AirPods Max In-Depth Review! Hear the difference vs Sony XM4, Bose 700, & Beoplay H9/H95 Headphones!

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Brian Tong

3 månader sedan

Get AirPods Max here!
Is the AirPods Max really worth $549? Find out by hearing them for YOURSELF with my in-depth review that lets you HEAR what they sound like versus the Sony XM4's, Bose 700, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 & H95! Plus, experience Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode & Spatial Audio! 🎧 HEADPHONES 🎧 REQUIRED FOR BEST RESULT!
Intro: 0:00
AirPods Max: Design: 2:11
AirPods Max: Comfort: 3:46
How Can You Hear The Difference? - Binaural Microphone Explanation: 8:45
Recording Set-up: 9:45
Binaural Audio Demo 🎧: 12:34
AirPods Max vs. Sony XM4s Audio 🎧: 14:47
Verdict: 17:26
AirPods Max vs. Bose 700 Audio 🎧: 19:02
Verdict: 21:50
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9/H95 Breakdown: 25:39
AirPods Max vs. Beoplay H9 🎧: 28:16
Verdict: 30:42
AirPods Max vs. Beoplay H95 🎧: 33:33
Verdict: 37:40
AirPods Max: Features: 40:09
Noise Cancelling/Transparency Mode Demo 🎧: 40:55
Spatial Audio Demo 🎧: 43:53
Smart Case Review: 44:54
AirPods Max l Verdict: 49:50
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JVL1XN 3 timmar sedan
im listening on my max... but 5 months later lmao I can hear you breathing 😳
Philip Barclay
Philip Barclay Dag sedan
thanks Brian. That was an awesome video. Superb presentation style, brilliant analysis. I watched it having bought the H95 and AirPods Max on a 30 day and 16 day (respectively) home trial. I learned a lot about the strengths and weakness of both sets of headphones and it has really helped. I am going to spend the next few days comparing the two, to see which turn out to be my go-to headphones. When Apple told the sub-team responsible for designing the case, they wanted a fresh approach from the bottom up, I think they must have taken the instructions literally! The H95s are an evolution representing 95 years of stylish and great sounding hi-fi. On my, fairly large head, they are also more comfortable to wear. I'm looking forward to continuing my comparison over the next week!
Dave Grey
Dave Grey 2 dagar sedan
Awesome Brinaural experience. May I order it to go? But seriously a fantastic video, and it worked very well with my ATH 50x. I have to say though that I’m not a bass head, so for the price the 700 sounded best as a compromise (cheaper, lighter, stylish, more practical). Also for classical music the Max have a subtle almost buzzing/dust sound. Anyone else hear it? Whereas many of the other headphones did not have this as they are tuned to omit this from classical recordings. It is essentially the sound of the room where the orchestra sits-I guess. Old microphones tended to pick this up whereas the new ones are much better tuned. If the Max ever goes on sale for anywhere close to $300, then I would love to have them but otherwise there are plenty of better options for less money, and less weight.
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 2 dagar sedan
Peat381 Low
Peat381 Low 3 dagar sedan
Great comparison video. To me the AirPods Max do much better balancing the mids and lows and highs too. Vocals are great too. Apple put much attention to every aspect of the experience for their headphones. I am getting AirPods Max for sure to study at home all day. And for college.
btp589 3 dagar sedan
The AirPods Max look similar to the Master & Dynamic MW65. Magnetic earmuffs, similar sliding mechanism.
scott rand
scott rand 4 dagar sedan
Great video. I bought the Apple AirPod Max’s in January 2021, and the minute I put them on, I noticed the difference between my Sony XM3s and the APMs, the APMs are so incredible, the soundstage is incredible on the APMs. Also had the Bose QC35s, and the APMs were far superior. APMs are the best I ever owned, and I’ve been a Bose fan since the 1980s, and have owned Sony headphones for years.
Gabriel Martin
Gabriel Martin 5 dagar sedan
Fact: “After many times we listened to it, without looking at video, and played it in our $10k sound system in my house, the H95 won, period.” Have a great day to y’all!
Adam Neal
Adam Neal 5 dagar sedan
Are the beo plays semi open?
Adam Neal
Adam Neal 5 dagar sedan
The bowes recording had some weird feedback.
Justin Gray
Justin Gray 6 dagar sedan
I couldn't really hear a difference between the two headphones but I don't have great headphones
Justin Gray
Justin Gray 6 dagar sedan
scratch that, I can't hear a difference between the airpods and the sonys but I can with the airpods and the boses
syumassh 6 dagar sedan
Jeez mate that was a great review, thanks!
André Moreira
André Moreira 6 dagar sedan
You review was literally amazing and is helping me a lot in my decision processo to replace my Sony HW700DS. My maisn objetive in this replacement is to watch movies and series since I'm not fond of home theaters or soundbars. What's you take on it? Thanks a lot and cheers from Brazil.
James Torres
James Torres 6 dagar sedan
First time subscribed to see your reviews . Nice review . 2 words . Drop Panda
RM 713
RM 713 7 dagar sedan
I have had two of them and had to send them back. The first ones had connection problems and right ear cup noise but I could reset them. I sent them back for a replacement. I got my second AirPods max and they were even worse. A different pair in a different colour. They had the same issues but won't resett. I'm getting a refund this time and refund on the apple care also. Very disappointed that Apple put out a product that doesn't match it's high price. When they worked they were great at times but the continuous problems on and off and then finally not being able to reset them made me just want a refund. They look great and are strong. The sound quality was brilliant at times and the noise cancellation the best. Another reason I didn't go for a replacement was that they wanted to send a replacement in the same colour. I wanted to make sue I didn't get the same ones back. I DON'T THINK THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IN STEVE JOBS DAY. I also had all my devices on the latest upgrades of software and the headphones are also. Didn't make any difference to the annoying things happening at times with them. I tried everything to get them sorted.
Fred Flügge
Fred Flügge 7 dagar sedan
perfect test, enjoyed it immensly, i will stick to my fostex tr50rp's, those airpods cant hold a small candle to them
Eng’r 8 dagar sedan
nobody uses cases now.. we use our necks when our headphones are not in use! ask anyone wearing headphones if he/she brought the case with him/her.. 95% will tell you... NOPE.. IT’S HOME! ✌🏼
DELAPERA 8 dagar sedan
The biggest surprise pf this review for me are the H9s... I’ve been using the H8s since day one and this last version of the H9s are so much better (btw, they are discontinuing the H9s and you might be able to grab a pair for 350 at your local B&O store.... you”re welcome 😅)
DELAPERA 8 dagar sedan
The instrument separation in the B&O 95 is crazy! Although there’s slight hiss. But they do sound better than the airpods IMHO.
George Velletech
George Velletech 8 dagar sedan
And Thanks Bryan for the amazing presentation. You're the man.
George Velletech
George Velletech 8 dagar sedan
Yes can hear the difference. To make it short and sweet. The Apple AirPods Max are very well balanced over its competitors. Very satisfying
Casey Cho
Casey Cho 8 dagar sedan
This video further solidified why I think you’re the best reviewer of gear, hands down.
Hasse Edqvist
Hasse Edqvist 8 dagar sedan
Great job Brian! Really! I DO hear the difference and another channel, smart home audio in the UK, a speaker retailer, just bought the same ear mic to offer better comparisons of speakers. They, as you are considered reliable sources of info. I don’t use headphones that frequently since I drive and enjoy my car sound system instead, even though it’s apparently legal to drive with noice cancelling headphones here. It’s mad I know but I have verified it with the police twice! The price tag for the Apple headphones makes me cry though so they will never be owned by me. I enjoy my medium priced medium good Microsoft surface headphones for watching tv and play video games to cancel out wife and kids 😂. Music goes out through my Sonos system instead.
106272 8 dagar sedan
Haha 👌🏽
Lavkesh Arora
Lavkesh Arora 8 dagar sedan
Somy sound shit compared to the Max's! So closed!
toyalove27 10 dagar sedan
This was amazing 🤩! Wow! TY...
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 9 dagar sedan
Thanks for watching!
wildtango 10 dagar sedan
...just bought ‘em and watching this review with them 😂😂😂
Mister J
Mister J 11 dagar sedan
What? With my Sony X3 it took me 3 hours to have my ears cooled, and with the Bose qc35 I haven't had any problems for 4 hours.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 11 dagar sedan
Everyone's head temperature and ears are different. I did make that clear.
raazan1128 11 dagar sedan
So I watched the entire 54:31. You mentioned that there were no headphones with touch control however I have to mention that a few years ago we had Parrot Zik Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Touch control. It had all the features currently in the AirPod Max including that specific feature where the audio stops when you remove them from your ears. I don't believe Parrot Ziks are available anymore, but they were definitely on par with these AirPod Max and this was about 3-4 year ago.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 11 dagar sedan
I definitely remember the Parrot Ziks, but I don't remember them sounding as good as the AirPods Max.
Ian Biles
Ian Biles 11 dagar sedan
Mine are on order
Kim von Elling
Kim von Elling 12 dagar sedan
Beoplay is Headphones one can enjoy for a lifetime, and made for musicians,leagues above Airpods, there was a clear differense, where Beoplay is more clear and clean.
Mario Galeana
Mario Galeana 12 dagar sedan
The xm4s are not as defined and they are more bass heavy... I have AirPods Max and I feel they’re more consistent on replicating the way they music was meant to be heard... it’s just my opinion... I have a pair of beats studio and i prefer listening to my music in those because of the bass and movies and podcasts with my AirPods Max. If I had to choose, AirPods Max all the way...
jokerface20 13 dagar sedan
i actually went from xm4s to the bose 700, find the 700s so much better. the noise cancellation hiss is SO ANNOYING on the xm4s
royland walker
royland walker 13 dagar sedan
The max sounds slightly better than the h95
Bharat Singh
Bharat Singh 14 dagar sedan
Thank you for putting in such effort. Namaste.
Bharat Singh
Bharat Singh 14 dagar sedan
Oh I was entertained! Thank you Sir. This I was a brilliant review using the binaural microphone with “ears”. Greatest and purest headphone review ever!
royland walker
royland walker 14 dagar sedan
Excellent job
royland walker
royland walker 14 dagar sedan
The max sound is more detailed and clear and I don’t have headphones on. I’m listening on my iPad Pro
royland walker
royland walker 14 dagar sedan
Yota N
Yota N 14 dagar sedan
I watched this vid with Bose Q35ii. To my ear, sound quality was Beoplay H9/H95 > AirPods Max >= Sony XM4 >>>>>>Bose 700
Abdulkarim Kalalib achabi
Abdulkarim Kalalib achabi 5 dagar sedan
H9 superior to AirPodmax ?
Dary David
Dary David 14 dagar sedan
For those with ease pocket..why not
Dary David
Dary David 14 dagar sedan
The airpods has a pleasing natural sound
Don Vetere
Don Vetere 15 dagar sedan
Brian, have I never before sent comments to anyone, but I was impressed by your comparative review of the over-ear headphones although I normally have found your reviews to be a bit hyperbolic. I am unable to hear the subtleties of sound that you noted, although I did think that the Air Pods Max and the B&O devices did sound excellent. I was impressed by the sound quality that you sent through to my old wired Sony over-ear headphones (JVC ?). Thanks for your in-depth, measured review
Josue166 15 dagar sedan
I'm listening to this on my SONY XM4's.. Btw loves your dedication and the amount of work that went into making this video. Cheers
Josue166 15 dagar sedan
Apple makes great products with shitty practically. Y U No Put USB-C?? #ThatsBadApple
Tech N Tactic
Tech N Tactic 15 dagar sedan
dont judge without hear.
FL FL 15 dagar sedan
Wow, the Bose 700s sounded much clearer and more open than the Airpods, I am not sure what you were listening to.
Mo A
Mo A 16 dagar sedan
Sony Xtra Bass N1 headphones back in the day had clear sound, punchy based and could have been a competitive to the Airpod Max headphones.
Mo A
Mo A 16 dagar sedan
I can hear the last song clearly with XM4, the Max had punch of bass in there compared to XM4
BenPBL 16 dagar sedan
This is like the most detailed headphones review. Ever.
Patric Sjöö
Patric Sjöö 17 dagar sedan
Great video and test! My listenexp: First test between Apple vs Sony. 1 - Equal 2 - Sony +1 3 - Apple +1 Second test Apple vs Bose 1 - Apple +1 2 - Apple +1 3 - Apple + 1 Third test Apple vs Beoplay H9 1 - Apple +1 2 - H9 +1 3 - H9 +1 Fourth test Apple vs Beoplay H95 1 - Apple +1 2 - H95 + 1 3 - H95 + 1 4 - H95 +1 Listen with Sennheiser PXC 550 I
calvo etovelo
calvo etovelo 17 dagar sedan
Love this 🤌 you put so much effort in this I love it
JoeKind1958 18 dagar sedan
At 16:48... the sound of tambourine in the background, it’s almost completely eliminated on the AirPods 🤔 Yes the Sony’s are warmer but at least nothing has been taken away. I am listening on high end over the ear headphones, wired. Great job on the video editing, it must of been “challenging” at times 😃
Mr Xbot
Mr Xbot 18 dagar sedan
This was a fantastic review! Thanks for all the work you put into this.
Kiran Kumar Grandhi
Kiran Kumar Grandhi 18 dagar sedan
You should try PX7 they are a better bargain for price
Filip SE
Filip SE 19 dagar sedan
I have the bose 700 and i don't recall them sounding this thinny/out of canal or like in a tunel.🤷🏻 I myself compared the bose to the h9 and I thought that they were worse but not like in this video🤔. Great video tho 👌👌👌 i'm actually considering buying the h9 because i can buy them for 250 euros... And they sound amazong for the price.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 19 dagar sedan
That's a DEAL at that price. Wow.
Filip SE
Filip SE 19 dagar sedan
The soundstage and the detail on the bang and olufson is sooo impressive and by far better than all the others...
Sandeep Patel
Sandeep Patel 19 dagar sedan
you left and right audio worked on my iMac speakers :-)
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins 19 dagar sedan
Haha the bose sound so bad😂 bose living up to it's shitty reputation
Chimera Black
Chimera Black 19 dagar sedan
lol could have flipped the video in editing rather than explaining the visual is backwards. XD
mike delrosso
mike delrosso 20 dagar sedan
wow wow wow
Hari Pudipeddi
Hari Pudipeddi 20 dagar sedan
Take a bow Brian. This is one of the best review’s I have seen in a very long time. BTW, I did not even forward 10 Seconds and listened to the complete review. The tool is very good and your attention to detail is just amazing. This is how a review should be done. All the headset’s was easy, but as you mentioned the B&O H95 was difficult, but listening to the song carefully will show the difference. Keep the good work coming.
Tree Broker
Tree Broker 21 dag sedan
So very well done. Thanks for the hard work!
II-BadSport 4Life-ll
II-BadSport 4Life-ll 21 dag sedan
Damn now I have to go buy them because I just got this iPhone 12 Pro Max from Verizon wireless now I have to go buy those beautiful headphones I have to buy them it’s mandatory I love Apple products I love China 🇨🇳
Anthony Colone
Anthony Colone 22 dagar sedan
How much did apple paid you 🤔.Thoses apple headphones are so heavy that they get really uncomfortable after like 20 minutes.Apparently they never took into consideration that while yes using premium materials would make theses very durable contrasty to the other top noise canceling headphones that would also make them very heavy.If fact the heaviest headphones by far out of all the premium noise canceling name brands.They are over 330grams ppl.Compared to the sony and bose which comes in at a light weight of 250- 270grams.THAT'S A BIG DIFFERENT!!Especially when they are resting over the crown of your head after multiple hours.You will noticed the difference I guarantee you.
Anthony Colone
Anthony Colone 21 dag sedan
Yes I realized the cs was way overboard and I apologized for that.I guess we have different opinions about two items.I have always watch your reviews by the way,you are one of the YT reviewers that I respect and consider very knowledgeable when it comes to electrical devices.Keep it up👍
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 21 dag sedan
Looks like you took down your reference to calling me a so nice of you. I have no problem if you don't agree but the point you complained about was covered in my video. And you decided to come at me like an asshole instead of just being a normal human being who shows a basic level of respect to a stranger.
Anthony Colone
Anthony Colone 21 dag sedan
@Brian Tong I do alot more than just replied over comments on YT,obviously I have a real picture on my account instead of a cartoon character.That should tell you enough.Your whole review is bias and that's my opinion.If you do not like it I really do not care it's my opinion and I would stick by it.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 21 dag sedan
Thanks...did you miss how I talked about exactly that. I literally broke that entire aspect down. Learn to treat strangers with some respect, unless all you do is message people over YT comments.
Joseph Cavicchiolo
Joseph Cavicchiolo 22 dagar sedan
I have watched 50+ AirPods max reviews and this is w/o a doubt hands down the best review.
Sic Mundus
Sic Mundus 22 dagar sedan
Okay, just subbed, great effort, thank you, BUT, those IFs in the end, .... "They are worth it IF you are willing to spend that much money", Really? the whole point of the "Is it really worth it? " question is against the price point it's being sold to. So, you should have said, "THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT, for the PRICE it is being sold at, Period." People who go to buy it for its aesthetics or simply it being an Apple are going to get it anyway. You should have been like "No headphone jack, Not ultralight/lightweight (considering its purpose is to hang on the people's heads for hours,) and the good ol dated Lightning cable to charge? What's up with that? Apple can go fck itself trying to fool folks with this heavy headphones line with cool colors". Way better headphones are available for less than half the price. Can't believe SEmostrs cant be realistic nowadays just so they can suck up to the big names and brands for future relationships or wtevr the fck. Ya ya don't want to loos your audience, trying to please everybody not trying to disappoint none. Keep up the great work! :)
Juan Porontong
Juan Porontong 22 dagar sedan
You talk too much
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 22 dagar sedan
Thanks. You probably learned a lot too. I had to explain the exact process so people wouldn't question the process. You're welcome.
Steve L
Steve L 22 dagar sedan
What about your thoughts compared to HX? 😊
Simplee Drew!
Simplee Drew! 23 dagar sedan
I don’t normally comment, but man....boss....I’m sooo happy you did this because it’s kinda tough to sample these headphones with covid and I have always wondered what they sounded like and if they are worth the money!!! Wonderful video! Beautiful details in explanation. Thank you soooo much for doing this for us...especially for me!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 22 dagar sedan
Thanks for the kind words, it was a BEAST of an effort but I'm happy people have seen the value it brings! All the best and stay safe!
Mark Halford
Mark Halford 23 dagar sedan
A thoroughly detailed and outstanding review. Thank you so much..
bongishere 23 dagar sedan
The AirPods are a bit warmer in sound. The h95s sounds really good though
Miro S
Miro S 24 dagar sedan
Really next level review. Awesome, thanks!
Adolfo Correa
Adolfo Correa 24 dagar sedan
After you mention the price every 10 seconds that I think the video was more about the price than the design or anything else , I still going to buy them , anyway there are more expensive than the apple ones out there and there not even close on the designing. no one can match apple on design . I don't get why people wants high premium quality products at knockoff price , It take tons of money to develop good products.
KIWI RYKER 24 dagar sedan
Wtf I’m feeling ripped , Apple fanatic here , watching this on iPad , listening on Bose 700 Want max , can’t afford now broke buying the Bose . New Zealand prices Bose 700 $579 NZ$.. Apple AirPod Max $990 NZ$
Harvey Kent Lagura
Harvey Kent Lagura 24 dagar sedan
Starts at 14:50
POV Vlog
POV Vlog 25 dagar sedan
This is like an Apple informercial, Brian tong is a paid shill
The Jetset Nerd
The Jetset Nerd 26 dagar sedan
the airpods max and the h95s are pretty comparable, but the 95 has a noticeable treble peak that makes it sound a touch thin in the upper mids along with a mid bass bump. I'm gonna wait for the airpods max sport, which will be the same product but 350-400 bucks. thanks for the comparison!
metreom 26 dagar sedan
Thanks Brian, I can finally experience the AirPod Max. Great comparison at the comfort of our own homes.
Catherine O
Catherine O 26 dagar sedan
No! The AirPods Max are not worth it, especially if you have to take them off after 47 minutes because they are too hot - What??? Who knew over-the-ear headphones get so hot they must be removed to cool, or to let your ears cool - that’s ridiculous. You have to take a break from your listening enjoyment after less than an hour - And, the other tested brands are worse at 38 something minutes etc. Nonetheless, if 47 minutes is the longest of the group, it’s nothing to brag about. Think about it. What if you had to turn off your sound system speakers after 47 minutes or less because the system speakers get too hot (right in the middle of a movie your watching - or after 47 minutes because your TV, radio, iPad, iPhone or - your AirPods get too hot they must be turned off or removed? And then consider, for this absurd impractical inconvenience and interruption, you’re asked to pay $540.00…or more, depending on the brand. Brian, this was a very well done and interesting demo, I could tell the difference just listing on my iPad (I have very keen hearing - dog hearing) - all excellent and well explained. I’ll pass though and wait until the state-of-the-art, design and aesthetic improve by an order of magnitude before I’d consider this kind of product.
JLummin 26 dagar sedan
cool review and thanks. the test worked is pretty cool with that duo mic. only thing is the people who are listening to this review would also not be able to test the headphones clearly depending on the headphones they are using while watching this vid, especially if some are using cheaper models. I am listening with Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT but wired in and got the Airpods Max with best quality and Sony in second. Watched a bunch of reviews and it confirms at least for me that the Sonys are for me
BΞRSΞRK 26 dagar sedan
Bose can give me a headache 😖 I like the H95 sound quality but still glad that I ordered XM4
Elliot Andersson
Elliot Andersson 27 dagar sedan
Which headphones sounds better the apple pro max or the sennheiser momentum 3? Also do you think the sennheiser momentum 3 are good for 80s edm music? Especially Italo disco/euro disco!
Janet Woodville
Janet Woodville 27 dagar sedan
The Sony’s were great too.
Janet Woodville
Janet Woodville 27 dagar sedan
Your test worked great 👍Brian. Thank you for all your hard work. Stay well and safe.
Janet Woodville
Janet Woodville 27 dagar sedan
WOW! That was Awesome! The Air Pods Max Sounded better. Much cleaner sound
Sunil Shrestha
Sunil Shrestha 27 dagar sedan
Where is demo of sony ? .... not fair
Sunil Shrestha
Sunil Shrestha 27 dagar sedan
What about money it worth to add for that difference...300$ iem better sound then max playing arrogant over wire day apple will regret
Lifeline Gilcrest
Lifeline Gilcrest 27 dagar sedan
Your review was amazing! I didn’t know it was possible to truly hear the differences between the headphones... I am blown away by your sound quality review.
Beanfranked Now
Beanfranked Now 27 dagar sedan
H9 were the overall best sound quality
Beanfranked Now
Beanfranked Now 27 dagar sedan
Fantastic bro!
r b
r b 27 dagar sedan
Nah man, H95 have way cleaner highs, like you can more clearly hear the bow just lightly brushing the strings to make that slight screech in the background at around 35:29 .
Tipid Kamera
Tipid Kamera 28 dagar sedan
B&O H9 and H95 sound better, bro.
Ricky Sudiantoro
Ricky Sudiantoro 28 dagar sedan
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 28 dagar sedan
Thanks for watching Ricky!
Kendre Lewis
Kendre Lewis 28 dagar sedan
Can you compare them to Master and dynamic MH5 Lamborghini edition
Allister Haworth
Allister Haworth 28 dagar sedan
Great review Brian. 👍 Loved the "Brinaural Experience" intro. You pretty much confirmed my thoughts on sound quality. Between the Sony XM4 and Bose 700, the Airpod Max is better, but both Beoplay H9 and H95 sounded better (especially the H95) to my ears. P.S. I was listening on my Sony XM3 headphones.
SNoN SVL 29 dagar sedan
This review is extraordinary. It also makes me realize that my galaxy buds sound great, because I was able to clearly notice the different nuances of sounds amongst the headphones. I'll stick to my galaxy buds. Thanks for the review.
bustabunny 29 dagar sedan
you are so wrong with the h9 they are by far better then the apple shits and the h95 are in its own class lmao
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 29 dagar sedan
Remember the part where I said sound is subjective and they recorded results are more defined than what I could hear with my own ears but I never said the AirPods were actually better than them. Calm down.
NAdriana M
NAdriana M 29 dagar sedan
I have apple products and didn’t like the their headphones, but I did got the Sony Wh-1000 xm4 which I was using them while watching this video, and I liked the sound quality because that way I don’t have to increase the volume, there not heavy, & not expensive as apple headphones.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 29 dagar sedan
Great reward you are amazing thank you 🙏☺️💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
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