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Functional Requirements for the Launch Vechile Digital Computer
Launch Vehicle Digital Computer
Dr. von Braun (seated) examining a Saturn computer in the Astrionics Laboratory at the Marshall Space Flight Center
U.S. Space & Rocket Center,_Alabama
IBM's page on the Saturn Guidance Computer
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Smarter Every Day 2
Smarter Every Day 2 År sedan
I would like to point out several things: 1. Luke Talley is awesome. 2. Every single frame of this video requires more memory storage than this memory module is capable of handling. Think about that. 3. This is not the Apollo computer. This is the Saturn V computer. They're different. This steered the rocket. 4. People that support Smarter Every Day on Patreon are make all this happen. If you're watching this second channel video I realize that you're more likely to consider becoming a patron... therefore I will now provide a link in hopes that you consider it. ( )
memairport1 3 dagar sedan
Loved this historical review of the Saturn V launch/guidance systems. Amazing gentleman. Watches this video twice now.
astro_viking2 3 dagar sedan
Luke Talley schooled Linus asf lol it was even fun to watch it hahaha
Carrie Morley
Carrie Morley 8 dagar sedan
@Chris Bennett I Respectfully hear and appreciate what you’re saying Chris, & glad you’re in a cool position despite the disappointment. This is amazing of course but I’m an old airplane (old tech in general) loyalist. I Love the reliability of a straight forward design. Less to go wrong!
Karl Lentz
Karl Lentz 8 dagar sedan
You can tell people this one...HERE WE GO HONEY CAKES..LOL , TELL ME THEY USED """FILM""""?🤣🤣🤣🤣 1896 TECHNOLOGY!!! Flimsy emulsified GELATIN celluloid ??? That only works between 40° and 100° Fahrenheit... (And how HOT AND COLD IS THE MOON AGAIN?) Tried taking a picture with a camera with GELATIN film when it's freezing outside it won't work try taking it when it's too hot it won't work How did NASA provide refrigeration and a heating system to a camera on the moon? When you see the ORIGINAL camera it's a joke!!! celluloid roll film, which began in early 1896. a strip or sheet of transparent plastic film base coated on one side with a gelatin emulsion containing microscopically small light-sensitive silver halide crystals Eastman's first motion picture film stock was offered in 1889. KEEP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID, SISTER....
TheProfessor936 8 dagar sedan
In elementary school, I was in a class called "Gifted and Talented". Every year, the high school kids would simulate space orbit simulation. They had built a miniatures scale orbiter, and the high school students did "missions by living in the orbiter during shifts. It was a couple of weeks every school year. They simulated the launch by having the whole school in the cafeteria, where the orbiter is in the stage. All the younger students would do this big countdown, and they would spray fire extinguishers for a number of seconds. The high school students even went through a miniature training. Stuff like training to land the orbiter using a computer orbiter simulator program. At the end of the whole thing. They would use the same computer program to land the orbiter at the end. They had a computer program that kept track of the orbiter as they used data to track the orbiter as if it were in space. One of our instructors was an actual NASA employee way back then. If I'm not mistaking, he read data from those big reel to reel data tape. We even had a other school that we would send who were doing the same thing at their school. Like a apace student exchange program. If was only for a number of weeks. They slept, ate, lived on the orbiter. It was really cool.
Privacy Gg
Privacy Gg 2 timmar sedan
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Jason Wethers
Jason Wethers 4 timmar sedan
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RGP B 4 timmar sedan
Me: The coding looks like chain mail *CodysLab has entered the chat*
B1gurr 8 timmar sedan
Calvin L Deakins
Calvin L Deakins 9 timmar sedan
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ishu adarsh
ishu adarsh 11 timmar sedan
the look he gave comes only after sheer achievement
scott bruce
scott bruce 14 timmar sedan
At 22:20 in
scott bruce
scott bruce 14 timmar sedan
I hope they give it to him ?
Vapetoad Games
Vapetoad Games 19 timmar sedan
I can't believe how long they let Linus hold that thing! Have they never seen him build a PC?? lol
L S 20 timmar sedan
Utterly fascinating!
Hello World
Hello World 22 timmar sedan
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Rad!. Dag sedan
(The 12 titan ICBM’s were actually used to “nuke the Shell” by “nasa” Operation fishbowl)....perhaps.. Poor guy, Forced to Wear that NASA clown Gown now... “For every action..etc......”...Good for him though, Greatest Generation...(Not counting the Democrats, Communists and lying Satanic SanFranciso deviants,, (D.C leadership)..Children, lives, Hidden History and Censored discoveries...
Donald Bass
Donald Bass Dag sedan
“Got it”
Trip G
Trip G Dag sedan
i hold here in my hands a device with thousands of times more computing power!!!!????
Ma1n K4Liber
Ma1n K4Liber Dag sedan
me in 2021: dammit, my 8 gigs is becoming not enough(( NASA in 1967 with 112 kb: okay, that'll do bois, send it
JustKilian Dag sedan
I like how 13:10 you can see destin trying to talk with his cameraman
Burger__boy1 Dag sedan
Luke Talley is Inceedible
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna Dag sedan
Hey Destin, this was fascinating to watch.. they managed to land humans on the moon, and bring them back with the technology which seems primitive now, but was cutting edge back then.. it's mind blowing! Your content is entertaining and enlightening.. enjoyed this episode of smarter everyday ;)
Janos M
Janos M Dag sedan
This was amazing!
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy Dag sedan
"ill give you a fist bump on the way out" foreshadowing for covid-era war on handshakes.
papinbala Dag sedan
every time Linus is on another channel he's not himself.
swileeey Dag sedan
got it
kivamiesi 2 dagar sedan
One of the best videos I have seen in my SEmost history. It is amazing when new and old are meeting and respects others. And keep in mind that when you are design and implementing something, you will remember the details. They are not products or something external for you. They like babies. ;)
EdVanStoned 2 dagar sedan
Things you SHOULDNT do,while watching: Drink a shot, everytime Linus says "Got it"
The real legend that explains the old computers!!! Thanks for this video!! English language is not my native language but I enjoy it very much!!! Linus must got amazed by the cooling system. Thanks again!!!
Jay Pritchard
Jay Pritchard 2 dagar sedan
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RE AIO 2 dagar sedan
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3E 2 dagar sedan
Well, someone is living my dream. Thanks for sharing it.
K Ray
K Ray 2 dagar sedan
This is an excellent video! History in action.
Brian M
Brian M 2 dagar sedan
Awesome video BTW
Brian M
Brian M 2 dagar sedan
If the moon has been out there for billions or even millions of years with no atmosphere, how in the world (...eeem I mean moon) does it have a molten core?!!!???!
Skippy Dag sedan
It’s a relatively cold core, but space has nothing to convert into. All energy had to be lost as radiation, which takes a long time
Gumboot Zone
Gumboot Zone 2 dagar sedan
36:04 "You remember ALL of this??" "Nah.. I'm just making it up." lol That was awesome.
Bill King
Bill King 2 dagar sedan
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Jab Hutt
Jab Hutt 3 dagar sedan
Basically, my phone in my pocket could land rocket on the moon, multiple rockets...:)))
tvx gamer
tvx gamer 3 dagar sedan
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Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 3 dagar sedan
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Daniel Bonora
Daniel Bonora 3 dagar sedan
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Martin Willms
Martin Willms 3 dagar sedan
Wow!! A human database with a ot of details about the whole apollo mission and more, Mr. Tally is. Impressive! Nearly 45 minutes which where flying by as seconds for me. ;-) Very interesting!! The was over far too quickly.
Paddy MTB
Paddy MTB 3 dagar sedan
just sat here thinking linus is going to drop that :O
Moon landings were faked brother!
E. Rose
E. Rose 3 dagar sedan
Only a complete and total idiot could watch this video and still think that. So, you either didn't watch the video or you're a complete and total idiot. Which is it?
Reefer Dog
Reefer Dog 3 dagar sedan
Coolest "show n tell" ive seen in 45 years! This video is an important piece of history now.
astro_viking2 3 dagar sedan
Linus got schooled asf at his game LMAO
AwesomeShot Studios
AwesomeShot Studios 3 dagar sedan
Consider my mind blown! That was so fascinating.
Nigel swift
Nigel swift 3 dagar sedan
Thhnx so much for this video. I’m from the Uk, and visited the space centre. I don’t remember these exhibits. It was incredibly interesting to hear about the different computers and the genius luke tally explain the construction and purpose. This should be shown in schools to inspire kids. Well done.
Peter Balssuweit
Peter Balssuweit 4 dagar sedan
No one to appreciate the workout that the dude made holding that cpu?
TheJimsock 4 dagar sedan
Talley......All that and a sense of humor too.
MsieurBoBoltz 4 dagar sedan
Luke Talley is awesome !!!!!! This guys makes you want to investigate every single system !
Pratik Nag
Pratik Nag 4 dagar sedan
I’ve noticed whenever linus wanted to take the command, Luke hit him soft with humour and make linus realise that he’s still in the wheels. 😂
Eduardo Rafael Benedicto
Eduardo Rafael Benedicto 4 dagar sedan
Fantastic video. I hace whatch it like 3 times and it keeps traping me. Looking at this 2 kids playing with ther hardware it´s just fascinating. I love how Luke understand everything it´s going on in this computer/machine.
SavedBy GodsGrace
SavedBy GodsGrace 4 dagar sedan
Space is faked. God is real. We live in a Firmament (Dome), surrounded by water, created by God. Gen 1:7 “And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.”
Skippy Dag sedan
Ah, a true science denier. You could never be convinced of your own fallacies, much less the amount you have been absolutely deluded and conned
Peter Gadd
Peter Gadd 4 dagar sedan
I could watch that guy for hours! what doesn't he know?!
RCoady 4 dagar sedan
I love this dichotomy of old school vs. new school, always have.
Dankonen 4 dagar sedan
No Linus, you aren't talking to an average human. When it comes to brainpower, this guy is the 1% of the 1%... if you have a question, odds are, he knows the answer. Wiring? Cooling? Storage? Where do babies come from? He knows it all!
Angellord84 4 dagar sedan
one of the most interesting video interviews that ive had the pleasure of watching. outstanding
Watery Steve
Watery Steve 4 dagar sedan
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deoeers 4 dagar sedan
“That’s known as wires”. I love this guy.
abvmoose87 4 dagar sedan
Ok but the computer on lunar module only received and sent telemetry and the big computers on Earth did the calculations for the navigation it self or no? Sure wish they could make up their minds on this one, the story keeps changing back and forth.
InfamousDBZ 4 dagar sedan
Lionas is like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Yeah. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Goes and get his ears pierced the next day. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Vi Tu
Vi Tu 4 dagar sedan
LOl so you brought the most idiot computer guy that you can find on youtube? There are so many other most knowledgeable people out there that you could have reached out. WOW I am so disappointed in this video. Having your kid on this video, would have been been a better option. Linus should have known all this stuff and you should have not had to teach him anything. Seriously what was the point of having him on the show. Linus is nothing more than a board swapper. Same things I call most of our wanna be engineers.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 4 dagar sedan
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Fuzzy Barnes
Fuzzy Barnes 4 dagar sedan
You need a definition of "Nerd"? Here it is!
Jan Terpstra
Jan Terpstra 4 dagar sedan
This is utterly amazing and fascinating. Since I worked for IBM it feels as an earlier part of my heritage.
Lars S
Lars S 5 dagar sedan
What a guy, he has been in the beginning of the world we have today, wow.
Great. watched the whole thing. :) have a great day... I'm always a couple years behind the rest. lol
phil thomas
phil thomas 5 dagar sedan
I didn't understand everything Luke said but i could listen to him all day.
Mark Summerfiedl
Mark Summerfiedl 5 dagar sedan
As a side note, if you drill down to the actual workings of the modern computer, the technology has changed but the core (pun intended) of these machines is exactly the same. The operating system is like the loop and the applications interrupt that loop to send it off to do something else. At the very basic level the computer only understands those ones and zeros from back in the day. No mater how many layers you stack on it it's still just on or off.
Mark Summerfiedl
Mark Summerfiedl 5 dagar sedan
When I got out of the navy back in the 70s, I went to work for a company that contracted to the Airforce for maintenance on a KC135 simulator. The control system was comprised of a Zerox sigma 5 and sigma 7 digital computer coupled to 2 comcore analog computers. The digital computers had no IC technology and the core memory was made up of 4 doors (yes doors) of 8K by 32 bit core memory boards controlled by transistor arrays. A single memory door weighed 600 Lbs. When we had problems we would troubleshoot to component level with schematics and oscilloscopes while running maintenance programs (we knew what was supposed to be where) and repaired them at the component level, swapping out memory cores if needed. The back planes or card cages were wire wrapped and upgrades came from Zerox in the form of pages of adds and deletes to the backplane wiring. The whole system needed massive amounts of air-conditioning year round (WPAFB in Dayton Ohio). If the air ever needed maintenance or went down for some reason we did a controlled shut down of the whole system until after the air was back working and could maintain 55 degrees under the raised floor. This brings back those memories like it was yesterday. Todays computer programmers and technicians have no idea how good they have it.
martin winther
martin winther 5 dagar sedan
TFW when Linus goes on in awe; an analogue compter... >.
Ross Kennedy
Ross Kennedy 5 dagar sedan
He asks how does he remember all those details about this project, most likely because this whole system was his whole career, back then jobs where for life, these days maybe a few years at most for a project or job, so remembering all details of previous projects can be hard and you will forget. As today your using a lot more short term memory or like exams cramming studying to learn details of a project and to get it finished and once the exam and projects over the memory fades.
Bryan 5 dagar sedan
What an awesome guy!
TheRaiderra 5 dagar sedan
A guy can brag about his water-cooled PC but these guys that worked on Saturn 5 could say well i water-cooled computers back in 1969.
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis 5 dagar sedan
The safe multi-hop clasically chew because freckle perceptually moan underneath a energetic tailor. powerful, rotten find
The Huntin' Spot
The Huntin' Spot 5 dagar sedan
+1 for the coolest video on youtube!
blakespower 5 dagar sedan
why does the guy keep laughing at the memory? yes things get better over time
Adeeb N.
Adeeb N. 5 dagar sedan
That was awesome; just wished, he would of said "Captain she can't take much more of this"
Johnny Cheung
Johnny Cheung 5 dagar sedan
The paltry buffet actually jog because crush naively heat in a tasty bongo. sore, scary nitrogen
justin jay
justin jay 5 dagar sedan
29:47 "and then u take it to the moon ...right " ..moving on swiftly from that
Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros 5 dagar sedan
The chivalrous fertilizer ordinarily skip because baboon karyologically unlock past a immense pocket. reminiscent, abiding tower
Graf De
Graf De 5 dagar sedan
Sehr interessant die Fragen wie die Antworten!
Pixel Bender
Pixel Bender 5 dagar sedan
That analog computer should be held with respect and greatness, for the amount of time and patience to develop it is mind boggling.
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson 5 dagar sedan
that was super interesting! great job, thanks
Make Money
Make Money 5 dagar sedan
The internal machine greely ski because note primarily arrive unlike a slippery court. scandalous, heady copper
superfast30 5 dagar sedan
Amazing to be able to speak with someone that involved in such a capacity!
John Angel
John Angel 5 dagar sedan
This is awesome
Andrey Bann
Andrey Bann 5 dagar sedan
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Mark Mywords
Mark Mywords 6 dagar sedan
Jesus dude. No kidding Destin that guy is a freaking genius. Mind-bendingly smart. I love you for sharing this man. Commenting a lot for the algo even though I know you don't really need it
Mark Mywords
Mark Mywords 6 dagar sedan
I missed my calling man
AJ 6 dagar sedan
Yeah, When Luke retires, Teach! Luke is so incredibly easy to understand! "Boy, that's a wire". LOL!
damon btc
damon btc 6 dagar sedan
Could sit and watch this all day long. Any sceptics send them to they guy with the white coat. Amazed
Peter Gibson
Peter Gibson 6 dagar sedan
It only took a few thousands lines of software and a memory made of braided wires to get us to the Moon. Do we really need Microsoft or Apple or Linux or Google in the 21st century? Or are they all bullshitters.?
bromyard coachouse
bromyard coachouse 6 dagar sedan
My rocket relic was a Ruby laser from a Russian weapon platform.
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal 6 dagar sedan
Lol Linus is like me, genuinely interested but doesn't know how to show it without it seeming ingenuine
Kaddu Mills
Kaddu Mills 6 dagar sedan
The puzzling bibliography canonically glow because accelerator putatively spark past a deeply bra. whimsical, secret poet
John Campbell
John Campbell 6 dagar sedan
To be honest I could listen to him all day . Computers build by man power
Peter Exton
Peter Exton 6 dagar sedan
ua made
ua made 6 dagar sedan
4:42 - perfect spot for coronavirus transmission
Dana Foxx
Dana Foxx 6 dagar sedan
The bawdy skate eventually squeeze because windchime presumably wish via a ubiquitous entrance. ugly, perfect steven
Jouko Markula
Jouko Markula 6 dagar sedan
Damned... That was blast from the past.. literally! Luke's knowledge is awesome.
stateradio115 6 dagar sedan
I didn't understand a single sentence in this video but still enjoyed it
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