Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

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Instagram: nile.red
Followup video on my other channel: semost.info/award/gamQdrOkndxmx3w/video.html
A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.
Procedure references:
Paint can idea: semost.info/award/ZZaLl9WUb5uMzpo/video.html
indeedItdoes: semost.info/award/ZJuhfLCKrNiKraY/video.html
CodysLab: semost.info (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)
Nile talks about lab safety: semost.info/award/mah4dbV1gpx5v3g/video.html
Patreon: www.patreon.com/nilered
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Music in credits (Walker by SORRYSINES): soundcloud.com/sorrysines/walker

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Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.
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Bruh moment 500th comment
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Well heck
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I definitely understood everything he said
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GG Pablo8 4 timmar sedan
NileRed: Makes pure gold Minecraft Players: *Pathetic*
mark warlick
mark warlick 6 timmar sedan
Who's that kid on Amazon? Why did you take all his stuff?
mark warlick
mark warlick 6 timmar sedan
@ 4:30, I'm thinking I know where the watch band went, and that the watch itself might be worth $1500.
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what kind of lunatic would want to destroy a working datejust? it's probably worth about as much as the 3 gold bars. great decision to not touch it.
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plot twist: it’s just urine
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Kai Nuu 15 timmar sedan
Victor Gonzalez, I send my respects to you! You solved that Au/W issue and explained it well.
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Chandrajit Karmakar 16 timmar sedan
Nice video
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that patron probably regrets giving 3.4k usd worth of gold
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Rebel Soldier 21 timme sedan
Of course this is the stuff I’m watching at 12:57 AM
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Some of the best videos out there. He is straight to the point, easy to understand. Teachers should take note of this guy
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81.63g is $1862.56 currently
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Damn free holex
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I want to drink the forbidden copper Gatorade
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Can u please contact me an do this for me. I can pay you. Or can u send imma in the direction of someone who can do this for me
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If this guy killed you,give up on someone finding your body.He'd turn your eyeballs into gold and sell it
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Video : karat Me : carrot
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Great Video, thanks Nile.
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0:44 oh no
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Forbidden Mac and cheese🤤
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"You know spoons?"
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I have gold heavy bracelets as my dad used to be a collector of gold and they are just lying around if you want them.?.let me know and I will post them to you. 👍.
ghostfifth 2 dagar sedan
I'm a goldsmith and this is really cool. I'm gonna show my boss tomorrow. Yea about the 24k jewellery, it's not a thing really, it doesn't last long. Jewellery wears out fast for some people who do a lot of things with their hands.
Frank Silva
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At the 20 minute mark I was like “hmmm okay so far he turned jewelry into dirt. Nice”
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I JUSET SHat myself
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This guy is ready for the apocalypse!
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I actually really enjoyed watching this video. :D
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That means Mario is rich
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Wow 14 is a lot of carrots.
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I expected 1000 breaking bad jokes on this video.
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anyone gonna make a not about the rolex magnifier not properly enlarging the date?
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Guy has concentrated nitric acid on hand *on hand*
Jajastacha 4 dagar sedan
30:15 ballin'
Mary Duffy
Mary Duffy 4 dagar sedan
What is the IG page named as ?
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This is a pretty informational video with chemistry when it comes to gold I would say
DaNe -xXx-
DaNe -xXx- 5 dagar sedan
thats what gold bars should look like:D small stamp in of your name perhaps? and you have a nise collection:D great vid
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Me who is watching this video: **Gets a bunch of adds about jewelry** Me after watching adds **feels bad about watching video**
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woah gold good job man first try
James Zulawski
James Zulawski 5 dagar sedan
Please reach out to me directly.. I can lower your lab costs, but will not put the info here. This is NOT a video project, so if you are unable to be discreet, don't email me.
Fluorisoiva a
Fluorisoiva a 5 dagar sedan
I wish NileRed would do a dimethyltryptamine extraction from phalaris. Just for scientific interest of course ☝️😌
Vdak Archer
Vdak Archer 5 dagar sedan
I just watch this 31minutes video without thinking,what am i doing here really...
Slava toin
Slava toin 5 dagar sedan
Bruh, that’s like $5,000 worth of gold...
cold sparrow
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Now that's what I call 'content'... SUBSCRIBED!!!
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24:03 ok my egg is done! Let´s eat! :D
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you talk way too much
Nafisa Tabassum
Nafisa Tabassum 6 dagar sedan
Seriously i was so focused watching this,that i wasn’t this focused on my 30 minutes of chemistry class even!!!!
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Zack Martins 6 dagar sedan
The noiseless windshield atypically jog because arithmetic particularly talk down a mysterious flag. unnatural, sweet body
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wtf im doing here ? xD
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Did I just watch a chemistry video? *Yes, and I enjoyed it*
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my man just said “nah im keeping the rolex” in a polite way
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25:40 nah brah, tha next test was put that shit on a loop n see how many hunnies u attract
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That was very cool!
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0:45 -oh no -anyway
XOTB Productions
XOTB Productions 7 dagar sedan
Gaara’s dad could probably control that there gold dust
The Child of Shrek
The Child of Shrek 7 dagar sedan
jeez that’s a lot for a gold bar
Vascallius Rapscallion
Vascallius Rapscallion 7 dagar sedan
Agh the pain I feel when you go to beating that arcane treasure of alchemy you created.
EVAN ZHU 8 dagar sedan
Did you sell it
Blazify 6 dagar sedan
he gave it back
Jose Nazario
Jose Nazario 8 dagar sedan
I really needed this. Great video with no politics. Thank you for the awesome and interesting distraction.
Oscar Stewart
Oscar Stewart 8 dagar sedan
Dejv 8 dagar sedan
You can make gold from plated pins from electronics
Toking 204
Toking 204 8 dagar sedan
I've watched this a few times now and I'm still blown away by the fact you can dissolve gold and make it come back lol.
GoldenBoy 8 dagar sedan
Very interesting. Nice video. Well done
Pepijn Koorneef
Pepijn Koorneef 9 dagar sedan
My man was about to destroy a rolex😂💀
jeff 9 dagar sedan
You are like the Bob Ross of chemistry lol
JotPeSkillbo 9 dagar sedan
Wonder how he delivered the gold bar to the guy that sent the chains... lol think if the parcel got stolen
My Creations
My Creations 9 dagar sedan
So I’m rich?
Alina Huang
Alina Huang 9 dagar sedan
16:56 rich people water
BigDickDaddyJoe 9 dagar sedan
yea... I totally know what he’s saying
Brendan Stultz
Brendan Stultz 9 dagar sedan
Any one here when gold is worth almost $1,700 a gram
Kawkawatasis 9 dagar sedan
i thought the thumbnail was fucking grilled cheese and i got so excited
free-ride bear
free-ride bear 9 dagar sedan
Melting an old Rolex 1🤔
KingethAdreth 9 dagar sedan
Cough* NERD
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who would send a rolex to get the gold out of it when the watch is more worth as a watch damn some people are stupit
The King_of_Corn
The King_of_Corn 10 dagar sedan
I learned more from this video than the past 5 years of school
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 10 dagar sedan
i thought it was interesting you should have kept doing it in drops it looked neat
Doug Kyle
Doug Kyle 10 dagar sedan
Ceramic fiber not fiberglass.....fiberglass melts easily
Alex M
Alex M 10 dagar sedan
I have some low karart gold, wondering if you could refine it for me I will pay you for your time, any way I could contact you directly?
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your channel is amazing - good job!
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma 10 dagar sedan
We just wasted the gold 😂😂😂
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and when i say sick i mean he is cool
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson 10 dagar sedan
this guy is sick
Victor Quiroz
Victor Quiroz 10 dagar sedan
How much did it cost just to break down the metals?
Dulari 10 dagar sedan
wow love it. you are one smart cookie :)
mario mendez
mario mendez 10 dagar sedan
Manoss arriba deme todo el oro. gracias
Lang Connor
Lang Connor 10 dagar sedan
CES 2021
Thomas Klugh
Thomas Klugh 11 dagar sedan
Let's see now... Gold is currently going for $82/gram. Holy Moly! You have over $6,500 in gold! So, minus the cost of all your equipment and distiluents, is it worth it? Really cool video nonetheless.
ArmyFallattheDiscoTwentyOnetimes 11 dagar sedan
I don't like chemistry especially in class because we talk about the boring stuff. Like right now we are on if they are devolve or stuff like that. Now of we talked about stuff like this and not bring in the names of things it's fun to me. I just want to see the reactions things have to each other.
Shukterhouse Jive
Shukterhouse Jive 11 dagar sedan
This is like a snuff film made for Rick Ross
Ilona Sycheva
Ilona Sycheva 11 dagar sedan
Wow 👍
Hunter Garvey
Hunter Garvey 11 dagar sedan
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tanger mghogha
tanger mghogha 11 dagar sedan
انت بروفيسو ر حسن جدا
Basamian 11 dagar sedan
this guy prolly knows how to make meth
persona2grata 11 dagar sedan
There's just something about gold, isn't there? I have no idea what I'd even do with it, and yet I feel this weird longing to hold a heavy bar of gold in my hands.
mbsevans 11 dagar sedan
That’s not a real Rolex.
Cobra 11 dagar sedan
Casually gets a free Rolex.... you sly man
Matt Logue
Matt Logue 11 dagar sedan
Where is your spoon? Ya know... Spoons?
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