Gordon Ramsay Tries Sushi Pizza | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon visits Sushi Ko, where he tries a sushi pizza.

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Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares 14 dagar sedan
Happy Full Ep Friday everyone! :)
B O R S E 3 dagar sedan
ur dumb
ur dumb 3 dagar sedan
Mi Hyoun Lee
Mi Hyoun Lee 4 dagar sedan
Wupper 4 dagar sedan
You 2
spelare 1
spelare 1 7 dagar sedan
U carrying
Basma 18 minuter sedan
Toxic relationship, poor akira , i wish he is better now ... “Lisa Hatae” this is her username on instagram everyone , unfortunately Akira is disappeared
Devin K
Devin K Timme sedan
Gordon is a great therapist
Sabfluence Timme sedan
Has anyone got any updates on them ?? I read that they sadly closed down but is there any updates on them ?
wocky slush
wocky slush Timme sedan
This family have such a great son and daughter..they love their parents. I wonder what this family doing now..hopefully his kids are already successful doing their own job, also hopefully Akira and Lisa live life happy together..
MR PANDA Timme sedan
Akira is in da-nile
Sabfluence 2 timmar sedan
Please my sympathy toward the husband he doesn't deserve the wife U can tell he's so stressed and tired if everything
rock SIMBA
rock SIMBA 2 timmar sedan
man this made me cry
Ken Fung
Ken Fung 4 timmar sedan
When you’ve lost the Japanese way...
Lyka 4 timmar sedan
Is the samurai that bad?
Phantom Snare
Phantom Snare 4 timmar sedan
"Wanna smoke homie?" "Sorry I can't" "Why?" 0:08 Lmao
Ezra Sapphire
Ezra Sapphire 4 timmar sedan
Pause it and Click this》13:17 Trust Me His Smile is Kinda Scary 😂🤣😂🤣
sadella 5 timmar sedan
Everyone is judging the wife and we have no idea what their relationship is. She seems furious at him. But if our kids were forced to financially support my husband's business venture, locking the entire family into an endless spiral of debt, I'd be livid too. She married a man who was energetic and fun to be around and his depression turned him into a shell of his former self. Sure the man deserves help but those who are trapped with him in this dire situation might no be in the best position to do so. Everyone is suffering. Some people shut down when they suffer and some people lash out. This couple is probably tied down together by debt, which sometimes stands in the way of divorce. Everyone is trapped. They very likely have fallen out of love and the best they can do is try to be friendly.
mare ryu
mare ryu 8 timmar sedan
we can see clearly that Akira is trying his best to hold his emotion
Meliodas 8 timmar sedan
9:53 He can
she 9 timmar sedan
seeing Akira so excited over the Traulsens was so heartwarming
Lhaibien Mendoza
Lhaibien Mendoza 10 timmar sedan
*It's sad to lived in the US Many black/Asians people Been Mistreated Because of races I Hope Not Only in the US but the whole world need to accept every difference in each other. Even Akira's Wife Been Mistreating him and dragged their children in this matter but I hope even Both Akira's child and his restaurant be successfu and happy even after this episode.*
mashrukh khan
mashrukh khan 11 timmar sedan
instagram.com/lisahatae/ I found the instagram of the wife; she has no traces of the husband anywhere, I wonder where he is right now.
TINJ 14 timmar sedan
Hes smiling, yaaaaay. nice
:I 14 timmar sedan
One of the few times it’s incredibly sad to find out that a kitchen nightmare restaurant has since closed. it was probably just too late to get help and in the wrong place, rather than any chef’s ego.
David Bienda Saleh
David Bienda Saleh 14 timmar sedan
wife person: he is not working hard enough me( confused) : whats her Job exactly, peer reviews?
Lucio Bazzani
Lucio Bazzani 15 timmar sedan
The problem is clearly the wife, no doubt!
luki whiteboy doncic
luki whiteboy doncic 15 timmar sedan
like he know how sushi should taste. thats racist but all part of globaliwation
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson 15 timmar sedan
It made me so sad that his wife and daughter stood and sniggered when Gordon was calling him out, if there’s any time you should be supportive it’s when your husband/dad is trying to fix things
Phương Thảo
Phương Thảo 16 timmar sedan
One thing I keeps thinking about while watching this is that their kids look gorgeous af. It seems that all mixed children I’ve known are gorgeous ✨
hy3na 17 timmar sedan
protecc akira and his children at all cost!
Mairold 18 timmar sedan
Get a American wife they said, it will be fine they said, you wont end up with a pissed off, rude cheerleader they said.
Thaariini 18 timmar sedan
So beautiful
Nathan m
Nathan m 19 timmar sedan
ikinda relate i let mom speak for me only becuaseshe forms words better
Andrei Dumitru
Andrei Dumitru 19 timmar sedan
His family may be suffering but he has it worst😭
CrystalGacha 19 timmar sedan
Whensushi pizza is trendy now 😭✋
Popoy Mo
Popoy Mo 20 timmar sedan
Igor Samojednik
Igor Samojednik 21 timme sedan
Me still contemplating how he can tell things from fresh to frozen
Igor Samojednik
Igor Samojednik Timme sedan
@Norbert Klár (enkeyz) hehe
Norbert Klár (enkeyz)
Norbert Klár (enkeyz) Timme sedan
@Igor Samojednik People in this tv show? :D
Igor Samojednik
Igor Samojednik 2 timmar sedan
@Norbert Klár (enkeyz) i get chicken but who tf freezes mushrooms
Norbert Klár (enkeyz)
Norbert Klár (enkeyz) 17 timmar sedan
Frozen chicken is for example chewy, and bland. Frozen mushroom is rubbery.
Chillale Shashidhar
Chillale Shashidhar 22 timmar sedan
Can anyone tell me who pays the money for new furnitures???
Tu Linh Vu
Tu Linh Vu 23 timmar sedan
it's actually so surreal to me, just how love changes everybody, the husband, the wife, a whole family seemed broken but their love and a bit of light have glued them once again so fast. i still don't believe that these will last but it's a refreshment to see how these people change overnight like night and day; to see the happiness and motivation on their faces. that's just so nice:))))))
Norbert Klár (enkeyz)
Norbert Klár (enkeyz) 17 timmar sedan
They closed after this episode went live.
poggers my dude
poggers my dude 23 timmar sedan
bro i need gordan as my therapist
Its Zak
Its Zak Dag sedan
Lisa : "its not holding, its getting old just like me" aaww lisa i swear most of the people don't look as good as you in your age 🥺🥺❤
VN Dag sedan
Dont ask... The Woman her age The man His Salary Sad and Angry Asian Man what should He say
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige Dag sedan
They should've worked at McDonalds' or KFC first so they could learn how to fry foods. :(
Ssteven playz
Ssteven playz Dag sedan
Why is no one talking about how the executive producers name is kent weed
answer me pewdiepie
answer me pewdiepie 22 timmar sedan
Simplemente YO
Simplemente YO Dag sedan
what year is dis?
ItzCookie Dag sedan
Stacy Musica GirlTM
Stacy Musica GirlTM Dag sedan
"these are your waitresses for tonight, Ashley and Ashleigh."
Mary Cleo
Mary Cleo Dag sedan
Akira: I cant belive she danced in front of chef ramsey Im so embarassed Me: me to bud, me to
Anthissu Chan
Anthissu Chan Dag sedan
Gordon ratsay is actually prettt goodbfamuly counsel
Ηλιάννα Φατούρου
Ηλιάννα Φατούρου Dag sedan
You know restaurant bad when owner does this 14:11
Hide On Us Gaming
Hide On Us Gaming Dag sedan
Is this sort of drama? why tf am crying?
Evolve_fanGs Dag sedan
Nick digiovani watching in amusement
Mariia Chu
Mariia Chu Dag sedan
I absolutely love Akira. You can tell he has been internalising so much guilt and failure. I hope his wife was supportive and loving after that. He deserves compassion.
Faith Depaor
Faith Depaor Dag sedan
It's happy that his wife accepted her wrong deeds and mistake. ALL THANKS TO RAMSAY!
Faith Depaor
Faith Depaor Dag sedan
The waitress, she's lovelyyy
Dag sedan
Vincent Van Dyke
Vincent Van Dyke Dag sedan
this guy need a physiatrist and so does his family after what he put them through
Bellocks1 Dag sedan
Good of them to not mention that Hana was in Star Trek: Voyager.
Your wife will be the cause of your fall
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Dag sedan
That poor man is burnt out and depressed.. that woman is horrible to him.. so sad for him and those poor kids
alfie quinn
alfie quinn Dag sedan
The fact gordan had to tell her to love him is so sad he seems 100%
Mikkel Adriel Apelado
Mikkel Adriel Apelado Dag sedan
Ramsey, who is Ramsey? He's a chef, therapist all of it.
Trung Tu
Trung Tu Dag sedan
For a minute I thought Akira is Light Yagami (Kira)
Negano Dag sedan
"I still dont think he's working very hard." Why dont you fucking go help him then ? 😂 give him support when he feels energized instead of bringing him even further down into depressed land like you've been doing for 25 years.
FeintAttacks Dag sedan
we stan Akira ❤️
MadScorpio. “maNIlo” M
MadScorpio. “maNIlo” M Dag sedan
I can say he’s in touch anymore because i see theres no boost of steam at all theres no support. The wife even doubt his husbund.
Harry Woolston
Harry Woolston Dag sedan
Gordon is the man
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Dag sedan
with the neighbour and takes anything else she can get in court.
Emmie Rowan
Emmie Rowan Dag sedan
The way he can tell the salmon is frozen just from one taste floor's me every time.
Craig Fowler
Craig Fowler Dag sedan
Honestly Gordon should also be a marriage guidance counselor.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Dag sedan
I call bullshit for that "new me" crap. It feels like an act
JEL212 Dag sedan
It's so sad to see someone blatantly suffering. I really feel bad for Akira. If course for the family to but he's on a different level of suffering
b o
b o Dag sedan
stories like this always make me sad. failing in business is so frustrating. good luck to them
ChaosCaro91 Dag sedan
The son looks like Adam Driver/ Kylo ren working in a sushi restaurant
anaci paulina
anaci paulina Dag sedan
Am I cutting onion??😭😭😭
Bailey - Jay Nixon
Bailey - Jay Nixon Dag sedan
When i grow up ramsay I'm gonna be a chef it would be my dream to be successful just like you
zach wingfield
zach wingfield Dag sedan
The one thing I’ve learnt if I’m ever to become a restauranteur is that to always have fresh food!!!
Benjamin Muhizi
Benjamin Muhizi Dag sedan
Dr Fill 2.0
Hemant Raval
Hemant Raval Dag sedan
This guys wife is most of the reason, it seems, of his disenchantment... And that cheating part? He must have been hurt very deeply by her.... Though she looks like she's ultra talented in playing messiah.. She must have nailed his ego to an invisible cross... After he found out... Maybe??
Ali Zamaniyan
Ali Zamaniyan 2 dagar sedan
The wife is such a karen
mr. Nostalgia
mr. Nostalgia 2 dagar sedan
Hana is very cute❤️
TOTY GAMES 2 dagar sedan
I don't fucking understand people making all those big depts... Then it's just better not to get anything from their parents when they die to not get the depts...
- c h o x o -
- c h o x o - 2 dagar sedan
Cool Rick
Cool Rick 2 dagar sedan
14:35 lol
meg grotte
meg grotte 2 dagar sedan
He is doing great. This woman is selfish.
Nidhal Mahjoubi
Nidhal Mahjoubi 2 dagar sedan
I call bullshit for that "new me" crap. It feels like an act
Ein Google Nutzer
Ein Google Nutzer 2 dagar sedan
and they call Gordon? used wood sticks........???? Frozen Fisch?????????? OMG
Pooja Otari
Pooja Otari 2 dagar sedan
most emotional one
Mildoak2 Official
Mildoak2 Official 2 dagar sedan
You can never properly clean wood
盛盛Way 2 dagar sedan
LOL, seems like Akira is really not is the right state. From all common knowledge, Japanese upholds a strict standard on health and cleanliness. To be able to even accept the reuse of wooden sticks is clearly not the right thing to do.
盛盛Way 2 dagar sedan
Then again having a coworker's attitude like what his wife displayed, one wonders how long would anybody's sanity lasts.
Pakistan First
Pakistan First 2 dagar sedan
a very delicate and good japanense man right there
DG mendoza
DG mendoza 2 dagar sedan
Stfu lisa
Ferny 2 dagar sedan
Godbless gordon for this
L E G E N D 2 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsay is more than a Chef! That's why I love and respect him more than other Chefs!
Eggy boy
Eggy boy 2 dagar sedan
I feel Akira. Not because I'm Asian or some other stupid reason but because when I'm getting scolded I become speachless. I think speaking might make things worse. I have anxiety of when I'm being asked to talk I don't know what to answer because it might be wrong and make me look even dumber than I already am. He's on the verge of shattering. When you're being scold and you feel really guilty about it, when you try to talk you just start crying. Same with laughing, if someone tickles you and you talk you suddenly burt into laughter.
Stephanie Courteoreille
Stephanie Courteoreille 10 timmar sedan
I can relate to you then- if i'm being scolded then I almost burst into crying. I mean, I taught myself how to make myself stop crying or ignore people and go into oblivion because of a toxic relationship a adult man. (i'm a minor) because of that horrible man, I had to cry in my room and have my siblings comfort me. we had to comfort each other, and for some personal reason's i'm not gonna say more.
Stelo 14 timmar sedan
Dude I feel you. I knew exactly what Akira was going trough.
whamen respecter
whamen respecter 17 timmar sedan
I feel you man that shit sucks
Eggy boy
Eggy boy Dag sedan
@Dev Wave yeah yeah yeah my profile is *E G G* meaning I am eG.
Dev Wave
Dev Wave Dag sedan
Eggs can't laugh or cry
Shiro Takogami
Shiro Takogami 2 dagar sedan
Having no father, this hits hard. I'm genuinely happy for them. Best of lucks for them. Gordon did a great job out there. This is the only episode of Kitchen Nightmares that made me tear my eyes and kinda cry. I'm not even sad, I just wanna cry. Good Luck for that family.
Yousef Mansour
Yousef Mansour 2 dagar sedan
funny nick digiovani made a sushi pizza wish was basically only an open faced sushi
Jood 2 dagar sedan
Why do they keep mentioning that he’s skinny??
Blue Blue
Blue Blue 2 dagar sedan
strange gordon wants fresh sashimi, but in reality sashimi meat needs to be flash freezed for health reasons and aged for the flavour. however the chef should serve it at the correct temperature though.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 dagar sedan
ass...??? Thankfully Gordon shut her down she needed that.... its better to be single than to have partner like her who is demotivating...😖😐
Christaline Joy Malgapo
Christaline Joy Malgapo 2 dagar sedan
Literally, I cried 😭😭😭 Thank You Chef Gordon for saving this family and the restaurant.
raianne ramirez
raianne ramirez 2 dagar sedan
this was the most wholesome and family loving episode of kitchen nightmares
Ay, It's Alex
Ay, It's Alex 2 dagar sedan
All the drama aside can we just admire how pretty hana is?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 dagar sedan
Man I really don't understand women, they wanted you to be happy but doesn't support you the next day
Classic Riki
Classic Riki 2 dagar sedan
Koro’s comment that his eyes said it all is bang on the money. It really showed when she was berating him while he was cooking. I honestly think she feels good making him feel small; just look at her evil little face when he was told that he’d changed…she drinks some water like she couldn’t care less. Quite frankly it seemed to me that she has ground him down over years and years; if the sexes were reversed we’d immediately be talking about the abusive relationship. The way she was so quick to suddenly start talking about his “skinny ass” and just like his eyes…what I saw in her eyes genuinely made me feel uncomfortable. Funny how I don’t know what she actually does, or did? I heard that he supported the family and worked hard but I’m still not sure what his wife has been doing? I’m guessing she looked after the kids? But the youngest is 20 now. His wife should probably realise that if he does have a skinny ass it’s because he’s been working it off for years on end
Jasper TD
Jasper TD 4 timmar sedan
Abdulrahman Mohamed
Abdulrahman Mohamed 2 dagar sedan
Bro this man has been holding his emotions back for years
baiku22 2 dagar sedan
The bye in the end.... Damn
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