LOKI Sacred Timeline Bombing Targets Explained!

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Loki Episode 2 features the bombing of the Sacred Timeline. Download Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade and use code ROCKSTARXLC to redeem a gift. bit.ly/3fnnFbA

Loki 1x02 "The Variant" ends with the reveal of a female Loki variant (Sophia DiMartino) who could be Lady Loki from the comics. How did her plan to unleash stolen Reset Charges work, exactly? And why did she specifically target the dates in history that were chosen, and planets like Thanos' home world Titan from Infinity War, Knowhere Xandar and Ego the Living Planet from Guardians of the Galaxy, Sakaar from Thor Ragnarok, and the rest of the Nine Realms? Erik Voss breaks down all the new timelines formed by the Variant and her true agenda.

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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Writer: Erik Voss
Writer/Host: MasterTainment
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editors: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Aaron Carrion, Kelly Joule

Malachi Osborn
Malachi Osborn 4 dagar sedan
Sylvia caused Covid
Czar Vincent Rojoca
Czar Vincent Rojoca 5 dagar sedan
when phase 1 was ongoing i thought i can predict what's next, but now I don't know what to expect
Nick Perro
Nick Perro 9 dagar sedan
Idea for what changed on Sakaar: You know how in Ragnarok, Korg said he tried to start a revolution but didn't print out enough pamphlets? Well, presumably the charge made more or something.
TechviewsPK 9 dagar sedan
What I see odd is why earth is targeted most of the time that too with the specific city ... but for all the other planets its only the planet name no country no city....they should have worked a little more on details
Faheem Khalid
Faheem Khalid 9 dagar sedan
Is it just me or this video is by far the most brain cells utilization ever, not to mention i felt exhausted sticking till the end of the video and realizing it was just 12 min not like 2 hours😆
Mike Brian
Mike Brian 16 dagar sedan
The two in Tennessee might have something to do with Harley keener considering it was around when he would have been born in 1999
melelconquistador 16 dagar sedan
Tennessee Valley Authority
Siva Smith
Siva Smith 18 dagar sedan
Is this really about history.... or is it about... HERstory?
Unknown Bytes
Unknown Bytes 20 dagar sedan
“Israel is created” thanks for the support
AlmosT AlmosT
AlmosT AlmosT 21 dag sedan
Actually murdering the TVA makes them exist more dead then when they were alive u know .
AlmosT AlmosT
AlmosT AlmosT 21 dag sedan
Is it murder if they don’t exist ?
SkyGuy 66
SkyGuy 66 22 dagar sedan
I never thought I'd be so exited to learn history😂
The Dude
The Dude 23 dagar sedan
I'm so confused
Justin Montalto
Justin Montalto 25 dagar sedan
Anyway these bombs birthed or started mutants?
Justin Montalto
Justin Montalto 25 dagar sedan
We might be seeing Kang keeping a timeline that never saw the birth or En Sabah Nur (apocalypse) who defeats him in Egypt when he time traveled to be Rama-Tut! Would be cool and a sweet way to intro mutants.
Kairo 25 dagar sedan
Kang didnt like multiverses :"v
stephen mccluney
stephen mccluney 25 dagar sedan
You said Feb 12 1808 it's actually Feb 2 1808
Natalia Rasquin León
Natalia Rasquin León 26 dagar sedan
In episode 4, the sacred timeline has no branches. What happened? Can someone explain this to me? What did I miss?
Sakshya Gupta
Sakshya Gupta 19 dagar sedan
Yeah, I was also searching for the exact thing... If you find something then tell it to me also... Thanks :)
Adam Ethridge
Adam Ethridge 26 dagar sedan
I hope marvel ask if it was okay to pretend kill Keith Richards but we all know he is a time keeper that’s why Keith Richards is still alive
someone in this world
someone in this world 26 dagar sedan
In 1999, Kingsport TN there was an economic summit
Lona 27 dagar sedan
What an episode!
zaheer ahmed
zaheer ahmed 27 dagar sedan
Can anyone explain what silviye did with those reset charges?
Nico 28 dagar sedan
Imagine the team that was sent to deal with the time bomb in ego planet xD
Nick Kane
Nick Kane 28 dagar sedan
I was surprised that one did not go to Westview 😅
Jack Hewitt
Jack Hewitt 29 dagar sedan
OMG I live in kingsport tentasse
Joe Z.
Joe Z. Månad sedan
Kingsport... that's where Walt Disney was concieved?
dav ep
dav ep Månad sedan
Roxxcart / Rockstar? Hmmm...
Elva Norman
Elva Norman Månad sedan
The boiling lettuce anatomically grease because impulse externally offer a a handsome stop. wacky, last example
Donna Rodriguez
Donna Rodriguez Månad sedan
The meaning of life, the answer to the universe is M A T H: 13 + 1 + 20 + 8 = 42
Julien Vallieres
Julien Vallieres Månad sedan
No explication just speculation lol
eetu kovanen
eetu kovanen Månad sedan
Porvoo finland... who did what? Justus saatana
melissa ellis
melissa ellis Månad sedan
Look up,TVA,it's in Tennessee,they own the rain,they are a government agency,the have dam power plants,made sure most of all indigenous families were off there land,before flooding the valleys ,and has secret posts in secret mountains,ect..took Tesla's electric plain ,all of them,I can bring up a tremendous amount of TVA,this,the news paper in o brother were out though,that's thrown in the camp fire, message back for more,
siva Månad sedan
damn i just read the first line and it just sounds powerful lol
x3mofile Månad sedan
Who isn't into Douglas Adams?
Pietro Schirmer
Pietro Schirmer Månad sedan
The intelligent beef considerably deceive because fir frequently expect above a bumpy bagpipe. uncovered, erratic hovercraft
T 51773
T 51773 Månad sedan
WHY would the TVA use Earth's calendar for Universal Events?
Fodu Månad sedan
Jordan Blackmore
Jordan Blackmore Månad sedan
It’s gonna be awesome, if sylvie is a frost giant too.
SefEXE Månad sedan
QuangPlode Månad sedan
Việt Nam lez goooo
EmmaLiz Månad sedan
What if all the “random” dates of the reset charges were actually the time an place of where each TVA employee variant was created/taken…?
MandalorianKoala Månad sedan
This list is incomplete, half of the times on this timeline should’ve been in 2020.
T Mac
T Mac Månad sedan
Can someone please explain what does it mean to reset a timeline do? If a variant is reset then they are deleted a.k.a. killed but we saw in episode 2 that reset the timeline just erased everything that wasn’t supposed to happen
Kyle Bl4ck
Kyle Bl4ck Månad sedan
1999 Kingsport - Formation of Extremis.
MadRonin Månad sedan
It's pronounced as "fong nyah" 😅
Justin Dohrmann
Justin Dohrmann Månad sedan
The only other time in mcu that we see Tennessee is when that kid helps save tony stark. 1999 would be around when that kid was born/conceived, so I bet it has to do with that
Agatha Harkness
Agatha Harkness Månad sedan
11:20 OK but is it just me or do they kind of look alike 🤨
Jared Sheaff
Jared Sheaff Månad sedan
The cree one could also be attacking the great intelligence
RoCKyTONY* Månad sedan
Лучше б включили в список бомбандировку Японии США.
Peter Skorec
Peter Skorec Månad sedan
That was a lot of booooooooooms
Cooper Jensen
Cooper Jensen Månad sedan
BaneSIlvermoon Månad sedan
Maybe the time bombs are the premise behind the What If series.
Luke Allen
Luke Allen Månad sedan
Want Kingsport where Tony's mechanic friend lived?
Eetu Raivio
Eetu Raivio Månad sedan
Tabitha Guinot
Tabitha Guinot Månad sedan
Just here to say I also went to Paxon in DUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVAAAAAAAAALLLLLL
Plays No0b
Plays No0b Månad sedan
fun fact : phong nha , vietnam was the location tom aka (loki) flim kong the skull island and also has casie .
Mark Horton
Mark Horton Månad sedan
If climate change is a storyline of Loki, then the Dartford 2006 date could be referencing the Worlds. first ever Eco Friendly football (soccer) stadium opened in 2006.
Maman89 Månad sedan
I'm surprised that there wasn't 9/11
Amit Gandhi
Amit Gandhi Månad sedan
Why those places were targeted by Sylvie ???
It's Over Anakin
It's Over Anakin Månad sedan
Lol, the Rolling Stones had very little to do with Dartford in the year 2000
Liam Bevitt
Liam Bevitt Månad sedan
April 12, 1887 was the first motor race
Matthew B Watson
Matthew B Watson Månad sedan
Cool to find out we went to the same school
Brittany Nichols
Brittany Nichols Månad sedan
DUUUUVAL Sorry I had to..
Heather Baker
Heather Baker Månad sedan
Am I over thinking it? Why are all the dates in earth years?? The whole universe doesn't go by our timeline.
Blake McMillan
Blake McMillan Månad sedan
Thornton, USA could be “Thorton, United States of Asgard”
Jeff Connelly
Jeff Connelly Månad sedan
I live in Kingsport...I have no idea what was going on 🤣
Future Viking
Future Viking Månad sedan
904 represent
Mily Me
Mily Me Månad sedan
Any references to dear old Stanley?
Aestrõphilic *
Aestrõphilic * Månad sedan
Are there no cities in other whole ass planets? Cause they've specifically listed out cities and countries of Earth but not so much for rest of the universe
Isabelle Oh-Criner
Isabelle Oh-Criner Månad sedan
YOU WENT TO PAXON?! Lol small world, I went to Stanton 😂 Just cause we went to rival schools though doesn’t mean I’m not a fan, great vid!
Keegan Brakhage
Keegan Brakhage Månad sedan
6:25 i was actually there. i went to a college in cookeville, i was in my dorm when the tornado hit. as far as a i could tell sylvie was not there haha
jacob powell
jacob powell Månad sedan
if im not mistaken, isnt Nick Fury from Tennessee?
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez Månad sedan
That sakaar branch timeline could be very possible especially since he's confirmed for Thor 4
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez Månad sedan
There's also so much unrelated stuff in this video
Brian Mather
Brian Mather Månad sedan
What if !!! As in all these 42 bombs or goobs of timelines are a nod to the " What if " movies that are up coming ?
konijntjesbroek Månad sedan
Two random towns in TN might be the parents of a kid that helped bring a mechanic back from the brink in ironman 3
thatoneguyftl Månad sedan
My guess for the Beijing date is preventing the climate wars
BJAYZL Månad sedan
Some massive reaches here 😂, 2 nothings in Tennessee , 2 years after SARS in China , an 11 year old Franco??? and lastly Hala 10’s of Millenia ahead of earth so 0050 would really change there advance that much
Josiah Van Denend
Josiah Van Denend Månad sedan
Can someone explain to me how this makes sense but how the spiderverse movie also makes sense
Santa Black Wings
Santa Black Wings Månad sedan
End of the world... the song is good, I will sing it 😍
Brittany Lawson
Brittany Lawson Månad sedan
This is soooo cool because my hometown is Kingsport, Tennessee (:
Riley’s Stash
Riley’s Stash Månad sedan
Your not kidding about Jacksonville . Class of 10 😂
robert jackson
robert jackson Månad sedan
In the comics the last Director of the TVA creates the Time Keepers this would seem to be a bootstrap paradox
Dee Denson
Dee Denson Månad sedan
Snoopyluger Månad sedan
Could all the time bombs be removing all the Avengers from the sacred timeline?
Chop Art
Chop Art Månad sedan
And this is why the Eternals intervene
Brandi Heilman
Brandi Heilman Månad sedan
I thank you for explaining this. Love the series but this time travel stuff just goes over my head
Bad Art
Bad Art Månad sedan
Can anyone explane why the f does TVA uses christian chronology?
Yung Lion
Yung Lion Månad sedan
Sabaah Jauhar-Rizvi
Sabaah Jauhar-Rizvi Månad sedan
I wonder with some references to time travelers and alternate timelines that they couldn’t bring in some Dr Who references since, technically, Dr Who is part of the Earth 616 universe.
B Louis
B Louis Månad sedan
The whole TVA is run by variants 😳
Reggie Santiago
Reggie Santiago Månad sedan
Xi Jinping reference was gold! 😂😂😂😂
Lizz Dregne
Lizz Dregne Månad sedan
Hmmm.... check out this Wikipedia blurb... Maybe they will visit Heinrich Hertz. "In 1887, Heinrich Hertz observed the photoelectric effect and reported on the production and reception of electromagnetic waves. The receiver in his apparatus consisted of a coil with a spark gap, where a spark would be seen upon detection of electromagnetic waves. He placed the apparatus in a darkened box to see the spark better. However, he noticed that the maximum spark length was reduced when inside the box. A glass panel placed between the source of electromagnetic waves and the receiver absorbed ultraviolet radiation that assisted the electrons in jumping across the gap. When removed, the spark length would increase. He observed no decrease in spark length when he replaced the glass with quartz, as quartz does not absorb UV radiation."
Lani Lindsey
Lani Lindsey Månad sedan
Wow... no pressure on the writers... lol.
Noor Bashit
Noor Bashit Månad sedan
Why would any one explane this we want to watch it fore our selfs and se not spolier shit stupid Chanel and ppl in here WHO like this and lotsen ro this are not real series fan just stupid yuotube dummies
sagar varade
sagar varade Månad sedan
Loki series writers- mentions some random places and some random time. SEmostra- trying to find some connections with history of that random dates
Oj yes that one
Oj yes that one Månad sedan
How many episodes will we get?
Not so pretty princess Maria
Not so pretty princess Maria Månad sedan
Sacred timeline? Made By who? Your insane
DarthBiz209 Månad sedan
The timline in 1980s Oregon could have something to do with the polybius game from the trailer
Arin Senna
Arin Senna Månad sedan
I still want to see the aftermath of Xandar since Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War had the Power Stone...Probably in ruins.
Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin Månad sedan
Kingsport, TN is home to Eastman Chemical, Domtar Paper, and Holston Army Ammunition Plant/BAE, as well as Tennessee Valley Authority Patrick Henry Dam. All possible reasons as to why KPT was "selected."
Thu Thuy
Thu Thuy Månad sedan
Why is no one talking about how this episode literally sets up Marvel's "What If"
MadTitanRyan Månad sedan
Every other world is just listed as a world but Earth has particular cities... Kinda lazy if you ask me.
Michael Palkewick
Michael Palkewick Månad sedan
I'm guessing a lot of those are mutant's birthdays
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