.
Babs Mageezie
Babs Mageezie 20 dagar sedan
FIRST OF ALL, I’m here after hearing this fight was postponed or whatever the heck it’s gonna be, I didn’t comment right away after this presser bc I wanted to wait and see if Wilder was gonna continue to be EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL, RUDE, IMMATURE, PETTY, ETC ETC(I could keep going)by not talking and wearing headphones during fight week and the weigh-in like he did at this sh*t show! I guess I thought let me give him the benefit of the doubt🤷🏼‍♀️.. even tho we all know why he wore them ie..so he didn’t have to answer any questions about his allegations toward Fury, ok whatever.. But I can’t express anymore how stupid he looked and disrespectful he was, and to be quite honest I think he heard everything! I watched this a cpl times, it’s clear he was nodding his head at times he “thought” he should be. I can not see ANY other fighter doing this.. blatant disrespect!! And I’m not even talking about toward Tyson! There are a lot of Cocky Rude Ignorant fighters but I’m sorry, for me this tops it!! Smdh
Mikey-kun 20 dagar sedan
Lol I might have bean so awkward for them to stare at each other for like 3 minutes😂
Don Lino
Don Lino 20 dagar sedan
Fury @ 300lbs.? Wilder better eat a whole cow, & silence is golden, but scared is blocking out what your opponent is saying. Is it Bomb 💣 squad?! or get Bombed 💣 on again?!!
Carlo Bien De Luna
Carlo Bien De Luna 21 dag sedan
McGregor lost his 3rd bout with Poirier, what was gonna on this fight
Emanuel Terzian
Emanuel Terzian 21 dag sedan
You can aks him all you want he's too scared to even blink much less dare to .. respond until the champion will ask him all right but then he will be too sleepy to answer
Chilango Ecatepec
Chilango Ecatepec 22 dagar sedan
Wilder is listening to the song (A LONGE LONGE TIME A GO).....
Andrés Ruca
Andrés Ruca 22 dagar sedan
Am i the only that sound doesnt work in my phone?
The Latin democrat nightmare
The Latin democrat nightmare 22 dagar sedan
Wilder is being ignorant af.. why the headphones. Not professional at all. He lost and lost bad
Ant Q
Ant Q 22 dagar sedan
Just go watch. The 2nd fight pre fight conference to get hype for this 3rd and final fight. Won't regret it 😂😉😂🤣😂🤣😂
Keranu 22 dagar sedan
Deontay trying real hard to look confident during the face off. Look how nervously he took his sunglasses off, trying to control his hand from shaking. He hasn't recovered since the last fight.
Friends of SCOAN
Friends of SCOAN 23 dagar sedan
All of a sudden, Wilder is now talking about his Saviour Lord Jesus Christ? I thought he was on the other side of the gods from his ancestors before the last fight? Is Wilder now a converted loser; now with Jesus Christ for the trilogy? I surely do hope for him to be born-again!!!
L33 23 dagar sedan
As a fan of 🥊for 10 year's now have to say this is a total joke all about 💰🤑 in my opinion 🤔 Deontay is a fucking 🤡 and a embarrassment on Fury he obviously dose not want to be there but he is being professional and getting on with his business respect 🙏 by the way the fight is off now till October because of cov19 probably a blessing in disguise so Deontay can grow up 🤣😂 by the way I hope everyone is ok 🤞
DJ Raekor
DJ Raekor 23 dagar sedan
nice sound, fucking embarrassing
SanAndreas091 24 dagar sedan
22:55 damn the best thingg everrrrr
Nibba Gang
Nibba Gang 24 dagar sedan
Nice audio there pal
Jhc 24 dagar sedan
Here’s my prediction Wilder will come out to the fight bare chested or with a plain T-Shirt opposed to his regular costumes he usually wears to show how serious he is for this match. He’ll keep the silent focused act until the fight. Tyson will be his usual showman self, relaxed and prepared. Tyson will be more aggressive than the last fight and bring out some new tools, wilder will look strong and imposing early, but will slowly regress back to the Deontay we all know, looking for that one punch. 1 or 2 of them will land but will not knock Furry down. It’ll start to look ugly for Deontay by the 3rd much like the last fight, Deontay will go down round 6 unable to beat the count. Fury wins by KO in 6.
Jhc 24 dagar sedan
Longest face off in fight history
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 24 dagar sedan
Punters are crying that wilder didn't make it about his claims of scandals and cheating and various excuses for his previous loss to fury and also whinging about fury not challenging wilders accusations for the world to witness! BUT??? And a big but is why didn't one single pundit,reporter or journalist ask or even consider what was the biggest story post first rematch??? Seriously who's responsibility is this to address and hopefully try to get some closure on possibly the biggest scandals in the history of sports let alone the heavyweight championship of the world! Even though wilder tuned out there was 5 or 6 others on the panel notably Malik Scott taking on the responsibility of speaking on Wilders behalf???
I'M THE GUV'NOR 25 dagar sedan
Where’s the fucking sound??? ????
Todd Lumas
Todd Lumas 26 dagar sedan
Rob Lee
Rob Lee 27 dagar sedan
Same results probably sooner
Contempris 27 dagar sedan
I like both guys but I think Fury got his number. Should have taken a tune up fight then fought the winner of Fury vs Joshua.
Brian Mackall
Brian Mackall 28 dagar sedan
This is so lame!!! Where's the respect at??? He should be fine for this!!!!
Casey Roberts
Casey Roberts 28 dagar sedan
2 time. 2 time. To time. To time too time too time. Tool time tool time tool time TIM ALLEN
E0628 29 dagar sedan
Whuss tha females @⁉️
carlos n
carlos n Månad sedan
Behaving like a child
AD Israel.
AD Israel. Månad sedan
lets be honest this has race all over it,,,, its the love of todays white man against the hated black man, let the real man be known this weekend once and forever!
AD Israel.
AD Israel. Månad sedan
lets be honest this has race all over it, its the powerful economic of the white man folks , against the hated all over the earth jew man as the scriptures calls the American black man, may the real man win,,,,,,,,,,
wolf gameing
wolf gameing Månad sedan
Whoever has the best defense wins
Ez Moneyy
Ez Moneyy Månad sedan
Wilder looks like such an idiot. how embarrassing.
Ger’varis Anderson
Ger’varis Anderson Månad sedan
Bob is always high.
Stevie Toscanini
Stevie Toscanini Månad sedan
Bob “ Maybe he’s not talking because he wants to save his energy” 😆
Francis Odo
Francis Odo Månad sedan
Yoooo enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos they drop new one. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!
My Channel
My Channel Månad sedan
Wilder is showing his disdain for the cheater. You guys need to zip your mouths up, for you’ll be apologizing after the 24th. I can’t wait to come back and rip on your comments.
Mr SR90
Mr SR90 Månad sedan
Soooo. I was wondering why wilder had head phones on well at 16:24 thats why!! Imagine all those excuses he made and top off with your coach saying that... his confidence probably is shaking at best right now this interview got this man looking spoked.. he should of took up a tune up fight first.. like thats charley guy that run into gym trying to fight people 🤣🤣🤣
gina sais quoi
gina sais quoi Månad sedan
Do not fight him again D. Wilder
Guess Who
Guess Who Månad sedan
That was the weirdest Face off ever
Tetsune Månad sedan
Ok now think about it, TRUE wilder sitting there ignoring everything makes him look scary or whatever, In a way it’s smart because he doesn’t want his head focused on fury’s words and worrying about what he can do that will get him the win
Marques Williams
Marques Williams Månad sedan
Fury won't make it pass 3 rds
chris sidwell
chris sidwell Månad sedan
Tyson to end the bronze bummers career
david gomez
david gomez Månad sedan
Fury got really fat 😐
S Månad sedan
Wilder the excuse bum and Fury the coward 2 bum's just waiting to be ended by Joshua
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez Månad sedan
Wilder professing Jesus is the most dangerous thing. Glory be to the Lord and God of this universe JESUS CHRIST!
Antonio Carter Jr
Antonio Carter Jr Månad sedan
Before tyson came back everbody was a wilder fan now yall d riding fury😂
Stephen Bunn
Stephen Bunn Månad sedan
He can’t beat Tyson verbally, so he keeps quiet…. Fight will go the same way..
Declan Oldham
Declan Oldham 10 dagar sedan
Fr fury gonna shut him up again
TMT 1 Månad sedan
Damn he busted both their ear drums hhahaha kind of funny and ironic u got your ear drum busted got off balanced and trashed so u brought in a guy that also got his ear drum busted what are the odds hahaha this is weird and stupid and not on Tyson’s end. Sitting there with head phones on Wilder looks shook and has zero confidence and confidence of being unbeaten was one of the only things he had going for him in that style clash. It was a auto rematch maybe he doesn’t even want it probably that crusty old fack pulling the strings ruining boxing they had a draw which Fury won then he sparked him we should be seeing Fury vs AJ!
TMT 1 Månad sedan
Decent try at a point by his trainer saying well sugar said u were a one punch Ko artist now are u gonna revert back too well yeah if he reverts back he’s still the guy with the old style that whooped his ass haha if they both revert back he is still better!
king Richard
king Richard Månad sedan
Wilder - " my mask was to heavy "
Mark C
Mark C 15 dagar sedan
My music was too loud
All Might
All Might 22 dagar sedan
fury: my mask was non-existent 😂
Dan The Piano Man
Dan The Piano Man Månad sedan
u don't just get 1 punch knock out power out of the blue when your whole career u weren't one. Tyson was on steroids in the last fight u can tell how much bigger he looked and he will use steroids again for the next one
Peso Smart PH
Peso Smart PH Månad sedan
Deontay looking weak af lol
Sneakerfreaker88 Månad sedan
I hope fury wins so this is over he can fight Joshua and unify before he has to give up any belts
MasterBarbermultimedia Månad sedan
This is gonna be THE showdown... the most anticipated fight in boxing history
Thierry Maine
Thierry Maine Månad sedan
Deontay is trying to convince everyone he still can hear.
DB JE Månad sedan
Wilder is so far up his own arse he really doesn’t see that his boxing ability is below par, all he has is a punchers chance, his footwork and head movement is poor, his ring IQ is awful and he lacks fundamentals, add to that the bloke is clearly a twat.
gegernaut Månad sedan
look at the way the sunglasses on malik's head fall near his ear. wierd. looks liek the alien in mib
Brian Morecombe
Brian Morecombe Månad sedan
Bobs on the Bob Hope dope again.Quit talking stick with that cali ganja bob.
Ryan's multi-verse
Ryan's multi-verse Månad sedan
This will be the end of Deontay's career. IMHO
Brian Morecombe
Brian Morecombe Månad sedan
What does Wilder bring to the table,20 world class knockouts stacks of cash plus stacks of excuses.Silly ones.
Gjergj Bajraktari
Gjergj Bajraktari Månad sedan
Jesus bless you Tyson!!!❤️✝️
trouble man
trouble man Månad sedan
I only hear weird gurgling noises
martin,. Joyce
martin,. Joyce Månad sedan
Mr Fury can still talk after the flights but wilderness can't. Respect sir. T FURY KNOCK OUT for Fury on the mute. Lol.
Shaf Serious
Shaf Serious Månad sedan
King wearing RM👌
Shaf Serious
Shaf Serious Månad sedan
Wilder hasnt learnt his dam lesson! He really does like getting whopped
miauw Månad sedan
Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder 4, Wilder and trainer headphones and quiet xD
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Månad sedan
Imagine saying "two-time" so many times and it doesn't happen HAHAHAHA
Stevie Toscanini
Stevie Toscanini Månad sedan
Oh it’s not gonna happen & even if he beats fury with a lucky punch we still are pretty clear on whose the better fighter by now
Rocky Marciano
Rocky Marciano Månad sedan
Deontay Wilder outchea listening to "Fallin' in n outta love, in n outta love witchew....Fallin' in n outta LOve in n outta love witchew".
Lets Talk Hoops TV
Lets Talk Hoops TV Månad sedan
This man can't even stop moving he fidgety as hell
Cryptoaddict Månad sedan
Other then this being a great commercial for Dre Beats. Deontay is gonna get spanked again. He cant box and will be back to looking for that one shot all night.
Matt Paterson
Matt Paterson Månad sedan
Wilder crapping himself again and hiding behind sunglasses whilst listening to Mariah Carey. He simply hasn't got the mentality to compete with Tyson verbally, hasnt got the boxing skills to compete and I hope Tyson knocks him bang out once again.
Lee J. Green
Lee J. Green Månad sedan
“I’ll play both character if you want” 😂😂😂
Slam Pig
Slam Pig Månad sedan
Dig time, dig time, dig time, dig time. NNNN
Emanuel Angga
Emanuel Angga Månad sedan
God really is a good teacher now Wilder finally accept lord Jesus he learned a lot about God on that last 2 fight with Fury I hope he is true to his words because even he will lose on this fight I know that he will win back his soul.
Sean Rota
Sean Rota Månad sedan
Not sure Deontay's strategy of simply sitting at a Press Conference to promote his fight will win him any new fans but understand mentally he is trying to prevent Fury's camp getting in his head once again. Fury is a great promoter this will be a good fight.
Sean Rota
Sean Rota 18 dagar sedan
@Adam Pennington Agree, Fury has already landed the hits and they haven't even entered the ring.
Adam Pennington
Adam Pennington 18 dagar sedan
The fact that he has to wear headphones to prevent Fury from getting in his head means that Fury is in his head already. Wilder has never been anything but an affleet with a right hand.
Jason Hutcherson
Jason Hutcherson Månad sedan
How the hell does this have 190,000 views there's no Sound
Andre 4u
Andre 4u Månad sedan
Wilder nervous af😂😂
Andy Jagger
Andy Jagger Månad sedan
2x Fucking Plastic Gangsters!
Kevin Hanandi
Kevin Hanandi Månad sedan
Wilder really not try to promote this fight isn't he? At least give me something to excite to watch this fight from Wilder view, what warrant him this rematch?
Jurje Sukk
Jurje Sukk Månad sedan
Vengeance.... Wilder K.O. Fury
DC Clouse
DC Clouse Månad sedan
Deontay knows better than to try to play mind games with Fury that's why he kept his little headphones in.
Wa6ah woody
Wa6ah woody Månad sedan
Wilder he can’t wait until 24 July and smash fury face 💔🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
JA The Emcee [JTM 33]
JA The Emcee [JTM 33] Månad sedan
put money it. ill match you
R K Månad sedan
Fury knows when to fight and whom, he knew Klitschko would woop him the 2nd time. Same with Lenox, he knew which fiths to avoid, regarding Tyson at prime and Vitali rematch
R K Månad sedan
Wilder played smart, not being distracted, brought new coach, ignoring everything around, back to fundamentals, I think this time it will be a hell of a fight!
unbroken1010 Månad sedan
Wilder speaking religious rhetoric and Jesus death cults he buddy they were responsible for millions and millions of innocent deaths
unbroken1010 Månad sedan
And you thought politicians like Trump and wandering Biden were bizarro 🌎.. Was Wilder entranced by a lecture on flat 🌎.
GEORGE GREEK Månad sedan
Jennifer Grootmeijer
Jennifer Grootmeijer Månad sedan
Why she touching deontey like that....weird...
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