10 Beatles Hits That 'Rip Off' Other Songs

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David Bennett Piano

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The Beatles were certainly innovators and trailblazers, but they also did their fair share of borrowing from the musicians who had come before them. Most of the time these liftings were harmless homages, but on occasion wearing their influences on their sleeve wound the fab four up in legal troubles!

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Tuxified Art
Tuxified Art 21 timme sedan
The majority of these songs do somethign original and just take elements. M they're not rip off
DMark1 23 timmar sedan
Stealing from black artists is what made them famous
Fraser Webster
Fraser Webster Dag sedan
Lennon and McCartney, the Noel Gallagher of the 60’s.
William Hartley
William Hartley Dag sedan
Plagiarism? After a very long winded sermon on a hot day Mark Twain is reported to have said to the preacher, "I have a book at home with every word of that sermon in it." The preacher was quite upset because he knew he had written the sermon himself. .... Then Mark Twain told the preacher he was talking about his dictionary.
Mark Graham
Mark Graham Dag sedan
Excellent piece! I would change the title to: "10 Beatles songs inspired (or that borrowed) from other songs." Note: "Ask Me Why" is strongly influenced from "What's So Good About Goodbye" by Smokey Robinson.
jonljacobi Dag sedan
Everyone steals. Consciously or unconsciously. As long as you do something creative and fresh with it and don’t try to lie about it.
Allan Gow
Allan Gow Dag sedan
Check youtube for Elvis singing "Little sister don't you", he breaks into " Get back" then back into the song . He obviously saw a similarity.
alex d great
alex d great Dag sedan
Humphrey Lyttelton has it right. All the bass riffs under discussion here are slightly different from one another and if you could copyright each one at inception then there would be no music at all, for anyone to play without infringement. The whole riff and bass line take is nonsense. You cannot copyright a chord sequence either and quite right too or every blues would be a rip off.
BILL Blankenship
BILL Blankenship 2 dagar sedan
There are only 7 Chords
Philos Belliti
Philos Belliti 2 dagar sedan
The Beatles are great, but the truth was that modern music wasn’t invented by them. They just made it popular. Modern music comes from black music. Period.
Peaky_Blinder 2 dagar sedan
But every artist does this. What's the point.
Steven Harris
Steven Harris 2 dagar sedan
I thought this may be a hatchet job but it was well researched and respectful
Salice McCool
Salice McCool 3 dagar sedan
“Good writers borrow, great writers steal.” - Oscar Wilde
Landen Oba
Landen Oba 3 dagar sedan
See the great thing about music, is that no matter the artist, I can absolutely guarantee that they all “borrow” some guitar lick or cluster of notes from another artist, and then make it theirs. Music is probably the one thing that unites as a human race, so it’s only natural that we’re going to take from others to give to others...just how it works man, gotta go with the flow..
Luke Makayabu
Luke Makayabu 3 dagar sedan
. . . dirty little thieves
Zappa Wench
Zappa Wench 3 dagar sedan
I don't agree that Lady Madonna and Bad Penny Blues are very similar.
Jerry Rupprecht
Jerry Rupprecht 4 dagar sedan
I wonder how Chuck himself felt about the incident
Slava toin
Slava toin 4 dagar sedan
What I’ve gathered from this video is that The Beatles are a bunch of hack-frauds and should have all their accolades stripped and all their music removed from the public domain.
Brian Allan
Brian Allan 4 dagar sedan
Can't copyright riffs.
James Dignan music
James Dignan music 5 dagar sedan
Of course this avoids mention of the Beatles' deliberate tongue-in-cheek pastiche of The Beach Boys' "California Girls" and Chuck Berry's "Back in the USA" for "Back in the USSR"
Bak Choy
Bak Choy 5 dagar sedan
It is all about the money when the same song suddenly makes more money by another artist. Musicians should not be greedy of money but should be proud of their compositions. This human world is all about money. 2021
Lars Hollstein
Lars Hollstein 5 dagar sedan
I really like your channel BUT if you are in the cellar/garage with your friends or band and just jam around, who gives a flying flie fart if it is that one and only wonderful moment everything fits together. I guess we are not here to invent music, blackpowder or wheels again! We are here to use what we have! And we are not limited at all! Just wanna let you know my part.... There is a bigger picture
Gary Bentlage
Gary Bentlage 5 dagar sedan
Very good presentation, thank u
John Robinson
John Robinson 5 dagar sedan
Chuck Berry helped usher in Rock n Roll. He is a legend on the guitar and is a pioneer of the rock music industry. America has ushered in new music time after time.
Randy Smith
Randy Smith 5 dagar sedan
There’s a very fine line between stealing music and being inspired by it, especially when you’re talking about the basic elements of rock and roll music. If you dig hard enough you can practically take any song today and find another song from the past that crosses that blurry line of plagiarism.
Henk Lasschuit
Henk Lasschuit 6 dagar sedan
Yesterday has exactly the same chord progression (possibly transposed) as Ray Charles' Georgia On My Mind. Try it, it fits perfectly.
Flitź 6 dagar sedan
John Stapleton
John Stapleton 6 dagar sedan
I love how broad their influences are
Lord Vegetal
Lord Vegetal 6 dagar sedan
"Yesterday" has some tones of "Besame mucho".
Karen Stevens
Karen Stevens 7 dagar sedan
Hi David. Could you please check out and comment on the similarity between the group Spirit's Taurus and Zeppelin's Stairway to heaven? I was always a Spirit fan. Check out "The Family that Plays together". Thanks, Karen.
tragiclifeform 7 dagar sedan
10:13 moment
jana walczuk
jana walczuk 7 dagar sedan
JP's Lobster
JP's Lobster 8 dagar sedan
Check out Avenged Sevenfold's Hail to the king album. There's a few top shelf plagiarism examples in there.
Jeffrey Lara
Jeffrey Lara 8 dagar sedan
ouo are onto something mate! Some of these Beatles song were definitely ripe offs!!
Grock66 8 dagar sedan
harrison ended up buying the copyright to hes so fine
Roger Stimson
Roger Stimson 10 dagar sedan
I once wrote the first part of a tune by Borodin. I did not know until two years later! Obviously, it had slipped into my subconscious at some point without me recognising it! None of my colleagues recognised it either when I tried to check it with them!
Know-It-All to Know-Nothing
Know-It-All to Know-Nothing 10 dagar sedan
I like how David can use Elvis songs but he can't use Beatles songs.
Know-It-All to Know-Nothing
Know-It-All to Know-Nothing 10 dagar sedan
0:32 - I've never seen John Lennon happier or more in love with life than this.
Mark Kallenbach
Mark Kallenbach 10 dagar sedan
Roses are red, Violets are nice. Steal from us, and you've stolen twice!
duncan do
duncan do 11 dagar sedan
which paul are we talking about ?
CheesecakeLasagna 11 dagar sedan
Reminds me of word salad-y (as usual) quote from Grimes saying artists are akin to data feeding A.I. and that in turn, helps the data produce more data, ad infinitum. Meaning we're all borrowing from the same source material that we also contribute to.
Owen Martin
Owen Martin 11 dagar sedan
The test is did they improve on the influences? I think for most of these the answer is yes.
Willswalkingwest 11 dagar sedan
Awesome video and analysis mate.
Harry Wildgoose
Harry Wildgoose 11 dagar sedan
Even more reason for me to keep saying the Beatles are vastly overrated.
Neill Nyssen
Neill Nyssen 3 timmar sedan
20 number 1 hits and 34 top 10 songs Yeah, vastly overrated Let those numbers sink in bro
Neill Nyssen
Neill Nyssen 7 dagar sedan
Im not a huge Beatles fan, but then again I'm not much into Beethoven either, but I know both are in a class all their own. Beatles were amazing bro. You may want to go do some more research on the lads before exposing more of your musical ignorance with such comments
József Némedi
József Némedi 12 dagar sedan
My piano teacher friend tried to write a piano piece when he was young. He'd not heard Chopin's nocturne in c sharp minor (op posthumus) before and somehow he composed exatly the same chord progression of the beginning of Chopin's piece. Then he was told the truth by someone. Knowing this story I agree with George Harrison's fear.
Ari Tuhkanen
Ari Tuhkanen 12 dagar sedan
Very interesting, thank you!
Total Rise
Total Rise 13 dagar sedan
Chuck Berry also rips big fat ones on hookers lol
Jerry Eberts
Jerry Eberts 13 dagar sedan
Love the Bea-toos.
John HENDRICKS 13 dagar sedan
This make me not even want to make music.
Myron Buck
Myron Buck 13 dagar sedan
You missed the fact that both My Sweet Lord (1970) and He's So Fine (1962) ripped off the 1704 melody used in Oh Happy Day.
natham wright
natham wright 13 dagar sedan
you cant copy rite notes or riffs.ffs how could you not copy at some stage anothers notes or riff .
Morbid Corpse
Morbid Corpse 14 dagar sedan
Stop stealing from us.
David Williams
David Williams 14 dagar sedan
I guess there are parasites who use software to try and scam money if they can somehow show musical similarity in a way that gives them a legal claim.
David Williams
David Williams 14 dagar sedan
Great discussion of musical influences
planesailing01 14 dagar sedan
Uptown funk really borrowed off the CBBC series theme for The really wild show
Mitch D.
Mitch D. 14 dagar sedan
"Watch Your Step" became "Rat Bat Blue" by Deep Purple.
Emi Piano MX
Emi Piano MX 14 dagar sedan
"Watch your step" reminded me a lot of "Moby Dick". Even If I didn't know its title.
Russ Garcia
Russ Garcia 15 dagar sedan
There are only 8-notes in the entire system of music.
John Holloway
John Holloway 15 dagar sedan
It's not where you take it from, it's where you take it to.
Myke Vision
Myke Vision 15 dagar sedan
Okay you did a good job mate, but I have to call you out on a lyric lift that you forgot about. Mr George Harrison's Something actually starts out Something in the Way she moves, which was a song by James Taylor that was on his first album put out by Apple records, The Beatles own financial train wreck of a record label.
Phil Shifley
Phil Shifley 16 dagar sedan
The Beatles stole from the black man. Reparations is now demanded.
Gary Morris
Gary Morris 17 dagar sedan
Of course the Beatles were influenced by other artists, duh ! Everyone is. You are reaching, and really have nothing.
DarkByDesign 17 dagar sedan
Oasis stole everything lol
Vickthor Odin
Vickthor Odin 17 dagar sedan
Back in the USSR was just an imitation of Chuck's back in the USA
Three Dollar Banjo
Three Dollar Banjo 17 dagar sedan
It's all 3 chords. Many imposters but ya them Beatles have haven't made a true sound. They good but they not. Made this arguement for years.
Antonio Santos
Antonio Santos 17 dagar sedan
It would be MUSICALLY NAIVE to believe that NEW COMPOSITIONS can COMPLETELY be original. Paul McCartney, for example, although having never have been schooled in Classical music composition, borrowed a lot from the styles of the Classical GREATS like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc. With HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, IF NOT MILLIONS of prior and CONTEMPORARY compositions, can a composer be totally ORIGINAL? Even the CLASSICAL GREATS BORROWED FROM EACH OTHER. No big deal then. NOTHING NEW there. That being said, the Beatles, to their MASSIVE CREDIT, were SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for resurrecting Classical music, which was at its lowest and most INSANE TIME in the late 1950s when the MODERNIST composers of that time threw away the basic building blocks of DELIGHTFUL music, namely, harmony, melody, and rhythm, and replaced them with sounds of CRUMPLING of PAPER, birds chirping, sandpaper rubbing, tennis balls bouncing off PIANO strings, and all sorts of INSANITIES. But God, in His Mercy, sent mankind the Fab Four known as the Beatles, who started with writing the MOST DELIGHTFUL LOVE SONGS and pop songs, that started with FOUR KEYS, until they RAPIDLY evolved to different genres that required 16 key MASTERPIECES, the most prominent example being the DISORIENTATING "I am the Walrus". The Beatles have started the MUSIC WRITING REVOLUTION that has become the MAINSTAY of all music genres, including CLASSICAL MUSIC composing. That is the legacy that is NOT ACHIEVABLE by no all other composers or no any other SINGING GROUP, past or future. History has seen that their music has survived almost 70 years, and will continue to UNITE and DELIGHT future generations of music lovers, young and old. No other group of musical geniuses can rival what HEIGHTS the Beatles have attained. God bless us all.
HopeHouse44 18 dagar sedan
The irony of your video having to use cover versions of some songs to avoid copyright strikes when it's basically a video about the Beatles committing copyright infringement
I.A. Y.
I.A. Y. 18 dagar sedan
The Beatles are overrated.. the no talent hacks of their day... John Lennon was the true intellectual of that group..
Garrett Collins
Garrett Collins 19 dagar sedan
I feel fine is not the same riff as watch your step. I definitely knew what it was right away but it’s discernibly different. Influenced, perhaps but no legitimate legal claim. The others may be a different story.
Tim McCarthy
Tim McCarthy 20 dagar sedan
1- Yes 2 - No 3 - No 4 - No 5 - No 6 - No 7 - No (Come on...) 8 - No 9 - No 10 - Yes
Tinanik Killz
Tinanik Killz 13 dagar sedan
You trolling?
Natan Walden
Natan Walden 21 dag sedan
David (?), you are very good - especially for your age. ...
Penfolds5 21 dag sedan
Elvis was not much more than a cover artists. He didn't write much so get over it
Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller 21 dag sedan
The Beatles stole so much stuff.
skirmish703 21 dag sedan
- The Ballad of John&Joko - Jackson (Sinatra&Hazelwood)
chris ready
chris ready 22 dagar sedan
The Beatles wrong 00s of songs ..... and millions copied them - big deal
Richard Block
Richard Block 22 dagar sedan
Rip off artists. Like Led Zepp and the Stones.
Piano Vampire
Piano Vampire 22 dagar sedan
Such a shame that My Sweet Lord is always associated with the lawsuit, it's such a beautiful song
Terry Lemon
Terry Lemon 2 dagar sedan
Even Bands love to sue.
Zappa Wench
Zappa Wench 3 dagar sedan
I want it played at my funeral.
Kimberly Nicasio
Kimberly Nicasio 3 dagar sedan
I love George and think of them as 2 very distinct songs. But to say he had never heard He's So Fine before...what? How is that even possible?
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 5 dagar sedan
You mean, He's So Fine is such a beautiful song. FIFY
Rytham Debnath
Rytham Debnath 17 dagar sedan
Harrison bought the song ...
Robertino Gochev
Robertino Gochev 22 dagar sedan
Ah the 60s and 70s, when musicians stole from black people.
Marianne Markus
Marianne Markus 22 dagar sedan
Huh come together was a rip off, sjees 🥺
Phanos Theophanous
Phanos Theophanous 23 dagar sedan
Happy xmas war is over almost identical to stewball, john lennon solo career though
Roshan S
Roshan S 23 dagar sedan
Another song also inspired by Parker’s riff, was “19th Nervous Breakdown” by the Stones.
Chungle Bung
Chungle Bung 21 dag sedan
I’ll cry instead
Wons Phreely
Wons Phreely 23 dagar sedan
I like your style David, you delivered the information without any try hard frills or bad youtube 'comedy' or cringe 'editing filler'. Keep it up.
Captain Melvin Seahorse
Captain Melvin Seahorse 23 dagar sedan
For someone who is fairly well spoken it's kind of annoying the way he says "over" instead of other.
SYOTOS 88 24 dagar sedan
As a musician im influence by all the music i hear. Im sure that the sing i heard in the car 6 months ago sounds exactly like a song im writing. However the memory is gone but the print remains.
Evil Sean
Evil Sean 24 dagar sedan
there are a whole lot more than 12 notes ...ask a slide player
Ethan Taube
Ethan Taube 24 dagar sedan
The Beatles wrote alimony 300 songs most by John and Paul
Frederic Douglas
Frederic Douglas 24 dagar sedan
The lyrics to The Inner Light
Neil Forbes
Neil Forbes 25 dagar sedan
Chuck Berry's American publishers were Arc Music Inc., and Nom Music Inc. In Britain his songs were published by Jewel Music Ltd.
canarsie56 25 dagar sedan
And yet the other 2000 songs are theirs completly
Linda Easley
Linda Easley 25 dagar sedan
It's called being lazy ,which the Beatles seemed to be at times during their career. I like original music not rehashed ,recycled from someone else .This why I think they were alittle overrated .They did have some pretty good material of their own
Wayne Scott
Wayne Scott 25 dagar sedan
RIP OFF , or made better.
p s
p s 25 dagar sedan
363 people are in denial
p s
p s 25 dagar sedan
Can you do one on Elvis? Is there enough space?
Mikevdog 25 dagar sedan
The Rolling Stones did the same thing.
Gamer Z. Sliver
Gamer Z. Sliver 25 dagar sedan
But he's so fine as a ripoff of Barbara Ann which actually came out two years before he's so fine so as far as I'm concerned the lawsuit should have been thrown out it's about time we get Justice for George Harrison
Pickchore 25 dagar sedan
Typical scousers 😉
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe 26 dagar sedan
dumb video
Justin Michael
Justin Michael 26 dagar sedan
Everyone did that in the 60s. Rock and roll itself is the same few riffs and chord progressions over and over
Christopher Tomasello
Christopher Tomasello 26 dagar sedan
Actually, Mozart did it first and EVERYONE 'copied" him.
Mosk8ers420 26 dagar sedan
so u wanna be a rockstar?? be like the beatles and ripp of the rockstars that came before u....lol.. smh at them
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