Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Travis & her Pregnancy | Season 20 | Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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King Kylie 4ever!

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Vanessa Parra
Vanessa Parra Dag sedan
She's not a billionaire...
genregurl 3 dagar sedan
Imagine being the guy who rejected Kylies kissing.
Catherine Panzo
Catherine Panzo 4 dagar sedan
that kiss with that guy made her billionaire
amal raj
amal raj 5 dagar sedan
Kim's voice is the epitomy of sexiness..
Iniya SS
Iniya SS 6 dagar sedan
If Kylie continues to do the face surgery she's really gonna become like Michael Jackson
Cheikhouna Dieye
Cheikhouna Dieye 8 dagar sedan
Kloe listening kîm is my teacher
Cheikhouna Dieye
Cheikhouna Dieye 8 dagar sedan
Angel janner
Lamaci Fletcher
Lamaci Fletcher 8 dagar sedan
She's so different from her photos when you see her IRL.
Vani Vi
Vani Vi 8 dagar sedan
you can tell kylie is the most intelligent among the sisters second is kendall
Taryn Mashoko
Taryn Mashoko 6 dagar sedan
nah bruh
Inês Machado Casamentos
Inês Machado Casamentos 9 dagar sedan
Does it matter what they say with all the media training they have??? Also Khloe and Kris’ faces 😂
Merdos Cooper
Merdos Cooper 10 dagar sedan
she cant tthink of her self as a self made billionaire because SHES NOT ACTUALLY A BILLIONAIRE
JL 11 dagar sedan
self made billionaire LOL. honestly if she didn’t have a proud sis whose sex tape got leaked, she really be selling and pushing her brand on tiktok like every other SELF MADE entrepreneur right now.
Keem Stubbs
Keem Stubbs 12 dagar sedan
Kylie’s laugh is so cute
Kelly Trindles
Kelly Trindles 13 dagar sedan
Kylie Kylie really is as dull as dishwater she has no charisma
classical Anime
classical Anime 13 dagar sedan
the fact that people are so obsessed to the point of damn HELICOPTERS on top of her house is actually insane
Anonymous me
Anonymous me 14 dagar sedan
Is Kylie divorced now?
anna 11 dagar sedan
@Anonymous me Again, this is bullshit. A lot of people don't have marriage as a goal. Doesn't mean they don't love the person they're in a relationship with. Thats just the absolute wrong take on that and an unfair as well as inappropriate suggestion towards a couple and their relationship. Obviously, people are getting married with the mindset of staying together. This is the same as two people committing to a relationship. Why would I stay with a person, invest emotions, time, money, etc into a relationship if I don't plan or hope that this will lead to a life together ? Your and for that matter your country's view on divorce is just basically people forcing to stay in a marriage and relationship they don't want to stay in anymore. *This* way, the way of thinking it's a sin, is very much outdated and wrong. "using someone" ? like ? Big no. It is not a sin to leave if I'm not happy, if I'm being cheated on, if I don't feel safe or whatever the reasons are. People change. Feelings change. Even those are valid reasons to say, that this relationship isn't going to work anymore. Even admitting that to your partner is the more honest and considerate thing one can do. I absolute don't see the sin here. There is none. and I don't know how you come to that gold digger term ? Kylie couldn't be one in the first place, cause she's a billionaire and is still earning good money from her company. She doesn't a rich man. She's the rich one.
Anonymous me
Anonymous me 11 dagar sedan
@anna not marrying the person you love shows that you aren't in love with them .you just want kids , not them for lifetime ,in every high and low in your life .we consider marriage as a security key as if one has married someone ,it is for ever .not just having kids or use them and then leave them. Giving divorce to your partner is considered as a sin in our country. And this way of seeing things is perfectly fine and it's not outdated. It shows how much a person adores you .we have the right to find the perfect match but we don't have right to leave the person after using them.thats why GOLD DIGGER term has not even originated in our land . (Don't take it as wrong way that I'm saying Kylie is a gold digger)
anna 11 dagar sedan
@Anonymous me You can name it how you want, bottom line is: You don't need to marry someone to carry or birth a child. being parents works perfectly fine without marriage. A marriage won't be a better or the better option for a child. If you have to be married to have a child, thats on your country. A very old and wrong way of seeing things
Anonymous me
Anonymous me 11 dagar sedan
@anna this ain't's called sanskaar ,which non -indians do not have.
anna 12 dagar sedan
@Anonymous me ? Obviously they are her legal parents. One of them birthed the Baby and was planning to keep it so we have a mom and the other one acknowledged the baby as his own which makes him a dad and they signed some papers and you there you even have it legally. A marriage isn’t needed to be parents and it has 0 affect on the kid whether or not the parents are married. Everything you wrote is basically bullshit.
Fhkk Cvbn
Fhkk Cvbn 15 dagar sedan
Who cares.
esperanza wanjiru
esperanza wanjiru 15 dagar sedan
kylie jenner's kris mouth will never allow her to be biuriful
Fadillah As Syaufi
Fadillah As Syaufi 15 dagar sedan
i thought kylie has been pretty before and after she did to her lips. she is amazing.
Nyhsjdjrjdb Hdhrhrhe
Nyhsjdjrjdb Hdhrhrhe 16 dagar sedan
Because this guy who told her that she’s a bad kisser cuz she have a small lips , she is now a billionaire
T Ram
T Ram 16 dagar sedan
Kim finally became black!
T Ram
T Ram 16 dagar sedan
Kylie, your face is collapsing. And your lips have nothing to do with makeup gurll. She covers her face while laughing because the fillers make her go crazy.
Thank u, next
Thank u, next 16 dagar sedan
dear everybody in the comments spelling kendall "kendal" please stop.
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson 16 dagar sedan
Kendal is right - being at peace during pregnancy is so important, negative emotions can lead to an unfortunate miscarriage...
Evelyn H
Evelyn H 16 dagar sedan
I've got small lips so I got lip fillers is what she should've said.
Neha 16 dagar sedan
Has Kylie changed a bit , she looks diff , she was different in kwk .
David Johnson
David Johnson 16 dagar sedan
Her face is so puffy, I thought she was pregnant at first? Obviously the guy who told her she had small lips was Tyga, this is what black men seem to do. They want white women with black women features, and it is forcing all the surgeries on them.
dilliane rubio
dilliane rubio 16 dagar sedan
Kim interrupting with 'I do' is so gerl it was a question for Kylie NOT YOU lol
VVS. BS.S2194
VVS. BS.S2194 16 dagar sedan
These Kardashians aren't good people as u think
Anvayee Jalgaonkar
Anvayee Jalgaonkar 17 dagar sedan
3:10 3:12
Mvc 17 dagar sedan
She’s very well spoken ngl
shanouboubou 17 dagar sedan
Wait how is it legal to film someone's else home with an helicopter ? I feel like some rules and regulations need to be put in place for paparazzis. Chasing a celebrity car like crazy is super dangerous and the helicopter thing ? Wtf.
Wowfunny 17 dagar sedan
Please Kendall supporting Kylie is so sweet, ik they're sisters but more mature now 💙
Caitlin Brennan
Caitlin Brennan 17 dagar sedan
She doesn't think of her self as a self made billionaire because she isn't lol!
Hailey Baudelaire
Hailey Baudelaire 16 dagar sedan
Mmmm Jealous??aww
Shraddha Chatterjee
Shraddha Chatterjee 19 dagar sedan
She's super honesty ❤️ that's what makes her special ❤️
S Cole
S Cole 19 dagar sedan
Kylie is not even 25 and she can’t move her face
DC rocks Marvel sucks
DC rocks Marvel sucks 19 dagar sedan
i dont know why people give these people publicity?
DC rocks Marvel sucks
DC rocks Marvel sucks 15 dagar sedan
@Hailey Baudelaire hmm
Hailey Baudelaire
Hailey Baudelaire 16 dagar sedan
Absolutely..not every people .certain kind of people who tooks these k garbages as their role models and always time thinks about them
Rhei-ya Rollon
Rhei-ya Rollon 20 dagar sedan
Rhythm 21 dag sedan
Kylie and Kendell ♥️
Maya Ben
Maya Ben 22 dagar sedan
On peut trouver où l'interview en francais ou traduit merci
Aditya Jaggal
Aditya Jaggal 22 dagar sedan
How the f*ck self made billionaire
Hailey Baudelaire
Hailey Baudelaire 16 dagar sedan
If man can become billionaires women can too
Savira Putri
Savira Putri 22 dagar sedan
Gila jir beda bngt sama di ig muka kylie
Daffni Kharkongor
Daffni Kharkongor 22 dagar sedan
Kylie talking about insecurities is so important. People don't realize how much insecurity can bring you mentally down. Sometimes you wake up feeling good but a little comment during the day or just a single look at the mirror changes your mood.
Chase Malle
Chase Malle 24 dagar sedan
1.12min What the hell was that look to the side Khloe did
Claudine De Groot
Claudine De Groot 24 dagar sedan
Kylie face is so stiff
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 24 dagar sedan
"we should name a lip kit after him" Kris is a natural talent
slayin Sarah
slayin Sarah 25 dagar sedan
Kylie is lying she talks about herself alot I remember Arod talked about that
Naomi Ali
Naomi Ali 25 dagar sedan
Omg y'all are so FAKE!!!!!
LUXURY SNEAKERS 26 dagar sedan
from all 5 sisters, i think Kendall jenner is most beautiful one.
Anonymizers 27 dagar sedan
They so rich lol
Anonymizers 24 dagar sedan
@oiuet souiu i dont care thet dont care
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 24 dagar sedan
Not self-made
Munawar Shah
Munawar Shah 27 dagar sedan
Everyone is lying
Surbhi. 27 dagar sedan
she is not a billionaire, knowing the fact that she forged her taxes and dues just to show that she's a billionaire makes me think that literally how much attention fame how much name does she want in every other thing
Anouska Mishra
Anouska Mishra 27 dagar sedan
LilyA 28 dagar sedan
"Self-made billionaire"🤣💀
Jeada hrw
Jeada hrw 28 dagar sedan
* Self made * like self made . . . . Like :-- Self Made !!!!!!!!! I am still struck on that word . !!!!!!!
Ingrid 28 dagar sedan
She looks so different on that thumbnail
jamie mathew
jamie mathew 28 dagar sedan
Ummm self made billionaire?
Cheese Peace
Cheese Peace 28 dagar sedan
Demon Demon Demon .. oh alive , Demon , Demon.. ☺️
Daphne Pratt
Daphne Pratt 28 dagar sedan
The cameras would have been too intrusive so Kendal theory is spot on.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dagar sedan
This is amazing
Parisa Soltanpour
Parisa Soltanpour 29 dagar sedan
Whats going on at 1:12!!!!! Khole rolling her eyes and i dont know whyyyy!!!
Marna Chami
Marna Chami 29 dagar sedan
Kylies laugh is actually cute ☺️
Alissia Chayasirijirapak
Alissia Chayasirijirapak Månad sedan
*self made* 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 O H H E L L NO
Beverly Hillz
Beverly Hillz Månad sedan
Not self-made
Camila Bello
Camila Bello Månad sedan
Kylie’s lips are going to explode.
Ann R.
Ann R. Månad sedan
“….self-made billionaire” cause you are not Kylie, you are not a self-made billionaire
Kim Ji Wonie
Kim Ji Wonie Månad sedan
Her face looks nothing liked her Instagram wow
A. K.
A. K. Månad sedan
Everyone thinks Kylie is pregnant again and 11 hours ago she posted raw fish and alcohol to her story- this is a Message hahah
Ranu Rani
Ranu Rani Månad sedan
Kylie look more beautiful before plastic surgery
truthcuzii Månad sedan
Kylie looks sm older than her age, she did too much plastic surgery yikes
Shafia Iqbal Siddiqui
Shafia Iqbal Siddiqui Månad sedan
Is it just me or anyone else notice Khloe being weird-eyed when Kendall said “you should do a collab with him”?
Rose Love
Rose Love Månad sedan
I think it’s very sad that Kylie is 22 years old and her face looks plastic it’s so sad
Loveisinthe air
Loveisinthe air Månad sedan
Self made lol
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Månad sedan
The shade kendell throw at her sister's children while defending Kylie is so funny.
Alexx y'know
Alexx y'know Månad sedan
And ... this is the beauty standard now... fake. Bc if dudes that kiss little girls and tell them how small their lips are. How come women never learn how to love every ounce of themselves? Nah, instead we get a: change yourself. How is this okay? How is this idiolized ..
Typical Me
Typical Me Månad sedan
Shoutout to the guy who kiss Kylie 🤪
Akhlia Wilson’s Reading Parrot
Akhlia Wilson’s Reading Parrot Månad sedan
How beautiful is it that Kaylie turned her insecurities into some positive rather than going into depression.
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Månad sedan
I feel like they are the epitome of insecure females. Insecure about their physical appearance, and it's sad they're spreading that negativity around.
Moria Månad sedan
How does this guy look exactly like Prince Andrew
NotDeleted Månad sedan
Kylies face looks so puffy... like so weird....
kolim jone
kolim jone Månad sedan
Don’t make fun of their surgery guys, their body their choice.
Sai Meghana
Sai Meghana Månad sedan
Self made??????????
Anna Fresa
Anna Fresa Månad sedan
So kylie again didn’t admit she had to do lip injections and lie people to buy her products.
Bianca E
Bianca E Månad sedan
Kylie it's pregnant?
kolim jone
kolim jone Månad sedan
Damn she is cute
heidy lalhlimawmi
heidy lalhlimawmi Månad sedan
🥲 self-made again even tho she is not
Helen Victoria Müller
Helen Victoria Müller Månad sedan
welcome to 2021 guys. having kids with some random rapper before even thinkin about marriage. wow
the truth
the truth Månad sedan
Why the fuck I'm here...just damage my brain cells... people really watch this?
Aliza ismail
Aliza ismail Månad sedan
I love this family
WideVariety Månad sedan
She's had so much work done
Epok Memes
Epok Memes Månad sedan
I got one thing to say ITS LITT
Tab 0
Tab 0 Månad sedan
I feel like they are the epitome of insecure females. Insecure about their physical appearance, and it's sad they're spreading that negativity around.
Viking Game
Viking Game Månad sedan
Kylie's mouth is crooked. She is not beautiful like from Instagram.
The last doughnut
The last doughnut Månad sedan
Kim is so self absorbed it shows.
J Maans
J Maans Månad sedan
whenever I kendall talks calmness comes over me like she got this chilled Aura😌
Felicity saxophonist
Felicity saxophonist Månad sedan
Wow 😍 They all look so fabulous 😻
avantika panikar
avantika panikar Månad sedan
Whole world knows she was pregnant .
Olivia Spuds
Olivia Spuds Månad sedan
“Do you think marriage is on the cards for you?” Calm down the girl is 23
Théo L
Théo L Månad sedan
Damn she is cute
Yama Månad sedan
I wasn't ready for how real Kylie got, New respect !
honey Månad sedan
the fact that she got insecure when a guy told her lips were too thin just shows you how much it can affect someone when they point it out
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