Tom Hiddleston on Whether Loki Will Ever Get a Love Interest & How Kenneth Branagh Changed His Life

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With director Kate Herron’s Loki getting ready to start streaming on Disney+ later this week, the other day I landed an exclusive interview with Tom Hiddleston to talk about the Marvel series. As most of you know from the trailers, Loki takes place after the God of Mischief has stolen the Tesseract (again) due to the events of Avengers: Endgame, and an alternate version of the character is brought to the mysterious Time Variance Authority to give him a choice: either be erased from existence or help fix the timeline. In addition to Hiddleston, the show co-stars Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Lexus Renslayer alongside Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, and Erika Coleman.

During the interview, Hiddleston talked about how Kenneth Branagh changed his life by casting him as Loki, whether Loki will ever get a love interest, some of the people that don’t get enough credit for helping to make a series like Loki, if he has plans to direct, his favorite London theater to perform in, and more. In addition, we talked about the chances of a Loki Season 2.

Finally, I was able to watch the first two episodes of Loki before doing interviews and am happy to report they’re fantastic. Obviously Hiddleston is still perfect in the role, but what I loved most about the series is the way the series is expanding the MCU in a new direction and setting up what’s to come in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness regarding the multiverse. Trust me, if you’re a fan of the MCU and Loki, you’re going to love these episodes.
Loki will premiere the first of its six episodes June 9 on Disney+. Check out what Hiddleston had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Tom Hiddleston:
Does he still send thank you cards to Kenneth Branagh for changing his life?
Does he see himself directing in the future?
Does he have a favorite theater to perform in?
If he could go back in time and do another performance of any previous production he’s done on stage, what would he do and why?
Whether Loki will get a love interest?
Did he have a good enough time making Loki that he’d like to do a second season?
Talks about some of the people that deserve credit for making Loki.

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bobaboba 3 dagar sedan
Hmm, you're about 3 weeks too early.
Astro 5 dagar sedan
"they say"in order to first stable realtionship you have to with yourself. So basically who are they 🤔 they are incompetent director and writer. Thank god it was not Tom hiddleston monologue. He always have high profund in talking. They literally made him side character in his own show
Astro 5 dagar sedan
I belive tom hiddlestone will great director in future. Give a chance tom hiddleston you won't be disappointed. Kenneth chose a best man.
kawaii shoujo
kawaii shoujo 7 dagar sedan
very subtle answer on the love question Tom....😂
Megan Mackie
Megan Mackie 9 dagar sedan
So watching this video after Loki has finished up, I think Tom did an amazing job answer the question "will Loki get a love interest." The subtle eye shift was probably his only tell and then saying "Well you have to love yourself first..." Well played sir, well played.
The Fab Aj
The Fab Aj 12 dagar sedan
So the whole mcu is just to make loki do time travel so that he can find his love😂😂💘💚🔥
macattack423 16 dagar sedan
"The first stable relationship you need to have is with yourself" CHEEKY MAN!!
Carry On Chronically
Carry On Chronically 16 dagar sedan
Tom saying at first Loki must have a successful relationship with himself. We see what you did there, Tom.
Rosie Park
Rosie Park 19 dagar sedan
Ya Gorl Nick
Ya Gorl Nick 20 dagar sedan
ok but like hear me out...sylvie and loki? ik they're s u p p o s e d to be love they give off a brother-sister vibe to anyone else? idek, its just something about their dynamic that screams we're siblings who hate each other but like...have to love each other.....anyways-
Ya Gorl Nick
Ya Gorl Nick 18 dagar sedan
@Alencia I don't have any lol- but I have a lot of cousins 😅😅🤚
Alencia 18 dagar sedan
Lol you telling me you look at your siblings like that under a blanket 😂😂
PAULO DYBALA 21 dag sedan
he is one of the few celebrities i like...!
Alena Recmanova
Alena Recmanova 22 dagar sedan
4:10 he said the same thing about Shakespeare as I always say. That's probably reason of most Shakespeare lover but it's still amazing he said the same thing I was thinking. I knew we would get along well if we ever met
ChangesOfTomorrow 24 dagar sedan
5:04 this is the timestamp you are looking for
Carol X.
Carol X. 25 dagar sedan
Relationship with yourself huh? *Wink wink*
Kellie Horn
Kellie Horn 25 dagar sedan
Alternate title: "Tom Plays Close to the Vest!" So grateful he didn't spoil anything. It's worth seeing for oneself.
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 27 dagar sedan
Kenneth is the man.
Let Me Dream
Let Me Dream 28 dagar sedan
In the comics, Loki is supposed to be with Sygil
Tamar Baas
Tamar Baas 28 dagar sedan
As an aroace I really hope Loki doesn’t get a love interest. He needs friends, and people he’s close to, but it by no means has to be romantic. He’s seemed like an aroace character so far, and him coming out as bi/pan in the series didn’t actually change that for me, since he could be a bi/pan-oriented aroace. It makes a lot of sense with the way he described it too...
JuNi 28 dagar sedan
5:19 sneaky Tom is SNEAKY. Well played.
Hela 28 dagar sedan
Yes lol 😂
Eve Josephine
Eve Josephine 29 dagar sedan
"I do remember!" he remembers stuff like this even if it's so long ago please
ives 29 dagar sedan
when he said loki needs to love himself, selfcest was not what i had in mind
ives 29 dagar sedan
i don’t think loki needs a love interest at all but if he does end up getting one in this show i want it to be mobius mobius mobius
ives 28 dagar sedan
@Hela 😭 god don’t remind me
Hela 28 dagar sedan
Too bad it’s slyvie 🤣
Hela 28 dagar sedan
Bruh no 🤣 mobius is just his friend sorry but you’re not gonna get the love interest you want him to have they only have a love of friendship
ives 29 dagar sedan
@ANIMAL-RIGHTS he is now
ANIMAL-RIGHTS 29 dagar sedan
Is Mobius a gay ?
Dalia Sánchez
Dalia Sánchez 29 dagar sedan
ha! he was a genious answering the love interest question!!
Vicky Marlezz
Vicky Marlezz 29 dagar sedan
Yeah, he spoiled it right there and no one noticed it.
InLove Naoko
InLove Naoko Månad sedan
Eloquently said. Genius & humble.
Sailor Sabol
Sailor Sabol Månad sedan
@5:22 I love how he laughs when he says that! he’s clever
Sailor Sabol
Sailor Sabol Månad sedan
“He needs to learn to love himself first???” Touché. We didn’t know how literal that was
E_Lena 7 dagar sedan
Tom is absolutely brilliant at answering tricky without giving anything away! I totally enjoy every time he does it!
Spankipants Månad sedan
His comment about loving one self first makes so much sense now after ep 4 lol Edit: typos
Teodora Stojšić
Teodora Stojšić Månad sedan
5:17 cracks me up everytime
Q I N Månad sedan
whos here after episode 4 LMAAOOOOOO
Doritohair07 Månad sedan
“Relationship with himself” has deeper meaning after episode 4 😂
Sreevidhya e nair
Sreevidhya e nair Månad sedan
5:18 he's actually saying Loki is in love with Sylvie... That laugh lol😂
Capitain Wonder
Capitain Wonder Månad sedan
"The first stable relationship you have to have is with yourself" *nervous laugh* Just saying this was a spoiler we didn't understand until the 4th episode
Axolotl Månad sedan
Interviewer: Is Loki ever gonna have a love interest? Tom: immediately scratches neck nervously
Stitched Mouth
Stitched Mouth Månad sedan
Well after episode 4, Tom’s answer about Loki needing to love himself first before anyone else means something completely different now.
T R Månad sedan
Have to have a relationship with yourself….literally gets Himself as a gf
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Månad sedan
5:18 Tom was having fun dropping clues.
Rumple Holmes
Rumple Holmes Månad sedan
5:18 I can’t believe he actually told us what was gonna happen
April Geujen
April Geujen Månad sedan
“The first stable relationship you have to have is with yourself” Me now in episode 4: ♥️ yes that’s completely true
Crow Animates
Crow Animates Månad sedan
Am I the only person that REALLY DOESNT WANT Sylvia and Loki to get together- LIKE THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON- LIKE SIBLINGS??! NO NO NOOOO
Proma Banerjee
Proma Banerjee 23 dagar sedan
@ANIMAL-RIGHTS totally!!!!
It's wrong for you but not for Loki You guy's can't understand Loki is a narcissist , He only love himself , Loki falling in love with himself is definitely a Loki character which make sense Loki falling in love with Sylvie You are saying it's weird No it's not weird they are all variants from different universe with their own versions of their parents, they have all different experience, They are not biologically same if all Loki's are biologically same than tell me how the f**k Alligator Loki is biologically same as Human Lokis They are all different they are their own beings
Leo Lion
Leo Lion Månad sedan
Laufeysson and Laufeysdottir Ah yes a match made in Valheim /j
Julika Månad sedan
You aren’t… it just feels wrong🥲
Clotpole Månad sedan
Episode 4: Us: NOT LIKE THAT!!
Ania Ahsan
Ania Ahsan Månad sedan
omg anyone here after his love interest is revealed. he’s so clever. “the first stable relationship you need to have is with yourself” and his laugh lmao
E_Lena 7 dagar sedan
Tom is wonderful at jiggling with words! Any time some tricky question is asked he's like 'surely I can answer!' and no spoiler is uttered!
The Canadian Wonder
The Canadian Wonder 17 dagar sedan
@Gina Meoño hey we have lumity (wlw canon ship) I wouldn't say it's completely out of the question
Gina Meoño
Gina Meoño 27 dagar sedan
@LilBabyMan It would be very cool to see Loki with a male love interest, but I don't think Disney would allow it. It seems it's going to be just Sylvie.
Angle Divendetta
Angle Divendetta 27 dagar sedan
I was gonna say this but I knew in my heart it had already been said lmfao
LilBabyMan 27 dagar sedan
I love the way he said "first" tho, there have been rumors he will have a female and a male love interest, unclear if at the same time or at different times
Libra Sax
Libra Sax Månad sedan
You need to love yourself first. Well, now it all makes sense after episode 4 🤯
Sameeha Asad
Sameeha Asad Månad sedan
🚨EPISODE 4 SPOILERS🚨 5:18 "The first stable relationship you have to have is with yourself and I think Loki is still working on that" I see what you did there, Hiddleston. 😏
Sairaj karad
Sairaj karad 2 dagar sedan
that was smooth
soundguys_sine qua non
soundguys_sine qua non Månad sedan
Spoiler Warning * * * * * “You know they say, um, in order to have uh you know the first stable relationship you have to have is with yourself and Loki is still working on that I think.” ....I see what you did there, Tom. Well played. Anyone else here after episode 4?
Lol the awkward laugh 😂
Nash Månad sedan
I came to rewatch this interview after episode 4.
steegen Månad sedan
the interview feels like an interrogation lol the questions come from cool interesting angles but if you took a breath to recieve his answers? embrace them & consider them for a moment before launching into the next "Okay Now Answer Me This."
Josie Crane
Josie Crane Månad sedan
What a great interview! The interviewer (sorry sir I don't know your name) seems like a very earnest and sweet and respectful person, and he seems like a fan for sure
Rain Yatsu
Rain Yatsu Månad sedan
This interviewer is so stale. He’s giving no reaction to Tom’s answers, he keeps jumping onto the next question without any sort of bridging of the context together from the previous question, and he is so emotionless and mono tone. Dear God can we please get people with actual personality doing interviews instead of these lifeless drones?
Anumi Minara
Anumi Minara Månad sedan
"Is loki gonna have a love interest?" me: *No thanks :) we're enough* *no but in all seriousness, throwing in a man or women into the mix to solve all his problems is just lazy*
Halal Gordon Ramsay
Halal Gordon Ramsay Månad sedan
he was so thoughtful, appreciative, and polite with each answers, and i can see he is a deep and sensitive person. a public figure with an upper-class british accent without a single phony bone in him is such a rare sight, just a humble (good-looking) dude with manners. wishing him all the best.
Alyxwithoutthe 'e'
Alyxwithoutthe 'e' Månad sedan
Me seeing all the arguments here after Loki is confirmed gender fluid and bi in the MCU even though that stuff is well known in the comics 👁👄👁
Terry Pease
Terry Pease Månad sedan
The real Loki Turns into a Female Horse to win a bet and gives birth to three children Hel the Goddess of the undereworld, The Wolf Fenrir, and the World Serpent. He has a wife and she gave birth to two children. He is a shapeshifter, into mischief, sometimes helping the other Gods, other times not....there is a real story of LOKI aside from the Stupid Disney Script writers come up its own propaganda marketing scheme.
Natalie Bergin
Natalie Bergin Månad sedan
Look all im saying is that Loki and Valkyrie (brunehilde) would have been a power couple if marvel was brave enough.
Queeneb only Queeneb
Queeneb only Queeneb Månad sedan
The first stable relationship is with your self ..ha.
Draven Greer
Draven Greer 28 dagar sedan
@Katja Vidmar totally called that shit 😂 you could see it coming from a mile away 😂
Katja Vidmar
Katja Vidmar Månad sedan
@Draven Greer he did!
Draven Greer
Draven Greer Månad sedan
He’s gonna fall for sylvie so hard 😂
Wangxian Månad sedan
Loved how the director actually confirmed Loki to be Bisexual
Naabii Månad sedan
COM Hiddleston
Lurien the Watcher
Lurien the Watcher Månad sedan
I LOVE the first episode of Loki, because of how it delves into the mindset of the character, as well as what happens to someone when they have their worldview shattered by reality. My god it's so deep and interesting. It introduces so many possibilities, and it gets people to question their own sense of reality, as well as question their trust in leadership roles and whatnot, like with the Time-Keepers. Tom is just such a good actor and is so good at the role as well. Loki has always been my favorite character in the MCU and I'm not just saying that. The only thing I'm worried about with the show is them possibly leaning in too heavily into the "love and sexuality" aspect they've now introduced with the character. No hate or anything, but I feel like if they do lean into it heavily, it's going to be something that inadvertently overwhelms the character's identity, and will further alienate the audience. Honestly the Loki show is the only thing from Marvel that I like right now, due to Marvel becoming more and more "political"; and what I mean by that is that they're focusing more and more on (excuse my boldness here) petty first-world identity/feminist politics, not deep philosophical politics. And doing that tends to alienate members of the audience, which idk why anyone would want to do that. Like, it's okay to be a little weirded-out by transgenderism and sexual fluidity, and people need to stop demonizing people for that. It's objectively bizarre and debatably unnatural. No hate there, just being honest. Like, if you want to do that or be that, then by all means, but it's completely normal to think that's strange. I'm not saying it's okay to mistreat anyone based on what they think or believe, so please don't misunderstand me. Everyone should be able to think what they think and be who they want to be without being demonized, unless those beliefs turn into physically violent actions, or actions which seek to prohibit people from expressing their own thoughts and opinions and beliefs. Marvel/ Disney is very much beginning to try to tell people how to think rather than give us things to think about, and that's what worries me.
Gabrielle Giner
Gabrielle Giner Månad sedan
The love interest will be Sylvie, I feel it.
Gabrielle Giner
Gabrielle Giner Månad sedan
@Leo Lion called it! Haga
Leo Lion
Leo Lion Månad sedan
Gabrielle Giner
Gabrielle Giner Månad sedan
@Dragons AreGreat i hope yes!!! Haha but we'll see
Dragons AreGreat
Dragons AreGreat Månad sedan
I hope not
SageSeeker Månad sedan
Forget love interests, Loki needs friends. Friends are better than love interests. Or just a friend. Like Mobius or Sylvie. He needs someone he can trust.
Sairaj karad
Sairaj karad 2 dagar sedan
@Leo Lion I'm asexual myself but i have question for you, do aroace people watch romantic movies, I mean do they ship couples in movies or shows? or love subplot of shows and movies is just worthless to them? (I'm finding out if I'm aro or not)
Sairaj karad
Sairaj karad 2 dagar sedan
@sir fart bottom bro loki literally confirms he's bisexual in episode 3 were you sleeping?
Sairaj karad
Sairaj karad 2 dagar sedan
@sir fart bottom he's bisexual, and episode 3 confirms it. and bisexual means he can be attracted toward both genders. bisexuality includes both heterosexuality and homosexuality. so you're wrong, they didn't changed anything, they're going with comics, and enchantress was his love interest in comics.
sir fart bottom
sir fart bottom 23 dagar sedan
@Leo Lion hey I'M aro ace, and yeah i have to agree. sylvie should be a friend who loki has found comfort in knowing there is someone like himself (because they're the same person ha) and mobius has helped loki work through his issues, again being a trusted friend. also, is it just me or does it feel like marvel said that they were making genderfluid and pan or bisexual (i cant remember which) loki canon but then left little to no evidence of either in the show and put loki in a male-female relationship (ik they're genderfluid but they usually present as those genders) so to a casual viewer it would seem like loki is heterosexual and in a heterosexual couple
Sabrina S.
Sabrina S. 26 dagar sedan
Sara Roberts
Sara Roberts Månad sedan
Can’t believe Kenneth was in Wild Wild West and Murder on the Orient Express!! Thank you for hiring this man and Chris!!
AJ Månad sedan
he basically confirmed Sylvie is gonna be the love interest with the "the first stable relationship you have is with yourself"
After Episode 3 , "The first stable relationship you have to have, is with yourself " -- This line makes another sense 😏. Also his expressions while talking about the love interest of Loki clearly indicated that something unique and unusual may happen .
Ann D'Eon
Ann D'Eon Månad sedan
Loki does not need a love interest, he already has one. Himself. He is already a whole deal.
Kate S
Kate S Månad sedan
Well, now that we have multiple versions of him...
Andrea Cruxton
Andrea Cruxton Månad sedan
SPOILER FOR THE SERIES "The first stable relationship you have to have is with yourself" I swear to god, if this is some cheeky technical/literal foreshadowing... Edit: Goddammit Tom
Hailey T
Hailey T 5 dagar sedan
Cemile van Herwaarden
Cemile van Herwaarden Månad sedan
Oh dear
Dragons AreGreat
Dragons AreGreat Månad sedan
I thought of that too please no
Xayln Månad sedan
its funny to me because a lot of actors have shitty laptop setups but toms here in a room with a quality camera and microphone hes rich he can do it
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley Månad sedan
Looks, brains and a heart of gold. Gorgeous human all around.
Declan Glover
Declan Glover Månad sedan
These were great questions from the interviewer. I love it when there is just a large jump from topics in these discussions.
valeree Månad sedan
gosh i love the way he speaks
Vydiastar Månad sedan
We all know that the one for Loki is Sigyn but maybe in Loki's later seasons we might get it. Being hopeful
Personofthepeople Månad sedan
Tom Hiddleston is so great at interviews! He is so calm and put together and is very articulate. He also seems to be genuinely interested in the questions, and answering them to the best of his ability without giving too much away.
Persillebalzm Månad sedan
the moment Loki would be able to have a real (and healthy) relationship in that way, there probably would be less to explore in the character.
holabibi* Månad sedan
I love this guy!!! 💕💓💝💞😍💋😍💓❤️💞
bev rothwell
bev rothwell Månad sedan
Wish they would do another season of The Night Manager
Tracker Jacker
Tracker Jacker Månad sedan
In norse Loki has wife Sigyn the goddess of victory
Hunter Panoch
Hunter Panoch Månad sedan
Nothing sexier than giving credit to fellow creators in the creative field 👏🏻
tabitha darkrider
tabitha darkrider Månad sedan
I don’t trust marvel to make Loki’s pansexuality clear. I’d rather there be no love interest than for people to just think he’s straight or gay and for the fact he’s attracted to all genders to be erased or misrepresented
Dustin Osborn
Dustin Osborn Månad sedan
Of course the MCU actors don’t have to watch everything but I really appreciate the ones that do. You can tell he loves it and has fun.
my cats
my cats Månad sedan
He started listing off names like it was an acceptance speech for an award. LOL. I was hoping he would mention Sigyn from Norse Mythology (and the comics).
Emma Soenksen
Emma Soenksen Månad sedan
Paula Marie Navarra
Paula Marie Navarra Månad sedan
Just so we're clear if Loki has a love interest it has to be Mobious. I mean c'mon Disney!
ANIMAL-RIGHTS 29 dagar sedan
Is Mobius a gay ?
Julia Simone
Julia Simone Månad sedan
RedwoodTheElf Månad sedan
We're talking about a shapeshifter whose known children are a giant F-off wolf and a giant F-off snake. Loki is into the kinky stuff. He's secretly a A Furry!
Constance Moon
Constance Moon Månad sedan
Honestly I feel like a love interest would be forced at this point. Maybe once we have a good enough amount of character growth.... but honestly i think its too early at the moment.
Constance Moon
Constance Moon Månad sedan
yeah... just once he has some growth and overcomes some inner conflicts
BellaGSilva Månad sedan
maybe in a second season, idk, but I agree that now is not the best moment
CheshireKat Månad sedan
In the comics, Loki gets married to Sigyn and they have 2 sons, Narvi and Vali. Both his sons are brutally murdered (though I think a version of Vali is taken to Earth, to later be found by Loki). Sigyn dies at Ragnarok.
Mandy Wang
Mandy Wang Månad sedan
lol of course Tom would apologize for a double negative sentence 🤣🤣
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse Månad sedan
*Love makes people soft around the edges. And I don't want this Loki to change that way so no thanks.*
Laureen K
Laureen K Månad sedan
Humble and modest. That is what makes him so masculine and beautiful.
EugenieEve Månad sedan
Am I the only one who thinks that him saying "In order to have a table relationship you first have to have a stable relationship with yourself." was a subtle hint that "Lady Loki" could actually be The Enchantress who is just acting as Lady Loki but actually works with Kid Loki?
Random Person :)
Random Person :) Månad sedan
His smile is so precious 🥺💕
Random Person :)
Random Person :) Månad sedan
*“For me to have any expectations for what happens next is a fools errand.”* How is no one talking about this amazing quote from Tom Hiddleston himself??
Random Person :)
Random Person :) Månad sedan
@Halal Gordon Ramsay I completely agree lmao
Halal Gordon Ramsay
Halal Gordon Ramsay Månad sedan
dude is a brilliant, philosophical man and not many of us even appreaciate him enough for that! he has dropped so many great quotes in his interviews for the past years. it’s understandable though if its because we’re too distracted by his gorgeous visible features lol
Random Person :)
Random Person :) Månad sedan
Still can’t believe “going to work” for these people would be getting to play beloved marvel characters 🥺
Random Person :)
Random Person :) Månad sedan
Interviewer “Do you think Loki will ever get a love interest in the upcoming future?” Tom: **nervous neck-rubbing intensifies**
Random Person :)
Random Person :) Månad sedan
I just discovered that I feel I could listen to him talk all day - is that weird? 😅
Khalyཧཧ •༅࿔《『A Song of Nerds and Writers』》•༅࿔
Khalyཧཧ •༅࿔《『A Song of Nerds and Writers』》•༅࿔ Månad sedan
A a a just thinking about it makes me wanna cry... But honest to God of they don’t throw Emilia Clarke at Tom Hiddleston for a Loki love interest... as I don’t know... SIGYN MAYBE?! I mean seriously... Daenerys Targaryen has the Sigyn look and Emilia and Tom would probably be the MOST FUN TO WORK AROUND! I can just s m e l l the chemistry they’d have! I can pray...
Madina syed
Madina syed Månad sedan
Glorious purpose : watch random videos of Tom Hiddleston at 3 am
Happy Smiles
Happy Smiles Månad sedan
I genuinely think it would make perfect sense for Loki to be asexual...
Happy Smiles
Happy Smiles Månad sedan
@BellaGSilva I honestly don't know much about the actual comics or Norse mythology so thanks for that info. I deffo agree that he is wayyyy too broken for a romantic interest.
BellaGSilva Månad sedan
as much as I would love some ace representation (I'm ace), I don't really think it would make much sense. He's pan both in the comics and in Norse mythology, so I think that would fit best. But I also don't think Loki should have any romantic interest now, he's way too broken for that
Calorie Morman
Calorie Morman Månad sedan
I just want everyone to know that in an interview with jimmy kimmel, tom said he was in costume playing loki when he turned 40 years old. I checked to see when they finished filming the show and they finished way before his birthday. He's certainly not done and I think he LOVES his character. I do to. #LLL (long live loki)
Ava Cooper-Garrett
Ava Cooper-Garrett Månad sedan
I'm really hoping they follow some of the myths in the Loki series.
theexplosion Månad sedan
I predict that in the show Loki's gonna come in contact with Lady Loki & he's gonna hit on her.
JsYn Downfall
JsYn Downfall Månad sedan
Loki is , married …to the witch Sigyn ( goddes ) and the giantess Angreboda .
Leblanc Justin
Leblanc Justin Månad sedan
The nappy fiction resultspreviously boast because character resultantly intend anenst a jazzy daisy. tiresome, typical karen
Tina Trimble
Tina Trimble Månad sedan
Please Loki, don't go away.
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