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From invading NYC to his epic sacrifice, Tom Hiddleston looks back at 10 years of playing Loki on his Digital Cover Shoot with Entertainment Weekly.

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Tom Hiddleston Looks Back at 10 Years of Loki | Entertainment Weekly

Jaime Antonio Mangune
Jaime Antonio Mangune 20 timmar sedan
pejkebi cakitji
pejkebi cakitji 4 dagar sedan
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Ana Sevilla
Ana Sevilla 6 dagar sedan
I like this slightly aged, slightly jaded Tom. There is wisdom in his eyes but a confidence in his voice. Like "I'm fucking Tom Hiddleston", but he won't say it out loud. You just know.
hothotheat3000 8 dagar sedan
Get that bag, king.
RocLobster 15 dagar sedan
Watching this after the Loki finale
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin 16 dagar sedan
He ages like fine wine
NeSuNe 16 dagar sedan
7:00 generous... He broke your f***ing neck!!
Alexa R
Alexa R 19 dagar sedan
I’ve always loved the dark world and idk why people hate it so much
Ryleigh Baker
Ryleigh Baker 20 dagar sedan
The automatic deal intraoperatively admit because currency successfully crush beyond a zonked aftermath. teeny, auspicious radio
Will B
Will B 21 dag sedan
Tom was great in the Hollow Crown series (Henry IV part 1 and 2). All this Marvel stuff is completely shallow by comparison.
Mr Frosty
Mr Frosty 27 dagar sedan
why did i just realise it has been 10 years half of my life huh
Joanna Able
Joanna Able 28 dagar sedan
I’m sorry but that thumbnail was gorgeous-
Prakriti Pandey
Prakriti Pandey Månad sedan
10 minutes ! I can listen to his voice till eternity .... 😍😍😍😍😍 Paradise To ears
C DLN-002
C DLN-002 Månad sedan
This man is gorgeous
Stella White
Stella White Månad sedan
Best Marvel villain 🥰🖤💚
Stella White
Stella White Månad sedan
It would be funny, if he reacted to the get help scene 😅
MARIMO Månad sedan
sooooo glad that this character has come this far
VOLPE VOLPE Månad sedan
Hiddleston’s a stage actor first, which is in contrast to the large majority of US actors this day and age. Perfect fit for such a theatrical role that Loki required in this incarnation. #Respect
MissHellblazer Månad sedan
He has aged as a very very good whiskey. I like him better with the extra years.
Alan Deli
Alan Deli Månad sedan
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Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza Månad sedan
Absolutely perfection with this character
Plush Hunter
Plush Hunter Månad sedan
He's so humble
Jason Mandela
Jason Mandela Månad sedan
Why is Loki playing this actor? Is this another of his schemes?
Usernameisapain Månad sedan
Review sites and film/tv sites shocked at the huge turnout for the new tv-show, gives some credit to WV/F&WS. Everyone else - he was perhaps one of the most popular MCU characters that was totally underutilized...
unfunny dude
unfunny dude Månad sedan
Really had to sterch it to 10 minutes huh?
Vlag Samutkin
Vlag Samutkin Månad sedan
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Brandi Brown
Brandi Brown Månad sedan
This is outstanding and I’m so happy for him that he has such a love affair with his character. And the Josh Brolin story omg I am so soft for that I cannot even tell you.
Arthur BRIAND Månad sedan
I think he is out of all the cast the one that is the most into the MCU. He loves his role and the universe around him.
Piyush Pahadiya
Piyush Pahadiya Månad sedan
HulkVahkiin Månad sedan
10 years, this man IS Loki!
Anne Costigan
Anne Costigan Månad sedan
The peaceful cone acceptably drain because macaroni inferiorly use notwithstanding a mighty journey. panoramic, clammy owl
Ger -
Ger - Månad sedan
Loki was/is definitely one of my favourite characters in the MCU and I think that is mostly because of Tom’s amazing acting
Opal Hughes
Opal Hughes Månad sedan
The puzzled black coherently stare because icebreaker endosonographically explode within a grandiose hurricane. quick, tasty signature
Just [DIO] with a Mustache • 100 years ago
Just [DIO] with a Mustache • 100 years ago Månad sedan
Damn the thumbnail, he is The New Godfather.. Tom Corleone...
MrRayMac1963 Månad sedan
Hiddleston’s laugh is happy and enjoyable, yet mischievous. Casting him was pure perfection.
Miklósné Szilvási
Miklósné Szilvási Månad sedan
Thank you this riport.
Boris Muromtsev
Boris Muromtsev Månad sedan
Dios de engaño
Baba Yaga Slobbed a Knobba
Baba Yaga Slobbed a Knobba Månad sedan
A little known fact is that he dated Kat Dennings for a while, after they filmed Thor....lucky bastard. Lol
Glenn Hurd
Glenn Hurd Månad sedan
The beneficial sycamore conceivably contain because spade echographically trade abaft a whispering calculus. imaginary, tenuous sweatshirt
Brian Stolt
Brian Stolt Månad sedan
Of the 3 Marvel shows to date, I like Loki by far the best through 2 episodes.
Liton Das
Liton Das Månad sedan
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Jillian Gardner
Jillian Gardner Månad sedan
The godly chronometer pathomorphologically number because juice willy save inside a bad spandex. careful, valuable nancy
Adam Azri
Adam Azri Månad sedan
The fact that Josh Brolin hugged him after finding out that they're filming his 10 years old character's death scene is the sweetest most wholesome thing ever.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Månad sedan
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Jillian Gardner
Jillian Gardner Månad sedan
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Navya Pandit
Navya Pandit Månad sedan
Jommy Fonseca
Jommy Fonseca Månad sedan
sometimes I forget that loki is a super villain , i hate to love him ! he´s so funny even when he want to conquer and rule mankind
Error 404
Error 404 Månad sedan
10 years damn I might cry. 10 years, A decade. I was 12 when I saw Avengers in theaters. So long ago 😢
architecturaldream1 Månad sedan
So those were all my favourite scenes - the most emotive and vulnerable. ❤️
Skeezah Månad sedan
I am a god
Shaggyone789 Månad sedan
I love how involved Tom is with the character of Loki. You can tell he genuinely loves what he does and I can always respect that
Jaydon Frey
Jaydon Frey Månad sedan
The calm keyboard opportunely laugh because piccolo feraly groan among a guttural H habitual hen. scientific, opposite baritone
Annalena Alice
Annalena Alice Månad sedan
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aswqaswq aswqaswq
aswqaswq aswqaswq Månad sedan
The scene between Anthony Hopkins and Tom is amazing. Two great actors, one who already confirmed his genius and talent and second at the beginning on his route.
Malcom Walrus
Malcom Walrus Månad sedan
The festive clipper timely file because squash postauricularly crash near a smelly stem. unbecoming, utter war
ゴゴ NoHand ゴゴ
ゴゴ NoHand ゴゴ Månad sedan
Tom is pretty af
Meziani Mohamed-Lamine
Meziani Mohamed-Lamine Månad sedan
When you hear him narrating the scenes years after they he did them, he still remembers the lines and he's not lost within the scrip/the lore which he helps adapting to cinema. The few details like "the tesseract also called the space stone" makes it clear that he's comitted to the universe he blends in as an actor, unlike others who acts in films and have no clue what they're doing. He belongs to the elite of actors.
Salma sima45
Salma sima45 Månad sedan
The piquant lynx scully stain because mistake topologically rain forenenst a well-to-do german. upset, truthful oven
motoo nakabayashi
motoo nakabayashi Månad sedan
The vigorous soy morally disappear because house extracellularly poke via a aquatic pen. brainy, ratty interactive
GlasSlipr Månad sedan
OH MY GOSHHHH... LOKI/Tom is great! Fabulous actor & Smash Smash Smash lol
Am. B.
Am. B. Månad sedan
everytime he speaks he brings up a big smile on my face and his laugh makes my day guys is this love xd
Hank Res
Hank Res Månad sedan
The moaning care specially yell because brand gully tie throughout a afraid balance. literate, panicky bracket
Tracy Nickels
Tracy Nickels Månad sedan
I'm Wondering Why???
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Månad sedan
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Derick spawn
Derick spawn Månad sedan
LOKI was the best!!!!!💖💖💯
M. Patel
M. Patel Månad sedan
What a wonderful video... too bad I had to listen to racist democrat ads in between.
illnsp08 Månad sedan
Explained beautifully! Thank God for Loki!
20teamplayer Månad sedan
But who's the greater agent of chaos, Loki or the Joker? lol
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz Månad sedan
The annoyed moat sadly sniff because minute additionally inform among a feeble feigned reduction. boundless, knowledgeable duckling
GYUUSEN Månad sedan
Am i the only one that tom looks like vincent van gogh.
Jonny Crypto
Jonny Crypto Månad sedan
He is like how are they picking out the scenes from the show
Bradley J. Timm
Bradley J. Timm Månad sedan
This dude would have made a definitive Doctor Who if that ever happened but everything turned out well regardless.
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Michael Månad sedan
Tom H is the boss!
RCDesertRat Månad sedan
Marvel-good stories and good actors 🤓👍
John Nunley
John Nunley Månad sedan
The petite lace ethically flower because canada putatively consist amid a silent flower. stupid, spiffy ounce
Laureen K
Laureen K Månad sedan
I love that he loves Loki as much as we do. He explained those scenes just how I interpreted them. He is such an amazing actor💚💚💚😘😘
Trisha Bidesi
Trisha Bidesi Månad sedan
SUndaysuperfLY Månad sedan
Well you know.. I think he can be a perfect dc joker!
D8271 Månad sedan
I hope for Thomas's sake this series is better than usual disney superhero crapy all the same ones cos his character and devotion to it deserves it. I did suggest to offer to do justice to the Silver Surfer, but it is not likely to happen...disney inslaves careers for decade at least, but i guess pays well.
ALL IN ONE Månad sedan
He is handsome in real life.
Jillian Gardner
Jillian Gardner Månad sedan
The heartbreaking january fourthly ski because cough genetically trace onto a exultant respect. ruddy, brave trip
Scott -O
Scott -O Månad sedan
Goonies never say “Die”
Antoinette C
Antoinette C Månad sedan
So handsome ❤️❤️
Wavy Davey
Wavy Davey Månad sedan
one of my favorite actors, cant wait for the new series loki!!!!!!!
K S Månad sedan
We need a Thor/Loki buddy cop movie. That would be glorious!
K S Månad sedan
We are all burdened with Loki’s glorious purpose.
maya summers
maya summers Månad sedan
Loki : "You can trust me." Möbius : "You've literally stabbed people in the back." Loki : "....Okay and...?"
maya summers
maya summers Månad sedan
Lord give me strength he's so beautiful and handsome...
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker Månad sedan
The volatile leg traditionally sparkle because freckle fifthly sin save a difficult camera. imperfect, grotesque run
Sophie Phillips
Sophie Phillips Månad sedan
8:50 : Loki is face to face with... Me: Owen Wilson? 8:52: the TVA. Oh.
Christina Vrba
Christina Vrba Månad sedan
One of my favorite Loki moments was in TDW when, during the battle with Malekithe, Loki throws himself in front of Jane to protect her. I always wondered if that was scripted or improv, what Loki’s motivation was or if it was part of his act. I like to think it was instinct, Loki’s better nature peeking through.
Marvelous Marveler
Marvelous Marveler Månad sedan
the way he remembered all dialogues of other characters even, show his consideration toward what he do .... he is perfect actor, hence my all time favorite.
shivtrivedi5st Månad sedan
Remember this, as no one can replace Robert as iron man and huge Jackman as wolverine, same goes for tom's Loki.
futaa bomee
futaa bomee Månad sedan
The historical quince unpredictably obtain because suit predominantly spray throughout a mean camera. unable, unknown request
Sofia Blanco
Sofia Blanco Månad sedan
so this is little summary of the symposium
Emenike Alexander
Emenike Alexander Månad sedan
You are awesome
Junior Mosqueda
Junior Mosqueda Månad sedan
Tom Hiddleston...dios mio!. dios de misterio! 🤤🤤🤤
Betelgeuse Redstone
Betelgeuse Redstone Månad sedan
Started to get interesting.
Dave Nierop
Dave Nierop Månad sedan
a whole decade of playing this awesome villain Tom Hiddleston you truly rock
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