Colt Claims He's Changed Then Proves Himself Wrong

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Reacting to TLC 90 Day: The Single Life where Colt swears he's a changed man. He immediately proves himself wrong that he's still a trash man. He wants to date Vanessa and bring her to a dinner with Jess and her husband to rub it all in.
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CinnamonToastKen Månad sedan
Trash man!
Cass Per
Cass Per 18 dagar sedan
Y’all are one of the best duos ever
meanderer121 21 dag sedan
@Mary Elizabeth Ed is just as bad as Colt, maybe even worse. He's psychologically, emotionally and verbally abusive. They are both awful humans.
Sylvia Johnson
Sylvia Johnson 27 dagar sedan
@Sonja Birch Sorry, I don’t know how that happened ~
Sonja Birch
Sonja Birch Månad sedan
@Sylvia Johnson yes?
Sylvia Johnson
Sylvia Johnson Månad sedan
@Sonja Birch ‘
Pamela evm
Pamela evm Dag sedan
Cold is acting like he's the prize. Call Vanessa you watched how cold is you know him and yet you said yes to his marriage proposal. See you on the next season with your new husband and colts new girlfriend. Man bees girls new boyfriends and husbands hate cold as much as the women hated him LOL
Pamela evm
Pamela evm Dag sedan
As I said below why does Cole feel the need to let Jess know he's changed. Which we've been hearing for 2 years as he goes from girlfriend to girlfriend. I love the way these two are making fun of colts beard. Which I call leftover food storage carrier. How flattering not only did I cheat on you the only reason I slept with you with to make another woman jealous. So tell me again how colts change?
Pamela evm
Pamela evm Dag sedan
You know one of the signs that human lie detectors use to see if someone's lying as if they touch their face when they answer your question. LA motors cold could have here is two sticks of the knife and Jessica heart again. There is no need or purpose whatsoever for Colton Vanessa to meet up with Jess and her husband. All it's going to do is open old wounds and he knows exactly how just get. This is just a cruel move on cold start. I don't understand why are what other purpose this could be for except for TV viewers.
Pamela evm
Pamela evm Dag sedan
The only thing Colt change is the girlfriend LMAO my prediction is Vanessa catches him cheating he's going to start going to therapy that's the 21st century excuse for men when they get busted. Like I am or I'm going to start therapy what's this new scarf neckwear. he think he's a cowboy from the olden days and he can just pull it up over his nose if he decides to rob a bank or ride a horse. You want to come clean to Jess about cheating we all know about the cheating Cote. he has a nasty streak in him I say he's more interested in rubbing it into her face and getting her upset more than anyting.
Jenny Timelord
Jenny Timelord 3 dagar sedan
Chik fil a is expensive and homophobic so no I don't eat there. I let the kids eat there a few months ago because there was nothing else they could eat in the mall and it was like $21 for 3 sandwiches and 2 small fries. Yikes.
rae 5 dagar sedan
jess' husband is so hot omg
V H 6 dagar sedan
Colt looks like he has multiple restraining orders against him.
Valkyrie Sanborn
Valkyrie Sanborn 6 dagar sedan
Colt is proof that if you just be yourself someone will love you. 😂
Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams 7 dagar sedan
I need more trashman episodes please
Tessa Davis
Tessa Davis 7 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or should Colt NEVER gamble - he has way too many tells (the whole glasses adjusting thing, talking behind his drink, etc.)
James Monroe
James Monroe 8 dagar sedan
Bob Bifitjfufjjf
Bob Bifitjfufjjf 8 dagar sedan
Sam Davis
Sam Davis 9 dagar sedan
My head literally recoiled back when she hit him with the "darlin'!" oh honey nnnoooo.
Go Glurt
Go Glurt 10 dagar sedan
Colt got a hot chick once and now thinks he can get all the hot girls now while being an ass.
Shreya Nuci
Shreya Nuci 10 dagar sedan
Is that a seven deadly sins tattoo I see 🤔
1234Daan4321 10 dagar sedan
Colt changed from a potato in a potato with a bandana
Mrs. DeVil
Mrs. DeVil 10 dagar sedan
Colt does the smart anime guy glasses thing amd its irritating
robsmors 10 dagar sedan
**BLEEP BLEEP BLOOP BLOOP... PING** You can count on me!
Crypto LIVE
Crypto LIVE 11 dagar sedan
Barbara Hren
Barbara Hren 12 dagar sedan
Your shirts are getting better, realy nice.
Luiza Mello
Luiza Mello 14 dagar sedan
16:33 weird talk
ImNotWorriedBro 15 dagar sedan
Lol I would of never showed up
TheDUDERulez1 15 dagar sedan
I think I'd still take Trash Man Colt over Egg Man Ed!
pavy415 15 dagar sedan
People might make fun of him calling him a momma's boy and this and that but I'm reality he gets loads of girls and that's all that matters
Hope 16 dagar sedan
They both got balls for even going back to tell Jess, it was throwing it in her face. And Vanessa saying she felt bad,-please bitch, like Jess said You feel bad, but you keep doing it??" Jess deserves better..
Randomtology 18 dagar sedan
colt tries to date older women, then he tries to boss them around. like, bro.
Suzette C.
Suzette C. 19 dagar sedan
Jess' new husband looks like he's going to take me on a vacation to Sweden to meet his cult
Coby Pickett
Coby Pickett 20 dagar sedan
Why does he wiggle his glasses every time he has dialogue.
WM O 22 dagar sedan
Seems like colt can downgrade
hippopajamas 22 dagar sedan
Wolfgang VonBerke
Wolfgang VonBerke 25 dagar sedan
It's gotta be so awkward for that husband as Colt is confessing to jumping back and forth boning both of these chicks lol
S S 25 dagar sedan
Jess shut up. ..christ she never stops going on about colt even the recent one's she's still calling him a trashman and whatnot, your married get over it and move on
XanZon 25 dagar sedan
how can he even cheat on somebody for sure he got cheated on and he be like jup was me i am soooo cool
Melissa Martel
Melissa Martel 26 dagar sedan
Seriously, his tell is adjusting his glasses.
Sandy Ott
Sandy Ott 29 dagar sedan
Does your large friend have a gf? I'm not hahha Edit: I like popeyes too!!
yuna48910 29 dagar sedan
How would one update someone about the status of their cats, well he is still a cat
Tami Gorman
Tami Gorman 29 dagar sedan
Colt is Austin powers unattractive but gets so many women..true man of
Renee Wentz
Renee Wentz Månad sedan
What's with stupid handkerchief?
Anthony Piunti
Anthony Piunti Månad sedan
Her new husband looks like Andrew Lincoln
Laura Buchanan
Laura Buchanan Månad sedan
That's so funny
Ginny Cherry
Ginny Cherry Månad sedan
I used to work at CFA and the Popeyes comment had me crying 😂
Alien DeVito
Alien DeVito Månad sedan
You can count on me... to cheat on you.
Noé Månad sedan
4:48 General Kenobi
Swallen Jafari
Swallen Jafari Månad sedan
This show is the worst it teaches boys to be A hole and teaches young girls to be COMPLETELY STUPID AND WEAK Whenever you meet a guy who acts like Colt,just don’t waste your time on second date sis.
Chuck Maynard
Chuck Maynard Månad sedan
How did you know this was my fifth video?
Brittany Jesionowski
Brittany Jesionowski Månad sedan
I hate cheaters and homewreckers
N A Månad sedan
The first time I heard him say his name I thought it was 'sementoastken' cause he says it so fast.
Taylor Cox
Taylor Cox Månad sedan
He’s the type that could be in an open relationship successfully....but the problem is he forgets to see if his partner is also down for that (oops, he missed a step) I really want someone to analyze I’m very interested in him from a psychology standpoint
pessimisticbastard Månad sedan
i think he's just a chubby socially oblivious asshole. talk to anyone else online and you'll get some sort of colt equivalent lol
Mandie Marie
Mandie Marie Månad sedan
Why does colt ALWAYS have a pretentious concerned look on his face.
Mz Chee
Mz Chee Månad sedan
HOW? How is he getting these women? Personality??? if i couldnt get past the face & bod I wld never know what personality they have. Some say thats shallow but IDC, im married 20 years & i love looking at his face in the morning.
T. Robert Johnson
T. Robert Johnson Månad sedan
Vanessa ... guuuuuuuuuurl.
chocoboasylum Månad sedan
It's almost like he doesn't think people can see his facial expressions and he's just expecting people to take his word for everything. Like they'll just ignore the crazy googly eyes and wild eye brows flitting all over the place.
CriTiiKaLREAP3R Månad sedan
Popeyes the bomb
Katie Asbury
Katie Asbury Månad sedan
Here’s how it should have gone. Vanessa spills THE WHOLE TEA. The other girl freaks out because how bad colt is. Vanessa agrees The other girl agrees They both make a scene and cus our Colt. Vanessa and the girl steal his car, colt ends up in a ditch. And the husband has to pay the bill and is alone at the restaurant.
Katie Asbury
Katie Asbury Månad sedan
...... he creeps me out.
Tourette's Majestic
Tourette's Majestic Månad sedan
Colt should be an inspiration to the typical incel that proves to everyone it is actually not that hard to find a woman willing to hook up with you. It’s all in the confidence
Sadly Beans
Sadly Beans Månad sedan
He’s changed guys. He’s changed.
Sadly Beans
Sadly Beans Månad sedan
Jess literally has no filter and I love it.
Sadly Beans
Sadly Beans Månad sedan
If your current girlfriend is asked by your ex, “So are you dating?” And she replies, “We’re working on it.” Then you’re in trouble.
askquestionsplz Månad sedan
hes just a trick
Barry Hill
Barry Hill Månad sedan
People ask the question, "Why Colt?" but they should be asking "Ya kult?"
Robyn Hibbert
Robyn Hibbert Månad sedan
Colt looks like a pumpkin when walking into the restaurant
Luiza Mello
Luiza Mello Månad sedan
Larissa was right. Vanessa is a Crocodile Girl.
Denise Holcomb
Denise Holcomb Månad sedan
That’s a constipated look 🥴
Cardinal Hordriss
Cardinal Hordriss Månad sedan
How does this pile of soup get so many women!?
Newts revenge, AGAIN!
Newts revenge, AGAIN! Månad sedan
Oh, don’t bother getting up as the beautiful girl arrives at the table. Pudd.
Newts revenge, AGAIN!
Newts revenge, AGAIN! Månad sedan
Popeyes chicken sandwich rocks! So do their mashed potatoes and MAN! Have you had their fried pumpkin cream pie during the holidays? SMOKING!
Sadia Rahman
Sadia Rahman Månad sedan
Colt is the sim you design to murder 100 different ways
Kirsten MS3
Kirsten MS3 Månad sedan
Plot twist: He's actually working through Step 5.
Milima Productions
Milima Productions Månad sedan
He has Changed!!!
Parker P.
Parker P. Månad sedan
Colt stressed his new girlfriend out so much she aged ten years between the clips
CodenameTurtle Månad sedan
...What'd he expect? A pat on the back by someone who was hurt bad by him?
ACaged Dragon
ACaged Dragon Månad sedan
The man the legend Colt
anna irwin
anna irwin Månad sedan
. Y’all are a breath of fresh air with all the negativity in the world, it’s great to be able to laugh with y’all.. Buzz , your laugh is beyond infectious.
R Hobbs
R Hobbs Månad sedan
How come sometimes when they say “porn” it’s censored and other times it isn’t
Donna Månad sedan
LandOfSand Månad sedan
Colt is the man
Lexi Lue
Lexi Lue Månad sedan
I want to break his glasses everytime he does the two finger adjust.
Forever Blessed
Forever Blessed Månad sedan
tommyolivo Månad sedan
He always has that I’m takin a shit look on his face at all times
Katherine Martinez
Katherine Martinez Månad sedan
new husband rocks
Diablos718 Månad sedan
Honestly I can’t stand to see colts face. It’s like he’s constantly seeing a ghost behind people.
Kayla S
Kayla S Månad sedan
I feel like colt gave his new gf this lame story about how it's alwaaays just been about her, but in reality he is just a cheating "trash man" and a serial cheater. And the reason this whole meet up with his ex happened was supposed to be some sort of proof to his new gf that he's trustworthy. Seems like a manipulation tactic to me, she's right when she says he will cheat on her too, because he will.
M Rich
M Rich Månad sedan
What's up with the neckerchef he think he's on Scooby-Doo??
Holly Smith
Holly Smith Månad sedan
I’m just so confused how HE could have other ladies 🤮😬
Alisha Dip
Alisha Dip Månad sedan
Colt and big Ed should just date
Alisha Dip
Alisha Dip Månad sedan
Why do any of these women even care about this gross guy?
Alisha Dip
Alisha Dip Månad sedan
ltreder05 Månad sedan
I don't understand how any woman would want to date this guy. His mannerisms alone are so unattractive, let alone his personality and lack of anything to offer another person. So confusing.
uhohdrea Månad sedan
I love how Colt tells Venessa to bring two outfits for their date but he’s just dressed like he’s going to Walmart 😂
Ob1 Kenobi
Ob1 Kenobi Månad sedan
I do think that the Brazilian lady is part of the problem, she's very bitchy
alecia kirby
alecia kirby Månad sedan
I don't understand how Colt doesn't have constant headaches with how often he folds his eyebrows like that! Makes me so upset ugh
Nichole Manuel
Nichole Manuel Månad sedan
I hate this man's eye brows! Ugh irritating
Infinite Pickle
Infinite Pickle Månad sedan
Genuinely surprised that anyone as attractive as Vanessa would tolerate anything like colt
Infinite Pickle
Infinite Pickle Månad sedan
Colt is the real world equivalent of Jerry from Rick and Morty
Mirna Aguirre
Mirna Aguirre Månad sedan
Why’s his friend look like Scott disick
Jessica Jeffers
Jessica Jeffers Månad sedan
Trust me ... I believe EVERYONE is wondering “WHY COLT?” 🤦🏼‍♀️
Asia Porter
Asia Porter Månad sedan
"How you get em is how you lose em."
MichellleMyBellle Månad sedan
Calling him a trashman is an insult to professional garbagemen everywhere.
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