Eternals Celestial FAMILY TREE! Full Marvel Ancestry Breakdown!

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Beyond the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the MCU is connected in a family tree dating back to the Eternals and Celestials. But how exactly? Use promo code ROCKSTARS for an additional 5% off Ekster smart wallets at

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The Eternals trailer introduced us to the Eternals hidden on Earth since ancient times, but how do these superheroes connect to the ancestry of humankind dating back to the Celestials? And how exactly do mutants fit into that history? Erik Voss breaks down the full Marvel ancestral family tree, including the Eternals, Avengers, Celestials, Guardians of the Galaxy, Asgardians, Celestials, Kree, Skrulls, Imhumans, and MUTANTS.

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New Rockstars
New Rockstars Månad sedan
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Joey Levy
Joey Levy 26 dagar sedan
No thank you.
JayStorm Månad sedan
@Omar Rodriguez look up Kronans and click on the fandom page, in there at Early history. I completely found it by accident bc i wanted to know more about Korg and why they mentions his race in Thor: Ragnarok and i found this
DeREalJack Månad sedan
Question Is the TVA Higher up than the eternals
Andre Taker
Andre Taker Månad sedan
What about time keeper
Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez Månad sedan
@JayStorm source?
Vishal 18 timmar sedan
Somebody :- "MARVEL.... Me :- i have been summoned
TheGalacticWest Dag sedan
The eternals start acting out and then all you hear is immigrant song...
TheGalacticWest Dag sedan
peter quill is completely useless now. You think tony was mad at him in IW what if he found out they coulda had two gods on their team but quills emotions messed that up too.
Randolph Privott
Randolph Privott Dag sedan
I'm way more interested in watching this movie now... they should pay you, you did a great job
TheYellowFlash Dag sedan
“We’re all part of one big family”
メpapamilk 2 dagar sedan
how i imagine role call would go in the mcu 1900’s: ah yes, i am adolf…adolf thanos hitler
ʟᴀᴜꜰᴇʏꜱᴏɴ ʟᴏᴋɪ
ʟᴀᴜꜰᴇʏꜱᴏɴ ʟᴏᴋɪ 2 dagar sedan
Okay !
Emese Szentgyörgyi
Emese Szentgyörgyi 3 dagar sedan
Deathly Hallows symbol at 6:54
Hungwe Kuhlase
Hungwe Kuhlase 4 dagar sedan
I'm lost. Peter who is son of Ego a celestial, was killed by his own son with help of mutant friends. How, Peter doesn't even use his dads genes but what he grew up learning from the space pirates. How?
Meta Mind
Meta Mind 3 dagar sedan
Peter's hidden powers as a celestial-human hybred is physical augmentation making him borderline superhuman and energy absorption, problem is he doesn't know how to use them correctly.
Dale Lancaster
Dale Lancaster 5 dagar sedan
With the multiverse having many versions of the same people Peter quill could tap into the power of another ego?
Cruzv35 5 dagar sedan
who is all father
Jaze 7 dagar sedan
Huh weird, u mentioned family but there was no Dominic Toretto
spidy9237 7 dagar sedan
but who created celestials?
Meta Mind
Meta Mind 3 dagar sedan
The Aspirants
Rajko Janjic
Rajko Janjic 8 dagar sedan
Yeah ... I'm gonna have to watch this again couole times to get it all 😅
Nathan Rice
Nathan Rice 9 dagar sedan
Black Bolt would be a cool character in a live action movie
afil abdulla
afil abdulla 11 dagar sedan
What about Kang from Loki
Meta Mind
Meta Mind 3 dagar sedan
Genetically modified and enhanced human from the future.
JUMP START GARAGE 12 dagar sedan
This makes the movie more exciting thank you
worthington phiri
worthington phiri 14 dagar sedan
Where does Kang fit in
manitoublack 14 dagar sedan
reasons to watch the Eternals: it's got Gemma Chan in it
N susai
N susai 15 dagar sedan
But Tony is adopted isn’t he?
Airplane Life
Airplane Life 15 dagar sedan
Someone call Maury or Jerry Springer
AlexisBlatek 15 dagar sedan
So thena is thanos cousin? 🤔
wen 16 dagar sedan
my greek mythology phase is really helping here
Shawn Wallis
Shawn Wallis 16 dagar sedan
What the what?......ya lost me at HI!😂....but seriously very interesting indeed
Wafiq Al
Wafiq Al 17 dagar sedan
so, kang includes in which species? human?
Meta Mind
Meta Mind 3 dagar sedan
A genetically enhanced human from the future.
YAYA JF. 17 dagar sedan
Thank You so much. This helps make things so much clearer.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 17 dagar sedan
Ego isn't a celestial though?
LLCOOJful 17 dagar sedan
Didn’t even see wolverine capper
originaluddite 17 dagar sedan
It's gods all the way up.
Hamza khan
Hamza khan 18 dagar sedan
Interesting video
bobb connor
bobb connor 18 dagar sedan
Isn’t the game keeper from ragnirok a celestial
Jeff Davenport
Jeff Davenport 18 dagar sedan
And all of this came from the minds of HUMANS
Scott Unger
Scott Unger 18 dagar sedan
Nope. Still confused. What are asgardians? And are the Kree eternals or? They age, dont they? But eternals are immortal? And why are some Kree Caucasian and not blue?
Jamie Collett
Jamie Collett 18 dagar sedan
Holly s***
Stewart Simms
Stewart Simms 19 dagar sedan
Gilgamesh is real
DR Hall
DR Hall 20 dagar sedan
If you didn’t know quick silver is in x men and avengers
A. Airai E.
A. Airai E. 21 dag sedan
Hahaha!! "🎶the end of the world"🎶 haha!
Stefan Koprivica
Stefan Koprivica 21 dag sedan
06:56 Soooo those guys created the Deadly Hallows from Harry Potter too :D
CRAZYGAMER 1 21 dag sedan
what if u also lose ur phone with ur wallet
rohin 22 dagar sedan
The most ancient and the most powerful is the "one above all". Where does he stands ?
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 22 dagar sedan
The bumpy train explicitly suppose because cowbell cephalometrically hope to a serious package. screeching, extra-large extra-small exuberant cabbage
Arush 23 dagar sedan
This proves that if Marvel wants, then it's last film might come when our grandchildren have grandchildren
Arush 22 dagar sedan
@SARAVANDEGIRL maybe, if the humans are not replaced by robots by then lol
SARAVANDEGIRL 22 dagar sedan
You mean when our great-grandchildren have great-grandchildren? :P
The420Prof 23 dagar sedan
If Sony had any sense of where the market is they would jump on a chance to ride that Marvel money train. It wouldn't even have to be an acquisition, a partnership would be just as beneficial for both parties.
siddhartha sapkota
siddhartha sapkota 24 dagar sedan
i watched this and i am now fucked.
Ken Hill
Ken Hill 24 dagar sedan
there is a sleeping Celestial buried deep in Earth
ATS 24 dagar sedan
so whats thanos’s eternal power
Randal Wung
Randal Wung 24 dagar sedan
Wow, you included the Earth X comics...nice. Alex Ross conceived them (which no doubt explains why characters and concepts from Kirby's second run at Marvel are so fundamental) and if you've ever wanted an explanation for things like why characters don't age and origins are continually updated, beyond "Oh, that's just how comics are,” you should check them out. They literally explain EVERYTHING in the Marvel Universe.
J D 24 dagar sedan
Im confused. Which celestial should i pray to?
Bron Bold
Bron Bold 27 dagar sedan
What are you doing? Can you please stop ignoring me! I have my period!
Docta Solo
Docta Solo 27 dagar sedan
Gambit 27 dagar sedan
wait...... what?
Freak Ltd
Freak Ltd 27 dagar sedan
But the Question is .. Can they beat one punchman.?
iare19 28 dagar sedan
When Stan Lee said "... Big family", I honestly expected Dominic Torretto to pop out
chris harris
chris harris 2 dagar sedan
😂 i feel like no one got it
sxbrinatoon 28 dagar sedan
i really need to stop watching youtube videos of upcoming marvel works and catch up on the current stuff
The Tranquille Force
The Tranquille Force 29 dagar sedan
No way!!!
Madhavv Diwan
Madhavv Diwan 29 dagar sedan
This is wayy more important than studying!
Chaitanya Sarvaiya
Chaitanya Sarvaiya Månad sedan
So, when did Infinity Stones come into existence and who were the first group of people to use them?
Eyal Caruthers
Eyal Caruthers Månad sedan
Imagine this story re written by real history about giant animals plants trees and giant human heros. Phazed out by pop people of power Brought back by movie directors
jithender bhog
jithender bhog Månad sedan
Well Marvel Universe was missing Tony Stark so brought in ROB stark and Jon Snow the sons of Ned Stark of GOT.... 🤣😂😂😂
Gregg G
Gregg G Månad sedan
I thought the Kree and Skrulls stopped evolving because they invoked the power of that M'Kraan Crystal that regenerated Wolverine from a drop of blood.
Jovan Washington
Jovan Washington Månad sedan
afiq jaffarran
afiq jaffarran Månad sedan
Such a rare thing. The content and product placement both are exciting
Donkeh Månad sedan
To go even deeper and explain the 9 realms family tree
Kevin Romero
Kevin Romero Månad sedan
What about the Beyonders ??
Pranjal Shukla
Pranjal Shukla Månad sedan
Who got click baited, I thought Logan was ego's son
Pawan Yadav
Pawan Yadav Månad sedan
SEmost plzz cut 1dollar for over acting
Naveen Nisad
Naveen Nisad Månad sedan
U didn't talk about Odin
2EZ Månad sedan
Can you turn this into a poster please
Jèg Seprő
Jèg Seprő Månad sedan
I wonder if they'll keep Arishem's thumbsup/thumbsdown thing, cause that would spawn a lot of memes.
Beyblade battalion
Beyblade battalion Månad sedan
You missed the time keepers
Prince Muhammad hassan
Prince Muhammad hassan Månad sedan
Hey, guys. Prince haam here, long time watcher and subscriber. I have a suggestion/request. Can y'all do another video like this breaking down the connections to the marvel universe?? I found this video very informative in educational when it comes to the marvel universe and its characters. A lot of this I had no clue about so I think it'll be dope if it was like a part 2 in a part 3 to this current video. Peace be with you all✌🏿
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Månad sedan
So will this movie make money?
howard sdsasd
howard sdsasd Månad sedan
The energetic digital extraorally point because bacon fifthly recognise but a amusing field. possible, fantastic linda
G M Månad sedan
"...the resemblance is uncanny..."
Marcus Phoenix
Marcus Phoenix Månad sedan
I can think of a lot more practical applications of this knowledge than shakespeare's julius ceasar. We really should stop romanticizing ancient literature and give more respect to our modern ones.
James Rosoman
James Rosoman Månad sedan
Celestial Gen Pool of symbiotic and humanity there is still some that isn't part of the MCU/main marvel universe ever mentioned or possible not part of those universes The Transformer who do look similar to Celestials so here's a interesting idea are robots or androids come into the Celestials rule of making races or technology base lifeforms as they are responsible for everything else in marvel and MCU both comics and movies etc Of course dc comics have done a similar origin in they universe and being part of the Ominiverse these are possible the Celestials to?
Alec Rice
Alec Rice Månad sedan
Stan Lee is a Legend!
The Blue Flamingo
The Blue Flamingo Månad sedan
I think hulk counts as a mutant
The Blue Flamingo
The Blue Flamingo Månad sedan
Omg so complicated
The Blue Flamingo
The Blue Flamingo Månad sedan
RIP Stan Lee
arthur madsen
arthur madsen Månad sedan
this is lame its all info based on comics that came out in the last 5 years the garbage of marvel that was being made by disney to give back story to ther e garbage marvel movies
MAd Man
MAd Man 29 dagar sedan
go back to your dc fanclub bum
Mildred Hallow
Mildred Hallow Månad sedan
What about Ronan the Accuser?
Sean Baker
Sean Baker Månad sedan
Great job this is awsome
Angel Cesar
Angel Cesar Månad sedan
So confusing
Aamir Mahdi. MMD
Aamir Mahdi. MMD Månad sedan
Are MCU Gods Eternals ??
Francisco Gomez
Francisco Gomez Månad sedan
The "One Above All" is suppose to me the most powerful of every Marvel Comic character. If you really take deep look at it this is actually Stan Lee which is the true creater of all these characters.
R.I.P. Ple Gaming
R.I.P. Ple Gaming Månad sedan
I love thanos in comic,movie, or baby so cute and that eye of him showing the galaxy or universe makes “cute” to have another meaning
Grizzled Granny
Grizzled Granny Månad sedan
Where's Loki?
Pranav ff
Pranav ff Månad sedan
Earth is not going to destroyed by celestials because Earth is still Earth in 2050
Elie Dazon
Elie Dazon Månad sedan
I got baited.
Sidhvi Chandan
Sidhvi Chandan Månad sedan
What about time keepers
BrightBluejay Månad sedan
Wake up and smell the mythological sex. Brilliant
Multimedia Watcher Person
Multimedia Watcher Person Månad sedan
3:39 No, hold on a moment. Jon Snow and Rob Stark are in the MCU now?
Nate Kuschert
Nate Kuschert Månad sedan
Can we get an elaboration on the Timekeepers in comparison to Celestials/Eternals
david olson
david olson Månad sedan
You know cuz everyone leaves there wallet in the sun for hrs 🤣
Woo Kim
Woo Kim Månad sedan
So who created the transformers?
rojodogg Månad sedan
Great video helps understand the comics even more.
Shit happaning
So Yá
So Yá Månad sedan
ASGARD flat earth lol
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