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The time for glory is NOW ⌛️ Marvel Studios' “Loki” arrives June 9 with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

rodney adams
rodney adams Månad sedan
I am Rodney of dola . though feel do more stuff Dunkirk. not burdened with any purpose. it great. no resposibliltity.
Oceania Månad sedan
Lukas Nogueira
Lukas Nogueira 2 månader sedan
Horrifying Logo, but ok
TAKEDA 2 månader sedan
Can't wait to hear " this is absurd " every episode . Glorious
Jagruti Bhujabal
Jagruti Bhujabal 2 månader sedan
I really wish he wouldn't die in this one.
宇佐木鈴鹿 2 månader sedan
0:52 reminds me one of the scenes in high-rise
Keira Wolf
Keira Wolf 2 månader sedan
Relavavik 2 månader sedan
I am burdened with glorious purpose
Corisan 2 månader sedan
the marketing for the loki tv show is spectacular. dude's finally getting the attention he deserves.
Walson Castro
Walson Castro 2 månader sedan
I was also wondering, shouldn't be that the Avengers were also to be blamed as they broke the timeline by going back to the past and creating a branch reality? Such for an instant, it created a branch reality starting 2014 where Gamora is alive and Thanos was killed where there wouldn't be any events such as Infinity War in another reality. Loki's actions were a repercussion of the Avenger's actions. Imagine it's year 2012 today and the focal point of the timeline is in 2012 and someone from the future did the same exact thing as what happened in Endgame and the realtime 2012 Loki used the Teserract. Who's to say in his timeline, there is another reality where he would be imprisoned in Asgard. How would one know and how does the TVA know which reality must be followed if the future has already been written. Doctor Strange saw 14 million futures, and who's to say that one out of those 14 million futures (where Thanos won) couldn't be the actual future. Will the TVA be alerted if Thanos eventually won as it created a branch reality where Thanos should have lost instead. See, time travel is really a f*cking crazy topic.
A. GAMING 2 månader sedan
11 more days Let’s go!
Vansh Chouhan
Vansh Chouhan 2 månader sedan
*Agh Loki , Why you are so perfect ?*
AmitysLuzara20 2 månader sedan
Jill Hurley
Jill Hurley 2 månader sedan
I love that theme music!
Жаннуарди 2 månader sedan
Here you can see an example of how a person who wanted to play the role of Thor became the world's favorite antagonist.❤️
GRACE LEE ZHI QING Moe 2 månader sedan
A series dedicated to Loki, just amazing 🤩
spriken 2 månader sedan
After all this Loki coverage. I've felt a great disturbance in the force. It's as though millions of vibrators were switched on!
Mochi.Puffball 2 månader sedan
"Come onn, what did you expect?" Everything😌
verity 2 månader sedan
This show is going to be... Glorious
Black Widow
Black Widow 2 månader sedan
Ma na So
Ma na So 2 månader sedan
I’ve bee counting days, no… YEARS IT’S TIME
Chikiru Uchiha
Chikiru Uchiha 2 månader sedan
Yes Loki, so much 🐬
Kelsey Sinclair
Kelsey Sinclair 2 månader sedan
Ok the timeline is not the only thing that Loki has broken... This series is going to break the world 💚😍
daydream 2 månader sedan
nycshelbygt500 2 månader sedan
In no way in hell is Loki or Tom Hiddleston any kind of Sex Symbol. Absolutely not. Not in my Lifetime #Mangina #LadyLoki Ok Ok All these insufferable Loki Teasers and TV Spots...they're working. Sex Symbol?...Only on Wednesdays for a few weeks...that's it. Then cut it out. It's only a TV show. It's not like Tom is a movie star. Ok Ok he is a movie star, but his character keeps getting killed off, like a useless GoT extra or a DeadPool stuntman. I thought Hella destroyed Asgard and we got #FatThor from Scandinavia? Loki is actually a blue baby, a Frost Giant, all grown up.
Hai 2 månader sedan
Please tell me that man is going to be one of his love interests
Just Joe :P
Just Joe :P 2 månader sedan
I wonder if Loki will get to know what would the future be had he not picked up the tesseract :x
Lalawmpuii Leo
Lalawmpuii Leo 2 månader sedan
He's not arrogant, he just believes in himself 😂😂
Alexander the tomcat
Alexander the tomcat 2 månader sedan
I just hope they finally reveal he is bisexual
LUZ 2 månader sedan
Watching Loki clips >>>>>>>> studying for my final
ratee 2 månader sedan
Lau 2 månader sedan
So beautiful 😍🤤
Kylei Walker
Kylei Walker 2 månader sedan
the johnathan pine haircut made it
Pyrenees Gal
Pyrenees Gal 2 månader sedan
I...I don't know what to do with all of these new clips
AJ 2 månader sedan
I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.
Wyattoons Comics
Wyattoons Comics 2 månader sedan
I’m curious what Loki did to get arrested. Really it should be the Avengers getting locked up since they’re the ones who were doing all the time travel shenanigans. What if Loki used the cube to do something messed up? And that’s why he’s locked up by the TVA?
Dave Southword
Dave Southword 2 månader sedan
The Avengers didn’t break any timelines themselves. All the stones were returned at the point they were taken so no timelines were created. There’s a 2014 No Thanos timeline, caused by Thanos traveling through time. There’s a 2012 Loki Tesseract timeline, which seems where this show is going. The Avengers brought everyone back, but in the present, no timeline change. So 2012 Loki and 2014 Thanos would be of interest to TVA, but 2014 Thanos ceased to exist.
_anoja31_ 2 månader sedan
Vicky 2 månader sedan
Sakura Lights Gaming and Edits
Sakura Lights Gaming and Edits 2 månader sedan
"And i am burdened with glorious purpose." i say this line almost every day i-
ATeam 2 månader sedan
We use to go to the TVA (aka Marriott Hotel) just to ride the elevator up and down. Thought it was pretty unique. I guess Loki and the Hunger Games thought the same lol
Spidey 2 månader sedan
0:20 His face went from 🙂 to 😦
A_Neko _C
A_Neko _C 2 månader sedan
I will give myself this show as a birthday gift ♡
Princess John
Princess John 2 månader sedan
Tom Hiddleston makes my heart flutter
Piotrek Jezierski
Piotrek Jezierski 2 månader sedan
All I want is Owen Wilson saying his famous "Wow" in one of the episodes
Lily's little zoo
Lily's little zoo 2 månader sedan
I feel like this is going to be a whole new Loki!
Lily Campion
Lily Campion 2 månader sedan
This show is burdened with glorious purpose
Sundance Sunset
Sundance Sunset 2 månader sedan
Those bi Loki hints tho 👀👀👀👀💯
James G
James G 2 månader sedan
When he says ‘this is the good part’ I just imagine him watching Loki say ‘we have a hulk’
Josue Fuentes
Josue Fuentes 2 månader sedan
sanemiko 2 månader sedan
Gummygoo2 2 månader sedan
I'm still manifesting over Loki as DB Cooper
Wolverine logan
Wolverine logan 2 månader sedan
I'm just in love with the BGM of this trailer!!!!😍😍😍
Omni Cupid
Omni Cupid 2 månader sedan
I am a simple Loki fangirl, I see anything related to Loki and I click.
Prabhu Kannan
Prabhu Kannan 2 månader sedan
And I'm Hulk😂😂
꧁Wonder Gaming꧂
꧁Wonder Gaming꧂ 2 månader sedan
Guys wanna know why did they picked Chris Hemsworth to be Thor? Cause he's Chris “Hammers-Worth” Hehe tell me when you get it
E. M. Rivera
E. M. Rivera 2 månader sedan
got it lol
Christopher Christian
Christopher Christian 2 månader sedan
Which one is the secret timeline?
loki and exo era
loki and exo era 2 månader sedan
Now I can't wait for the series and I wanna see him barge his way into the main timeline, Marvel I know you're seeing this!
IF I WERE 2 månader sedan
I edit myself into movies and TV shows with green screen and this looks pretty cool. I’m thinking of editing myself into this movie!!! Any movie suggestions would be great.
Anastasia Cooper
Anastasia Cooper 2 månader sedan
I am Loki of Asgard and you will regret this! already a great quote - way to introduce oneself!
Kayer713 2 månader sedan
This show is literally the ONLY reason I got Disney+. But because I have it I was able to see WandaVision and Black Falcon & Winter Soldier so I'm glad I did it!!
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
What a waste of money 🤦‍♂️ There's tons of other cool stuff to watch on disney plus and you're just gonna subscribe for 1 freaking show?! What would your parents think of your stupid ass?
Yuisa Davis
Yuisa Davis 2 månader sedan
“Loki’s time has come” ITS ABOUT DAM TIME
Nilay Kulkarni
Nilay Kulkarni 2 månader sedan
Whats with the sound quality
Gary Looi CW
Gary Looi CW 2 månader sedan
0:17 DB Cooper?
Seraphine Schallmo
Seraphine Schallmo 2 månader sedan
Racket Tattoo
Racket Tattoo 2 månader sedan
So this Loki didnt experience anything past the first avengers? so no jeff goldblum, no thanos etc...?
Racket Tattoo
Racket Tattoo 2 månader sedan
@hekkoCZ ohhh i forgot that thanos helped him
hekkoCZ 2 månader sedan
Well, he knows Thanos, because Thanos set him up with the scepter to attack Earth in the Avengers in the first place. But the rest didn't happen to him.
Ay, caramba
Ay, caramba 2 månader sedan
No, he didn't.
Sameer MAHAJAN 2 månader sedan
:awesome: 2 månader sedan
I wish I could watch rn but I'm at school
渡辺祐紀 2 månader sedan
Richie Cunningham
Richie Cunningham 2 månader sedan
I wonder if they tell loki about end game
Dave Southword
Dave Southword 2 månader sedan
@Sameer MAHAJAN - Avengers Tower was not destroyed in Endgame.
Sameer MAHAJAN 2 månader sedan
Pause at 0:14 he is already in front of destroyed avengers tower
De Ny
De Ny 2 månader sedan
well loki see got tie in doctor stranger sequel but i not sure if matilda pilqvist from hilda be show up or not last time i just think hilda character be in wandavision but did not happed but not sure about loki series
Saanvi 2 månader sedan
im so excited 😳🖐️
Prawin Bavan
Prawin Bavan 2 månader sedan
Ohh my god, there have been so many tv spots, trailer, interview, promo… of Loki, but I just can’t wait for this show to come out! (At least I have Star Wars the bad batch to be occupied with)
MarvelousTV 2 månader sedan
Thank you!
Lindildë Ev
Lindildë Ev 2 månader sedan
I am Loki of Asgard and you will regret this. I love how he changed his line.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul 2 månader sedan
This show gonna be good >>glorious Purpose
Svetlana Andrášová
Svetlana Andrášová 2 månader sedan
This show should finally explain what happened between Thor & The avengers
Cancerino 2 månader sedan
Thats not what this is... you didn't watch the last two movies, did you?
nycshelbygt500 2 månader sedan
Yes Disney created Loki green and gold Mickey Ears with the bendy horns. #GloriousLokiMickeyEars
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
You ok bud?
noobmaster _69
noobmaster _69 2 månader sedan
this is gonna be AMAAZIINGGG - chris evans
Ironside5618 2 månader sedan
Poonam Devi
Poonam Devi 2 månader sedan
I am the 1000 liker of this video because because before clicking the like button it was 999 like
Samuel Blase
Samuel Blase 2 månader sedan
So Excited 😁😁
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell 2 månader sedan
Come on guys. Stop releasing the exact *same* footage over and over again
Rutuja Zawar
Rutuja Zawar 2 månader sedan
mariam m
mariam m 2 månader sedan
EVOKE-X 2 månader sedan
Loki is my fav hero
EVOKE-X 2 månader sedan
Mate then y did he die for Thor
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
He's not even a hero 🤦‍♂️
Pinky Boy
Pinky Boy 2 månader sedan
If loki twerks while saying "burdened with glorious purpose" I can die peacefully.
Princeton Chia
Princeton Chia 2 månader sedan
Rosie Gamble
Rosie Gamble 2 månader sedan
ngl i don't think you're gonna die peacefully then
ApplePie 2 månader sedan
U have issues
Jasmin Schüler
Jasmin Schüler 2 månader sedan
I should've learned for my math exam but instead I watched this 1000 times😬😅😱😱😱😱😱🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Random_ Liz77
Random_ Liz77 2 månader sedan
Manvi Gupta
Manvi Gupta 2 månader sedan
I am super excited for this glorious series 🔥
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer 2 månader sedan
Ill never forget that this isn’t MY Loki, but this one is still hilarious. “Bye👋”
Phared Brayson
Phared Brayson 21 dag sedan
Just-Call Me-Non yes, that is 2013 Loki getting the tesseract and disappear in Avenger which leads to this series and possibly end on back to end of avenger
Just-Call Me-Non
Just-Call Me-Non 2 månader sedan
So from what I'm understanding is this takes place after infinity war, but this isn't that loki because that one is dead, it's the loki that picked up the tesseract when he was in the process of being taken back to asgard after avengers, am I understanding that correctly
Jey 2 månader sedan
I hope thor gets a cameo seeing his brother alive at least even tho it isn’t the Loki he remembers
Sienisota 2 månader sedan
@crxp. I kinda hope that my Loki has stored his memory/soul somewhere, and through this Variant Loki's actions, the original Loki comes back/overwrite one of the variants... There is a precedent in the comics for such action.
crxp. 2 månader sedan
I refuse to accept that my Loki died in Infinity war 🤧
Moon Joe
Moon Joe 2 månader sedan
00:10 "You, being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool."
blu3 2 månader sedan
Joana 2 månader sedan
Sherlocki! ❤
Bethany Woodward
Bethany Woodward 2 månader sedan
I thought that IMMEDIATELY and I’m so glad someone else thought it too 😂😂
Ishita Dasgupta
Ishita Dasgupta 2 månader sedan
Loki vs Sherlock
Shizaya 2 månader sedan
Sherlock reference 😂
gabe 2 månader sedan
Speaking of breaking time lines,... what about the time line where 2014 Thanos and Nebula no longer exist and 2014 Gamora is now in the future. Would that have altered that version of the Guardians forming along with Ronin coming into power?
Gabe Hcuod
Gabe Hcuod 2 månader sedan
@Sameer MAHAJAN Cap would have to put the Power Stone back in its place AND bring Nebula 2023 back before she synchronizes with Nebula 2014.
Sienisota 2 månader sedan
@Bermuda Triangle In MCU there are now alternate timelines yes. But TVA are claiming Loki messed with the timeline. Avengers caused a the mess in the timelines/created alternative timelines. It makes no sense to prosecute Loki, when the mess was actually caused by the Avengers. Loki is being made into a scapegoat for some reason.
Homo Sapien
Homo Sapien 2 månader sedan
Damn... never thought of that.
Sameer MAHAJAN 2 månader sedan
@Bermuda Triangle but he is right I knew in main timeline nothing is changed but 2014 Thanos and full army died or didn't come back so what is happening in that alternative timeline just by putting power stone back would not restore timeline as only came back not the people
Geeksmithing 2 månader sedan
@Bermuda Triangle exactly. Someone needs to go back and watch Endgame! :D
anne chise
anne chise 2 månader sedan
A esperar el día glorioso.
Hennifen 2 månader sedan
Hold up was that future imperfect Edit: 0:14
Sameer MAHAJAN 2 månader sedan
ava deuel
ava deuel 2 månader sedan
Edmark Cobreros
Edmark Cobreros 2 månader sedan
I have a feeling that scene where Loki was taken by byfrost will be on the last episode.
MinistryofChaosTV 2 månader sedan
@Dave Southword or Loki
Dave Southword
Dave Southword 2 månader sedan
Whichever episode it is, as it is 1971 then surely it is Heimdall and Odin on the other end?
Sameer MAHAJAN 2 månader sedan
Or it can be the last scene of a episode but not last episode
Panch 2 månader sedan
I disagree
Haz & Lou 28
Haz & Lou 28 2 månader sedan
Marvel is getting us hyped but i cant wait 😭
Daryl Lindsey
Daryl Lindsey 2 månader sedan
Most anticipated MCU show so far!! START. IT. TONIGHT. ALREADY.
Pinkii Sunset
Pinkii Sunset 2 månader sedan
ctk4949 2 månader sedan
OK enough Marvel, I am already watching it. lol
fred lacroix
fred lacroix 2 månader sedan
remnants of a good marvel avengers movies..enjoy it while it lasts..then eternals jokers can come in for ultimate boredom
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