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Exceptional Engineering: The Making of a Wind Turbine | Engineering Documentary
Electricity harnessed from wind has become the second largest source of energy in Germany since 2017 - and has thus out powered nuclear and coal. Nearly 30,000 on- and off-shore wind turbines are operating throughout the country, covering approx. 19 percent of energy consumption. Our report follows the construction of a new wind power plant in Falkenthal in Brandenburg. Once installed, the windmill will be 179 meters high, supplying up to 5,000 households a year.
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Paul zimmerer
Paul zimmerer Dag sedan
Yes let's bat birds from the sky what a waist of money land and tons of steel concrete that used fuel to make and set up mmmmmm makes since
Peter G Watts
Peter G Watts 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful Engineering so interesting to watch. Someone should explain the difference between a Bolt and a Screw to the narrator!
Boar Fat
Boar Fat 2 dagar sedan
Wind turbines - just pure waste of billion of dollars. They are useless junk.
Sirius Prime
Sirius Prime 5 dagar sedan
Nice channel but You add too many ads!!! Every 5 minutes I watch ads! This is terrible!
DP909REV 5 dagar sedan
Can’t recycle them, they kill endangered birds, only work while wind is running, interfere with some fish species mating due to low frequency output, cause nausea and headaches at some rpms........and so forth.
Jack Gurteeen
Jack Gurteeen 14 dagar sedan
Pity the rotor blades can't be recycled and end up in land fill.
Jack Gurteeen
Jack Gurteeen 13 dagar sedan
@Mikey like anything to do with recycling it all depends on where you are on the planet.
Mikey 13 dagar sedan
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle You reuse them to make stuff. In the Netherlands they made a playpark out of them for kids. Another company is testing them to make bridge as they are so strong. They can also be recycled with some chemicals to make other useful products.
Andrii Yavorsky
Andrii Yavorsky 16 dagar sedan
When I see this I admire. But, you know folks: such countries as Ukraine have no chance for good peaceful future. Our national bank behaves on opposite to what we need. Don’t anyone of who are reeding my comment have any idea why is it happening? BTW it is good for Europe... We will provide a cheep labor and materials for other countries... We are disrespected in other countries. But we are also people! We want to live in peaceful civilized country...
big d
big d 16 dagar sedan
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ru kinja
ru kinja 17 dagar sedan
The ill-fated furniture outstandingly alert because needle intermittently whine around a cool protocol. panicky, adjoining tank
Sean Ricard
Sean Ricard 18 dagar sedan
wind turbines are dumb. Having a narrator with a lisp is dumb.
Daniel99oslo 23 dagar sedan
windmill produce 6 000 000 kWh yearly while nuclear power plant produces 5 000 000 000 kwh. Another thing is that a nuclear power plant lasts much longer. It's also much cheaper. + there isn't always wind. So why are we spending money on this again?
Willie Muniz
Willie Muniz 24 dagar sedan
I can prove that these inventions are interfering with the wind currents WORLDWIDE thus contributing towards the weirdest weather and should be outlawed
Willie Muniz
Willie Muniz 24 dagar sedan
Underground Waterfalls are safer
Alexander Sundukov
Alexander Sundukov 24 dagar sedan
03:20 Foundation 10:05 Brande Factory 24:47 Brande Factory 26:20 Direct Drive vs Geared 26:57 Generator 33:13 Aalborg Factory 41:29 Aalborg Factory
fiaadmin92 26 dagar sedan
all this work and money involvment for just 20 years !!! wow, that's ecology LOL
Heinz Heko
Heinz Heko 29 dagar sedan
Exeptional engineering for a exeptional high price is NOT the solution,
Caveman Ballistics
Caveman Ballistics Månad sedan
Not sure are those blades as long as a AIRBUS A380?
sparkyindahouse Månad sedan
didnt realise germany had any sea...
Priestley777 Månad sedan
hey narrator good job buddy
Derek Davidson
Derek Davidson Månad sedan
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vincent lavarenne
vincent lavarenne Månad sedan
At 45;59 it is said that the 81 meter long blades that are shown to us are 20,000 square meters. I guess the correct number is more likely around 200 square meters.
John Sweets
John Sweets Månad sedan
Thank you for all your hard work and efforts 🙏 The world thanks you
James Hurd
James Hurd Månad sedan
Horrible noisy bird choppers!! Shame they end up in landfill sites! not what you would call clean energy!
Giovanni Geno
Giovanni Geno Månad sedan
i guess we will never know how the cables get anchored lol
JakobLmao Månad sedan
glad to be a wind Technician who gets to travel all over the world to work on these beauties.
JakobLmao 3 dagar sedan
@Priestley777 I’m a Torque and tension lead tech I don’t work with any software or electrical components. I save that for the smarter fellas
Priestley777 Månad sedan
Do you know how to use a caddy program?
John Hutch
John Hutch Månad sedan
Screws. ? Bolts I’d hope!
Kristy Waters
Kristy Waters 2 månader sedan
Thank you for all your hard work and efforts 🙏 The world thanks you
Nexusly 2 månader sedan
What a waste of man power for "klean" energy. When coal is way cleaner. Way to intermediate
Paul Waldner
Paul Waldner 2 månader sedan
i wonder how much fossil fuel is needed to build one
Luis Rubio
Luis Rubio 2 månader sedan
And how much to build a nuclear plant, a cogeneration plant or a fossil fuel plant?
Ricardo Peña
Ricardo Peña 2 månader sedan
Vivo eso documental muy bueno
Matthew Bergin
Matthew Bergin 2 månader sedan
What a colossal waste of money to build this device when the power it produces is useless intermittent electricity. Has to be fully backed up by fossil powered generation. Should be constructing LFTR's instead.
frankpaws 2 månader sedan
Nuclear is safer, better and the least problem for the planet. And they have figured out how to use the spent rods for unlimited batteries. but whatever.
Ja of Nee of ?
Ja of Nee of ? 2 månader sedan
1_5 h
Alphatec Engineering
Alphatec Engineering 2 månader sedan
So little about the concrete foundation and anchoring! great documentary anyway folks! many thanks for sharing it!
Gary Maxwellian
Gary Maxwellian 2 månader sedan
Wind turbines 101: You can't build wind turbines using power generated by wind turbines.
patsematary 2 månader sedan
In Construction Simulator game the wind generator is a prized achievement, but is time consuming and difficult.
rigo702 2 månader sedan
I hear these kill all the birds
Delavan 2 månader sedan
Do you think we could have some drama-free music/narration? I mean, is that really necessary?
Fergal Mcgrath
Fergal Mcgrath 2 månader sedan
, &
Greg Reed
Greg Reed 3 månader sedan
27:54 "So-called stator"... :-D
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 3 månader sedan
Estos documentales me gustan, deverian tradusirlos al español👍
Ron G
Ron G 3 månader sedan
With the energy used to manufacture and install these, I'd bet it's a losing proposition.
Kendall Hall
Kendall Hall 3 månader sedan
Not really otherwise companies wouldnt invest in then
Eugene 3 månader sedan
Germany - The uploader has not made this video available in your country. LUL WUT
Eugene 3 månader sedan
nuclear reactor : hold my beer
John 3 månader sedan
These are dreadful monsters that work less than 30% of the time either underproducing or over producing. Wake up people these are not base load power that need to be in balance with a grid. Batteries just make it more complicated and cannot hold the energy needed. What a monumental waste of resources. You cannot live near these things. These will also be land filled in 15 years or less. Build em anyhow. What a disaster.
Daniel Christiansen
Daniel Christiansen 3 månader sedan
This 7 MW turbine produces electricity to the equivelant of 2.330L of oil, EVERY HOUR! So stop whining about the enviromental impact of building it. It does not matter in the scheme of things. It will have paid for itself within 6-18 months, both economically and environmentally! You could literally fill a large swimming pool with the oil needed to generate the same amount of power this thing does in a day. ffs
Sjef Hendrickx
Sjef Hendrickx 3 månader sedan
The commentater say every time SCREWS but i think he means BOLTS! Thas a different thing!
Alexander Hartdegen
Alexander Hartdegen 3 månader sedan
Thanks for uploading this amazing documentary.
Tony Home
Tony Home 3 månader sedan
I hate having ADD... They are driving me nuts at 20:58 and 21:04 with the not in the cable. Come on man fix it! LOL
Tom Elkeles
Tom Elkeles 3 månader sedan
31:10 who else heard the "back to the future" soundtrack?
John V
John V 3 månader sedan
Absolutely fascinating. Loved it. Has anyone calculated the energy to make one of those? How long to pay back the "embodied energy"?
John V
John V 3 månader sedan
@flexairz you have some information to share on the subject? Or is that just your opinion?
flexairz 3 månader sedan
They never will recoup all the energy that went into them. Impossible.
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 3 månader sedan
The lastest Wind turbines are Suppose to recoup construction cost and energy in under a year. And then last another 25+ years
Cycle Rider
Cycle Rider 3 månader sedan
Bird Killer.
Beobout6 3 månader sedan
Why don’t they put the generator and gear components at the base of the tower and have a drive shaft extend from the propeller above?
Tough Guy No. 1
Tough Guy No. 1 3 månader sedan
That would be very complicated. There is a greater chance of something going wrong.
Mario Seoane
Mario Seoane 3 månader sedan
Funny how much fossil fuel is used to produce and transport a single wind turbine. Steel concrete, polymers, etc.
Daniel Christiansen
Daniel Christiansen 3 månader sedan
@Steve Taylor Videos like this lures out the tards of youtube. You are absolutely correct ( actually you are too optimistic with the oil to energy conversion, you only get 4000kwh if you turn it directly into heat, theres a 70% conversion loss if you want to make it into electricity). This turbine is 7 Mwh, This means it generates 7.000 KWh of energy, *for every hour of opration*. To put this into perspective, It takes 2.300liters of fuel to generate the same amount of power using fossil fuels. (Diesel at an optimistic 30% effenciency). If the wind blows * this windturbine literally saves the planet of 55.000 liters of fossil fuel every day* enough to fill a large swimming pool. Gtfo of here with 100 gallons of lubrication oil....
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 3 månader sedan
@jfs300rum And if you burn the same 100 gallons of oil in a power station you generate around 4000-kilowatt hours of energy. Less than the turbine would generate for any windy hour for 25+ years. 100 gallons of oil is f%$king irrelevant compared with the amount of energy produced. Same as the cost, materials and fossil fuel used in the construction is earned back in less than a year. And takes just as much energy and materials per megawatt to construct fossil fuel infrastructure from drilling, refining, supertankers, pipelines etc and then burning millions of tones every day until non left!!!!!! and then what?
jfs300rum 3 månader sedan
Not only that, they haver huge transmissions that need almost 100 of gallons of oil for lubrication.
King Hootchie
King Hootchie 3 månader sedan
Wouldn't a single Nuke Plant out-power hundreds of these windmills? Maybe thousands? And even, on days when the wind isn't blowing? "Some people ask why, but I ask, WTF!?"
lollollollollolrofl 3 månader sedan
Problem is, Siemens have just released a 14MW turbine, so you would only need 2/220ish to compete with a nuke station. Turbines would take like 4 years to full construct and the nuke like 10+ (look at flammanvile)
King Hootchie
King Hootchie 3 månader sedan
Schaubling-bling 3 månader sedan
Agree with you, WHT?
phil driver
phil driver 3 månader sedan
9 meters per second wind restriction ? . how the hell did they build them on the dee and mersey estuaries . that is a balmy day . they would only be able to work about 10 days a year there .
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson 3 månader sedan
Wind farms are a blight on the environment.
Canal Almanáxia
Canal Almanáxia 3 månader sedan
494 dislikes: all of them, human sciences "students"
rwfrench66 3 månader sedan
@flexairz please note I said geothermal is a better choice for clean energy until fusion is perfected. I'd rather NASA spend their $76 million budget looking for asteroids that can hit Earth on fusion research. I mean, if NASA had a plan that could deflect an asteroid that would be a different story, but right now they're looking for asteroids that can hit us when they don't have a way of stopping it even if they found one. There are literally 10 trillion germs, bacteria and viruses already on the surface of the planet mutating and trying to kill us every day and there are many other space agencies around the world, let them go rock hunting, let's sppend this money on researching fusion or health care.
flexairz 3 månader sedan
@Steve Taylor That 59% is under perfect lab condition. The law of Betz. Production factor is 30%. But only when the wind blows 7 bft. Which it does not 24/7/365. The amount of land needed to replace a 4 GWH nuclear plant is enormous. Go do the math. So, big fail. You can not compare a heat engine with this.
flexairz 3 månader sedan
@rwfrench66 We need nuclear power in stead of unreliable wind and solar.. These so called renewables are a big fail.
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 3 månader sedan
@rwfrench66 59.2% is amazing compared with fossil fuels: Gas powers stations around 50%, Coal and Oil 37%, Gasoline cars around 15% efficient from the potential energy in the oil in the ground. And wind farms use less than 1% of the land under the turbines for the base and access, and offshore is effectively zero. And some coups that don't like too much direct sunlight are now being grown under solar farms. And 1/3 of all land, 50 million square kilometres, is arid desert doing almost nothing, plus rooftops and mountainsides etc. There is more than enough space to power the world many many times over.
rwfrench66 3 månader sedan
That's not fair. The maximum efficiency of a wind turbine is 59.2%. It's an intermittent power source. It takes up a lot of land and between the projected human population increase, the projected sea level rise, and the projected global warming, the amount of land available to grow food and feed animals humans can eat is shrinking fast. Taking it up with land based solar and wind farms as clean energy just isn't practical. Geothermal is a better clean energy until fusion is perfected.
Kate Hammond
Kate Hammond 3 månader sedan
who else came from a video called “top ten wind turbine fails” and before that, came from “windmill destructed in storm”
lacameyang arsenal
lacameyang arsenal 3 månader sedan
Kyle F
Kyle F 3 månader sedan
Wtf yes in that exact order. Stop stalking me creep
Nezy 3 månader sedan
lol how
Katie Lamborghini
Katie Lamborghini 3 månader sedan
I searched up this video, but before that, I had watched those videos.
Beobout6 3 månader sedan
Not me. Before this I was watching a documentary on the declining bird population in America. Somehow it switched me over to this video.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 3 månader sedan
Those are "BOLTS" not screws....
lollollollollolrofl 3 månader sedan
Depends on the the thread I guess... only a bolt if the thread stops a bit before the shoulder... otherwise it’s a set screw
aliasalpha 3 månader sedan
Nature= Free energy Humans= Eolic industry
jouni k
jouni k 3 månader sedan
use the pipe for power, air goes up and turn blades, no burning motors
David Canatella
David Canatella 3 månader sedan
this makes me want to use less energy
tcpnetworks 3 månader sedan
Bolts - not screws!! Steel - not iron!
carlo 3 månader sedan
they kill so many birds of prey
Clifford Bodine
Clifford Bodine 3 månader sedan
One of the materials that is used in the manufacture of these magnificent devices is resin. Resin is a byproduct of oil.
Velimir Stanimirovic
Velimir Stanimirovic 3 månader sedan
Impressive but these are still low efficiencies machines! What is pay back time for investment?
Velimir Stanimirovic
Velimir Stanimirovic 3 månader sedan
@Steve Taylor Pay back on Wind Turbins are 'Never'! Scandinavians don't have much fuels like we in US so it's alternative for them! In Southern Florida we have some Nukes and working fine. I don't know where you live but here kWs are afordable, I never turn off my Thermostat or Water Heater!
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 3 månader sedan
Under 1 year for cost and energy and then last 25 more years. Compared with over 25 years to recoup the nuclear construction cost and then 10 years to recoup nuclear decommissioning.
No Common Sense
No Common Sense 3 månader sedan
Nobody: 1.4 million people: interesting
Rhubartu the Saiyan
Rhubartu the Saiyan 10 dagar sedan
Nice way to beg for likes..
Tim Vandrock
Tim Vandrock 3 månader sedan
It is still just solar energy.
Magic Senior
Magic Senior 3 månader sedan
Selfe propelled generator is a lot more effiente
Thaifoonthaiger 3 månader sedan
And then they catch fire and explode
MARIO GALLO 3 månader sedan
Here's why wind turbines are dangerous. People never get to see how this green peace-loving environment-friendly machine can quickly become a deadly monster. @​
ODDIO P 3 månader sedan
More than enough... to power.... 7000 washing machines lmao
ii ee
ii ee 3 månader sedan
It's fantastic.
Amapolo 3 månader sedan
at 10:50 -> 7 megawats a year? What does it means?
alex hayden
alex hayden 3 månader sedan
FREE and very Expensive electricity! Dead End Tech!
MrJoecool9999 3 månader sedan
Well they are also an Exceptionally expensive way of making absolutely no difference at all when it comes to the environment....! All well and good feeling all self righteous about "Green Energy" - but you have to ignore the vast amount of pollution generated in the manufacture leaving 1,000s of Chinese farmers land polluted and unusable - or the 100s of tonnes of concrete that go into the base - god knows how much it costs to anchor one of these things to the sea bed and maintain them.....!
MrJoecool9999 3 månader sedan
@Seb C What absolute drivel - they are the most expensive energy source we have at the moment and why they are heavily subsidized....! You ignored the huge amount of pollution created in the manufacturing.....! Where do you get the notion that they are "Compared to other energy sources they are basically free to maintain" that is simply ridiculous - i pass a wind farm regularly and the majority of the time at least one is out of action....! - those anchored at sea require several professionals to carry out a service or repair - and they are much more likely to have down time due to limitations for access...! Lord Monkton did a breakdown of the entire cost benefits of Wind Turbines at Copec last year and showed that there is no difference re environment....!
Svend Erik
Svend Erik 3 månader sedan
What's up with all of the Trump supporters here? Lol.
NORM HILL 3 månader sedan
What a interesting video.
Nils Ervik
Nils Ervik 3 månader sedan
Wind turbines are NOT suited for creating electricity. It's a most destructive industry that only exists because of subsidies.
Nils Ervik
Nils Ervik 3 månader sedan
@Seb C I'm afraid it's not a question of teething problems. The wind industry has reached a concrete ceiling in many countries because the grid is constipated with wind power in periods, so any more wind turbines will have to go idle (togetherwith gas ond coal plants) when the wind is blowing. And despite all this investment, wind power constitutes only about 4% of energy use in Germany. And the tons of jobs? That has been a blatant lie fromthe wind industry here in Norway at least. And the destruction of our nature has been terrible. Small communities have been completely overrun and stepped by these companies who live on subsidies payed by the same people.
Nils Ervik
Nils Ervik 3 månader sedan
@Seb C So where do you find windindustry that has no subsidies? Not Germany, not UK, not Norway, not Canada. They deliver electricity about 30% of the time at premium pricing, and let traditional electricity plants go idle (creating lots of CO2) when the wind is blowing. They have increased pricing of electricity in all areas where they have been implemented in the grid. And caused irrepearable damage to nature. Take some time and study this industry from a more critical perspective, and I'm sure you will be shocked. They are a good investment because you and I pay the bill.
Nils Ervik
Nils Ervik 3 månader sedan
@Seb C Yes you can.But can you also speak the truth?
Little Kitty Crafter
Little Kitty Crafter 4 månader sedan
Remember guys - the magnets are spinned.
jeylful 4 månader sedan
Great documentary, amazing machines and effort to achieve a cleaner world. Thank you!
jeylful 3 månader sedan
@Louisiana Guy There is a good reason for which materials with asbestos have been removed from the markets and alternatives have been found. We need to do the same with oil and coal. Let's find alternatives and stop using oil and coal.
jeylful 3 månader sedan
@Louisiana Guy We must move away from oil just like we moved away from the once "fantastic" asbestos... the once "wonder" material that kills us.Thankfully new generations seem to be well aware of this and we are in the process of doing so
jeylful 3 månader sedan
@Louisiana Guy The goal is to move away from the oil and gas industries that pollute the environment
Robert Seviour
Robert Seviour 4 månader sedan
A very interesting video but much spoiled by the trashy 'music' track behind the speaker.
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 4 månader sedan
Ich hacker bis her & Krieg ich Pro.monat Fr.2'200 seit Sept.2020 zum Überleben.... Wie schämen Sie als Schweiz Politiker mit VIRUS spielen....? Wechseln Sie mal Phantom Land besser....Sonst schämen Sie als Schweizer mit Drum & Dran.....
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 4 månader sedan
Sind Sie noch ein Mensch....Gefühle haben....Wo ist mein Gold Visa Card....?
Dumitrescu Mihail
Dumitrescu Mihail 4 månader sedan
German engineering.
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith 4 månader sedan
They have found wind turbine's to be not what they are worth .. it's a huge waste of money
Donald Thomson
Donald Thomson 4 månader sedan
Biggest Con Going !!
Free Documentary
Free Documentary 4 månader sedan
MirtheN Emrys
MirtheN Emrys 4 månader sedan
"Bigger, longer, and more heavy" - Every man ever
CaptainMega 16 dagar sedan
Thought he said hairy
Jami Nova
Jami Nova 4 månader sedan
Have the enviornmentalists figured out how to stop killing endangered birds?
Free Documentary
Free Documentary 4 månader sedan
Wind Turbines don't kill nearly as many birds as cats, collisions with windos, cars, power lines, communication towers or poisoning from agricultural chemicals. Also, yes they have:
gluondufou 4 månader sedan
I don't understand what is ecological about these factories, materials, cranes, workers, technologies. Yes, the wind is natural but the rest of it is morbid
David James
David James 4 månader sedan
bird mincers
Васисуалий Крафт
Васисуалий Крафт 4 månader sedan
Hello from Russia. We've been allowed to harvest. However, in many regions banned at the same time the use of chainsaws. But we're not upset. We chop him with axes
well as an expert I'd say
well as an expert I'd say 4 månader sedan
19:45 Nice
aussie43 4 månader sedan
Thank you guys for these documentaries. Incredible things that are happening around the world these days. Most people have no idea. What a fantastic engineering and factories. And the brave skilled workers installing it all.
vondeliusc 4 månader sedan
When wind turbines go out of style, you could start a factory to make blades of the opposite hand and sell to sailplane manufacturers, you know, recycling..
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 4 månader sedan
Exceptional engineering would mean constructing wind mills with vertical shafts with bearings on the upper end and on the lower end. That way, they would last a great deal longer and require far less maintenance.
CrotalusHH 4 månader sedan
As California has discovered isn't wise to depend on wind energy. They are having blackouts. So has Australia and Germany. They are also not lasting long enough to pay for themselves.
Free Documentary
Free Documentary 4 månader sedan
Yeah, there are no blackouts in Germany because of renewable energy.
Tbonius maximus
Tbonius maximus 4 månader sedan
and when it is decommissioned which is quick it gets buried in a LANDFILL
svznet 4 månader sedan
S Z 4 månader sedan
My father used to work in Siemens 💪🏻
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