Shang Chi REAL PLOT LEAK & Shang Chi's Powers Explained! Marvel Phase 4

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The Cosmic Wonder

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Marvel Studios Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is going to be the MCU's first martial arts movie and today we have a very legitimate plot leak for the film! I break down Shang Chi's powers and also the powers that the Ten Rings can actually do. Shang Chi stars Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Michelle Yeoh and other amazing actors and actresses. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be a part of Marvels Phase 4 lineup which includes The Fantastic Four, Thor Love and Thunder, Black Widow, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision, the loki series, Hawkeye series, Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania, the Fantastic Four, the Eternals, Captain Marvel 2 the Marvels, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Spider-man No Way Home and Marvels What IF?

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The Cosmic Wonder
The Cosmic Wonder Månad sedan
Watch with caution as I believe this is very legitimate! Who's excited for Shang Chi? Woof woof! Follow my socials if you want =] Twitter Insta
Melanie Tang
Melanie Tang Månad sedan
The great protector’s name better be Fing Fang Foom or else ima riot
Wyvern Quill
Wyvern Quill Månad sedan
Others have pointed out the Cage Fight has Madripoor graffiti on the wall the same as seen in Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Royce Mitchell
Royce Mitchell Månad sedan
Woof wood can’t wait for this to come out
Divine Månad sedan
Doc. 01
Doc. 01 Månad sedan
Damn. u got a low battery 🔋for your iPhone 😂😂 LOVE THIS LEAK!! 🤞it's true🤞
Treyvon Butler
Treyvon Butler 2 dagar sedan
I believe this 100 percent
Phillip Dinh
Phillip Dinh 24 dagar sedan
this isn’t accurate anymore because jiang li is Shang-Chi’s mother and the mandarin actually meets his son at the construction site
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Månad sedan
Abomination punches him ONCE. Dead.
Paradin Månad sedan
hey bro, idk if you gonna see this comment but the full trailer came out yesterday, and this leak seems so accurate!!! It's definitely right in terms of many differnet things but I hope it is 100% true cuz it sounds amazing!!!
Anonymous Empire
Anonymous Empire Månad sedan
Hmm well now that Abomination was actually shown in the trailer that kinda undermines everything here, hopefully, the ending is similar and less of the main cast dies.
stefon shelton
stefon shelton Månad sedan
What if the 10 rings had the ability from the infinity stone that are now mia
Max Jung
Max Jung 27 dagar sedan
Because since there’s 10 bracelets there are 10 different abilities that each bracelet holds most likely
Max Jung
Max Jung 27 dagar sedan
They don’t
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella Månad sedan
I mean this is a pretty generic plot that anybody could have guessed. He doesn't have any specific details like if it was an actual plot leak. The fact that the Mandarin is Shang Chi father it's pretty common knowledge on the internet. Marvel said they wouldn't be using Fu Manchu.
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella Månad sedan
Well Mandarin is definitely Shang chi father. Cuz let's face it damn it ain't going to be Fu Manchu lol!!!!🤪
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella Månad sedan
You said Shung Chi instead of Shang lol!
Truie Religion
Truie Religion Månad sedan
Shit sounds great i hope this leak true
Big Dawg
Big Dawg Månad sedan
I think this could of been a show not so excited for this one
M3lvn Månad sedan
I hope this movie will be good!
Sam Wang
Sam Wang Månad sedan
thats the ugliest mcu super hero everrrr
Goddard Neutron
Goddard Neutron Månad sedan
Nah i dont buy this, no fin fang foom and this sounds so boring and predictable
David Phillips
David Phillips Månad sedan
Nobody cares about this character.
Timothy Morigeau
Timothy Morigeau Månad sedan
Not super excited for this but I’m sure I’ll watch it.
ShaneBigFella Månad sedan
It's going to be awesome
MRSYSTEM96 Månad sedan
sounds like the 10 rings are just as good as the infinity stones. They could have been useful against Thanos
Mr. Sennheiser
Mr. Sennheiser Månad sedan
These are the rings in Iron man animated series from Disney channel
Kapua Månad sedan
Found out about this by mcoc
cav Månad sedan
For some reason i think death dealer is a woman.
cav Månad sedan
@Anonymous Empire lol i agree
Anonymous Empire
Anonymous Empire Månad sedan
I think we have enough gender bends difference in the marvel universe, but its still possible, but unlikely since he was always portrayed as a dude lol.
Mato Filipović
Mato Filipović Månad sedan
Take the trailer, fill in some blanks and sell it as a leak. It sounds kinda pedestrian. I am not digging this plot. Hopefully, it is fake.
Loutzenheiser Månad sedan
Sounds like it'll be a good movie! Looking forward to it!
Brandon Burney
Brandon Burney Månad sedan
It sounds really good.
Smeland Månad sedan
i hope Shang Chi connects with iron fist in the future
GoodTimes Productions
GoodTimes Productions Månad sedan
Remember fellas. Marvel takes the long route when it comes to their heroes. Shang Chi eventually trains a lot of other heroes, one in particular is Spider-Man. He eventually masters Chi so well that he can make shadow clones like naruto lol. He’s going to be. Bad. Ass. He is the best hand to hand combatant in the marvel universe if I’m not mistaken. Fact check me and tell me what you guys think!!
meyli Månad sedan
Nope you’re correct, he’s considered the strongest fighter out of ALL OF THE MARVEL CHARACTERS.
The Middle Man
The Middle Man Månad sedan
Sounds super cool. I'm glad the colorful battles aren't flashbacks but actually taking place in the present, just in a magical place
Anthony LaGreca
Anthony LaGreca Månad sedan
One the the characters I don’t know to much about but it sounds like a great movie!
edward martinez
edward martinez Månad sedan
Not going to watch it in the big screen. I’ll watch in when it comes out free. Looks like a good action movie not marvel movie.
Anthony Romeo
Anthony Romeo Månad sedan
Wow. Sounds accurate but I still can’t wait to see it! Plus... dragon?!?
Leonardo Santos
Leonardo Santos Månad sedan
Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we could have something official about Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Now, things for this movie are really starting to come together, because the official trailer should be expected to come soon, and from what we got in this plot leak, it now seems like we could have a better understanding of what will happen in the movie. For the plot leak, I absolutely agree about what it could be like for the movie, because of how everything is extremely detailed, legitimate, and connective in it because we already know from the teaser trailer. Thanks for the recap of what Shang-Chi can do and what the Ten Rings can do. So hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to what will be confirmed to happen in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'm absolutely looking forward to the next Marvel giveaway.
Ken Anthony
Ken Anthony Månad sedan
Shang-Chi: Bunshin no Jutsu!
Cyprus Månad sedan
The industrious century unprecedentedly decorate because connection optionally pump plus a helpless experience. descriptive, elastic feet
Ron Månad sedan
I would like to see the mandarin use his ten rings. I know we just had infinity stone but I would like to see him use the rings.
BearHeadedWerewolf Månad sedan
This sounds good, but I was hoping for some more connections to Iron Fist and Fin Fang Foom.
TheBeastWithJustOneEye Månad sedan
So what about this rumor of being able to make multiples of his self while fighting 🤔🤷🏿‍♂️
Mickey Johno
Mickey Johno Månad sedan
It could sink up because they saw the trailer before writing this but it does sound good
Anony mOus
Anony mOus Månad sedan
shanchi still has yet to get my car cleaned! i'm still waiting!
Anonymous Empire
Anonymous Empire Månad sedan
Damn a lot of people have my profile
TheJim420 Månad sedan
This sounds pretty legit! I had a feeling that it wouldn't be a Mortal Kombat type tournament movie like people were saying...sounded awesome but that's just not MCU style.
Malik Shepherd
Malik Shepherd Månad sedan
Yeah bro same
A.K.M Månad sedan
What about the crazy dragon?
TaylorIncarnate Månad sedan
I just wanna see Shang-Chi's shadow clone jutsu in live-action.
nocchi. Månad sedan
So basically Shang-Chi is Zuko from ATLA
J R Månad sedan
Honestly this sounds....just okay. Not great only cause a film that exsist in a universe with characters we care alot about and has NONE of them. All these characters in this film will require prior reading or info gathering for the casual viewer to know who the hell these people are and why we should care. Still gonna see it just not gonna have high expectations
Grimlock2012 Månad sedan
Theory time, I think the Ten Rings will be chi focusing devices. Each one that's activated will harness and focus your chi to enhance your physical abilities, similar to the 8 gates of Buddhism. As more are activated, the risks of using them are greater. For example, most average people could handle 1 or 2 being activated, with extraordinary people handling up to 6 with no negative effect. However, if all 10 are activated at once, you gain unlimited power, but at the loss of your own life.
Grimlock2012 Månad sedan
This could explain how you see purple chi being used as a projectile in some scenes, matching with the glow of the rings.
The Absorbing Man
The Absorbing Man Månad sedan
That duplicate powers he has is new. The original superhero who had that power was Chinese also and is called Duplicate man.
mikeythehottie Månad sedan
This is boring
Derek Mulling
Derek Mulling Månad sedan
What happened to that big tournament that was supposed to occur in the film?
ESSTEE X Månad sedan
I just love the fighting scenes from this trailer! TODAYS MY BIRTHDAY! 🎂 big up to all my fellow ♊ 👬 ♊
coreyano Månad sedan
Is it me or does it sound like kung fu panda 3?
all dub anime
all dub anime Månad sedan
The mandarin from iron man ?
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev Månad sedan
It sounds like a generic TVB's Hong Kong Chinese Wuxia which I've watched since I was a boy (40 years ago since then). So its success depends on acting ability, camera work, directing skills and CGI.
DaCronic1 Månad sedan
Really excited to see this. Something we haven’t seen from the MCU.
Malik Shepherd
Malik Shepherd Månad sedan
Yeah bro same
216WAG216 Månad sedan
Wasn’t there a rumor this movie was supposed to be a tournament style movie???🤔
a c
a c Månad sedan
Does anybody else see parallels between shang chi and invincible? Both comic characters not widely known. Both main characters are bi racial Asian Americans who are trained by their strict fathers all their lives only to learn their fathers are hiding a dark truth which they must overcome. Both main characters are even played by an Asian actor from Canada, although Steven yeun was born in Canada and move to the US at a young age.
AritraNag Månad sedan
Americans seems very excited for this movie not I'm not really sure what to feel about this movie because of my reservation towards Chinese
blak238 Månad sedan
Spider-Man No way home trailer drops June 10th. You heard it hear first
Evillution Månad sedan
I wonder what the post credit will be about? Very excited
Rod Pep
Rod Pep Månad sedan
It's truly amazing that someone can sit down and create an whole story instead of waiting for the actual movie to come out. You should know by now Marvel is very secretive about there movies. So all these plot leaks you release is all just wishful thinking. I learned that after everyone of you SEmostrs thought yall knew what was gonna happen in WandaVision and ALL of you were absolutely wrong.
Biggie Thorpe
Biggie Thorpe Månad sedan
Awwwww man no tournament? Damn!!!! Still sounds like a fun movie
IronAgent Månad sedan
Very detailed but you can basically predict all of this after watching the teaser.
Norfolkpyro Månad sedan
I like grounded characters
Jeffery Coleman
Jeffery Coleman Månad sedan read the whole script
Norfolkpyro Månad sedan
How old are you?
Jeffery Coleman
Jeffery Coleman Månad sedan
Are they going to show the Spider Man trailer before this movie
Jacob Potts-loreto
Jacob Potts-loreto Månad sedan
spider man no way home trailer is releasing June 10th, there was a pic of an amc banner that shows the listing of the trailers for eternals, infinite and spider man no way home and it shows the length of the trailer (2:14 long) and it shows the date for the nwh trailer as well as eternals and infinite so it seems legit
Oscar Casillas
Oscar Casillas Månad sedan
So excited. This will absolutely be one of the best that will go down in history. This plot leak sounds like a winner 🏆
Anonymous Empire
Anonymous Empire Månad sedan
With the addition of abomination in the newest trailer I'm not so sure of how much this plot leak is going to change.
ItWasAgathaAllAlong Månad sedan
I really do think this could be truuuuu! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVVIE!
englandmp152 Månad sedan
Great update Warren thanks for sharing!
tajang nenker
tajang nenker Månad sedan
Ten rings Vs infinity stones
Honey Shark
Honey Shark Månad sedan
Finally some new characters are being brought into the mcu I fr can't wait 2 watch
Oli Nomic
Oli Nomic Månad sedan
What about Fin Fan Fuun
Joel Ortiz
Joel Ortiz Månad sedan
No tournament..ahhh. I want something different with all the leaked info u said plus with a massive tournament in the final.Cameos every well...
Dank Croissant
Dank Croissant Månad sedan
It'll be good to see a new character on the screen! I'm hyped for this.
Overdraft Recon
Overdraft Recon Månad sedan
Come on man the guy saw the trailer and threw some details in the middle to make it sound legit. It's so obvious
Fran Visconti
Fran Visconti Månad sedan
No Fing Fang Foom then?
Who heard this plot from Sachin nigam(india)
Ningnomaningnong Månad sedan
I personally hope they dull the powers a little, otherwise those rings make him a bit too overpowered.
Chera Khalid
Chera Khalid Månad sedan
It sounds Great
Arren Lopez
Arren Lopez Månad sedan
It would be great if the intro shows young Shang Chi training with Death Dealer and his last challenge will be killing a person who "Disrespect the tittle of the mandarin" then we see Trevor Slattery, and Mandarin asks Shang Chi to end him but he refuses and helps him escape, leaving his father and the Ten Rings. Then play the marvel intro.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans Månad sedan
Kobby Juice
Kobby Juice Månad sedan
Even if it's true, I'll still watch it a hundred times
Mike-Greninja Månad sedan
Roman Ziccarelli
Roman Ziccarelli Månad sedan
He has the power to duplicate himself in the comics. He’s a 1 man army
Lavya Gaba
Lavya Gaba Månad sedan
When will you do a video on reviews of other movies and series given by total film magazine, king ?? I want that video
Vinayak Gupta
Vinayak Gupta Månad sedan
Hey cosmic wonder it would be better if you put the plot paragraph on the screen
thomas harter
thomas harter Månad sedan
Who won the hammer?
Honey Shark
Honey Shark Månad sedan
The winner actually commented on the video you should congratulate him ❤️ his username is ***gabe's vlogs*** I believe but I could be wrong
Aditya Viswanadh
Aditya Viswanadh Månad sedan
Vansh Mehra
Vansh Mehra Månad sedan
Umm, the source of this leak?? Can you share a link?? Does it come from Reddit or 4Chan?
Juan Olivos
Juan Olivos Månad sedan
Can't wait to c that movie i grew up watching Bruce Lee movies n i Can't wait to c how this movie plays out
Mariel Kara Zalderiaga
Mariel Kara Zalderiaga Månad sedan
Sounds legit...
Benoit Desormeaux
Benoit Desormeaux Månad sedan
Do you think shiang shi will habe the power to multiply himself in addition of ki/chi
Varun Thakur
Varun Thakur Månad sedan
your Plot leak's story is Awesome ..Cant wait to see Shang-Chi. in live Action
Adityan S Kumar
Adityan S Kumar Månad sedan
In comics Spider-man also gets training from Shang Chi. So we can expect a cameo of Shang Chi in No Way Home.
Adityan S Kumar
Adityan S Kumar Månad sedan
@Linus Sage yes. You're right.
Linus Sage
Linus Sage Månad sedan
Uh, no. There would need to be a plausible reason in the story for that to happen. In the comics, it's because Spider-Man lost his spider-sense and had Shang-Chi teach him so he could learn how to anticipate his opponents better to compensate. I really don't see that happening in the movies.
Adityan S Kumar
Adityan S Kumar Månad sedan
So the main MCU timeline will continue with Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings, right?
Rodrigo Baldeon
Rodrigo Baldeon Månad sedan
Like it
Jessie Papa Bear
Jessie Papa Bear Månad sedan
Sooooooo looking forward to
David West
David West Månad sedan
0 connection to iron man 3 I love it
Mr. Rigor Mortis
Mr. Rigor Mortis Månad sedan
I think the story sounds cool but I'm more interested in is character after the origin story. I want to see all the street level heroes together kickin' ass in Hells kitchen. It be cool if some parts of each of their origin stories matched. Recast Iron Fist first tho.
King Views
King Views Månad sedan
I think the ten rings look like bracelets because they’re rings for a dragon
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