I Bought the First Broken Xbox Series S on eBay - Let's FIX It!

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I Bought the First Broken Xbox Series S on eBay - Let's FIX It! I clearly has been taken apart before and also clearly has a faulty HDMI port. The port has to be fixed before I can really test anything else and with no Xbox Series S HDMI ports currently for sale, I'm going to have to get creative with this fix!
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-Nozzle for hot air station: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/zpEWlT
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About This Video:

TronicsFix 21 dag sedan
The best place for custom PCB manufacturing. JLCPCB: $2 for 1-4 Layer PCBs, sign up to get $18 new user coupons; jlcpcb.com/RHS What do you think of my "fix"?
BIGBILLI 10 dagar sedan
Can you delete a reply on my comment it’s a scammer
The Glitchy Mario
The Glitchy Mario 16 dagar sedan
@Trigs1975 Hot I think its around 600°F but I don't do a lot of hot air soldering
Trigs1975 16 dagar sedan
What temperature is required to remove a hdmi port on a ps4 with a hot air soldering station?
GeneAlex P
GeneAlex P 16 dagar sedan
@The Glitchy Mario ah gotcha
The Glitchy Mario
The Glitchy Mario 17 dagar sedan
@GeneAlex P yeah. But once you replace it and re-sync with PSN, it should be fine until it dies again.
Hasan Ürünveren
Hasan Ürünveren 14 timmar sedan
Bro all samsung apple sony ext... hate you because of you BUT i love you bro you r my teacher i fixed my ps4
Matthew H
Matthew H Dag sedan
I'm sure you know already @TronicsFix - on stripped screws - if you throw a "wide" rubber band in between the screw and the screwdriver you can sometimes get a better "bite" to help remove them. :)
Brutus Dag sedan
Thank god he is using t-10 and not t-800 or we'd be fricked
Marty57 2 dagar sedan
how in the hell do people manage to mangle HDMI ports like this? Do they bust out the hammer to nail the thing in if it doesn't fit? wtf lol
Pheeb Hello
Pheeb Hello 2 dagar sedan
Doesn't the S use HDMI 2.1? You need that to support all the features.
arhickernell 3 dagar sedan
Guy got a haircut during the sponsored break
Shaun Deonarine
Shaun Deonarine 3 dagar sedan
Thank god they wrote FAN on the fan....i wouldnt have guessed that object taking up half the case was a fan..
Eddie Chan
Eddie Chan 4 dagar sedan
aliexpress and taobao can find this HDMI PORT but very expensive
Heath Kill
Heath Kill 4 dagar sedan
Id use it hell ya just trim the cord😎✊🏻
Pascal Kempenaars
Pascal Kempenaars 6 dagar sedan
Is the original xbox hdmi connector compatible with the newest versions? So basically is this able to provide 4k?
XaFFaX.tk 7 dagar sedan
Thankfully the pinout of the HDMI port was the same. They could have changed it to make it even more difficult. micro$oft is so thoughtful.
Atomic Fairy
Atomic Fairy 7 dagar sedan
Unlike Apple Steve believes in repairing things.
Kemal Ramadhan
Kemal Ramadhan 7 dagar sedan
just wonder how long to fix it until the hair sprout, bud, sprout again
Branimir 8 dagar sedan
I just wish you told us the prices at which you bought this broken stuff
noskin a lil_vibe
noskin a lil_vibe 8 dagar sedan
1:30 that little wheeze xDDD
Christian Blaze Blank
Christian Blaze Blank 8 dagar sedan
How do people break things in such small amount of time.?
Parshva kothari
Parshva kothari 8 dagar sedan
Hi would you like to fix my Xbox 360
Tronicsfix 4 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••.
H-Media 8 dagar sedan
I watch video and every minute coming youtube Ads.. -.-
Taylor Bage
Taylor Bage 9 dagar sedan
That t8 was just destroyed 😂
Vaibhav Pisal
Vaibhav Pisal 9 dagar sedan
my breath stopped watching this.
bbpog 10 dagar sedan
Pov: you get an xbox ad on this video
viktorjgf 10 dagar sedan
I’m loving these videos, they remind me of Art Attack! Lol
richard howard
richard howard 10 dagar sedan
Another great fix love your videos mate
Jorge Balleza
Jorge Balleza 10 dagar sedan
Is it the same hdmi version?
AR Hipolito
AR Hipolito 11 dagar sedan
Will the quality of video output be affected by using other types of hdmi port? (Like resolution, hdr quality, etc.)
T-Bug 11 dagar sedan
Can't know how I bumped onto this. All in all GREAT content 🙌🙌. I also have been watching those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these vids. MStar Tutorials also had amazing information about similiar money making things on his vids.
Pratiik Kaushik
Pratiik Kaushik 11 dagar sedan
Day 2 of asking you to collab with Louis Rossmann about right to repair
Phills POV
Phills POV 12 dagar sedan
does it still work at 4k or 120 fps
Cwise85 12 dagar sedan
So, by using a last gen HDMI port, the bandwidth of HDMI 2.1 is lost and much that console horsepower is wasted because the HDMI port can't carry the signal, is this correct?
Kamelosk 12 dagar sedan
William Rosado
William Rosado 13 dagar sedan
Your videos are kind of relaxing 😆
duck74 UK
duck74 UK 13 dagar sedan
Wouldn't this make it lose it's 2.1 features? Not that a series S would've ever made use of them but you know
Ozzie Loki
Ozzie Loki 14 dagar sedan
Is there anywhere selling the series x fans? I broke my series X. Isolated the issue to the fan. Ms won't sell me one.
D4rkRises 11 dagar sedan
The comment above is a scam
NoJusticeNoPeace 14 dagar sedan
If you want to remove a nearly-but-not-quite-stripped screw easier, just put a wide, thin elastic band over the hole and push the screwdriver tip in over top of the rubber.
Grant Fryer
Grant Fryer 14 dagar sedan
That was to much thermal paste. As an expert at watching you tube videos in order to learn about fixing electrical stuff, I gave noticed that you put to much on, and sometimes to little.
Nicholas Damianos
Nicholas Damianos 14 dagar sedan
Where do you go on amazon to buy the tools you personally use
Connor's Animatronics
Connor's Animatronics 15 dagar sedan
How do I fix a water damaged switch
Tronicsfix 12 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro 15 dagar sedan
Hi you should check this out - right to repair in linus and rosmangroup,you should help with a video too.thanks.
TacticalArma3Player 15 dagar sedan
Didn't the original Xbox One have HDMI 1.4b? and doesn't the Series S have HDMI 2.1? Is the HDMI functionality built on to the motherboard? I am amazed that you made it work.
rockythedevil007 15 dagar sedan
Hello Sir i have a question is PS4 dead fan motor can be repaired? or not
Tronicsfix 10 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Diggerman70 15 dagar sedan
Have you considered covering Louis Rossman's right to repair movement?
spitefulwar 15 dagar sedan
People who strip Torx heads... should be shot.
Konrad Farr
Konrad Farr 15 dagar sedan
hey i love your vids also i got broken xbox1 controller its got fhantom touchiing can you respond and get back to me
gaming journalism is a joke
gaming journalism is a joke 15 dagar sedan
probably a stupid question to ask (new viewer, love your videos) but is there a way to send you consoles to fix? I'm just curious.
Jaypee Pinpin
Jaypee Pinpin 15 dagar sedan
Magical hair.. grows quickly..
joeker022 15 dagar sedan
hey i have a broken psp slim white star wars edition its busted in a few places and im wondering if its fixable , also gameboy color and first gameboy but im more interested in the psp
Tronicsfix 10 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Maui Boy
Maui Boy 15 dagar sedan
I appreciate you passing down your knowledge, but i’m afraid i’m too naive,.😭
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 15 dagar sedan
You think you can fix my Razer phone joy cons?
ABlueGamer 15 dagar sedan
Is it fine if the coil whine is a little loud? I NEED to know cause I’m a little worried 😟 aka a buzzing noise
Jaiden Rivers
Jaiden Rivers 15 dagar sedan
Can someone help my Xbox controllers select button is registering like it’s pressed down but it’s not and it is also not stuck I have reset the Xbox and have also turned the controller off and back on multiple times and it still didn’t work
Tronicsfix 12 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Emojisoo Lesimpossible
Emojisoo Lesimpossible 15 dagar sedan
My cousins ps4 disc inserted won’t work it will make a sound like dust in there it works normally but it won’t accept the disc so I can’t put it in what Should he do
machnica yt
machnica yt 15 dagar sedan
Helo my xbox one x not save game issue can u help me
Tronicsfix 12 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Jimmy Scott
Jimmy Scott 16 dagar sedan
You should see if you can get a male to female HDMI adaptor that has a long throat on it so it might reach and just sell it with that adaptor and a note and maybe have it secured with soemthing
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 16 dagar sedan
Can you fix my xbox one s controller
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 14 dagar sedan
Tronicsfix 15 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
SleepIxsss 16 dagar sedan
Hey @TronicsFix I have an broken iPhone 6s Plus I replaced the hole display and even buyd a new camera because mine broke after replacing the display but the camera doesn’t work after the replacement. The front earspeaker works probably and the day night sensor don’t work either is that an motherboard Problem or did I broke something due the repair? I’m so sorry if my English s*cks. I come from Germany 🇩🇪 I hope you can help me somehow because I don’t want to buy an complete new phone
Tronicsfix 10 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Luis Resende
Luis Resende 16 dagar sedan
08:24 big change :)
CrackDownMemes Tv
CrackDownMemes Tv 16 dagar sedan
honestly I'm 13 , and was very interested in console repair and Steve is my role model , great and useful information and tips , kinda funny and cool, I'm currently don't have much knowledge in the console repair realm but none the less want to be the part of that community , great work Mr Steve hope you can make more great and useful content like this.
Lewis Baynham
Lewis Baynham 16 dagar sedan
You have inspired me to start a repair buisness from home, im in wales uk thank you for the videos
Chase Schleich
Chase Schleich 16 dagar sedan
Doesn't replacing an hdmi 2.1 port with an old 2.0 port cause the Series S to no longer support 2.1?
samred 16 dagar sedan
Question: HDMI 2.1 compatibility? Does the older HDMI port that you installed translate newer HDMI signals properly? (Meaning, 4K + 120Hz, which system settings will confirm on compatible TVs.)
James Pfeiffer
James Pfeiffer 16 dagar sedan
Great video. Thanks 👍
Reshiram 16 dagar sedan
Dont even give a crap about xbox but im still gonna watch the video
SpittlePlays 16 dagar sedan
would it still support hdmi 2.1? because now it's a different hdmi port from last gen
Marko Tomic
Marko Tomic 16 dagar sedan
Can i buy from you ps4pro or ps5 🙂
Tronicsfix 16 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Cyrribrae 17 dagar sedan
Is HDMI 2.1 not port dependent? I have no idea.
Blitz 17 dagar sedan
Hey I might need some help with my ps4 controller could you help me?
Tronicsfix 15 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Aaron Geisel
Aaron Geisel 17 dagar sedan
Tonicsfix I spilled some water over my keyboard its might have liquid in it I don't know how to fix liquid problems and keyboards plz reply I came to you cos your best fixer
Tronicsfix 15 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
captcaveman4201 17 dagar sedan
I wanted to see if the hdmi worked in 4k mode.
Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey 17 dagar sedan
Have you ever made, or considered making, a video or series about how to solder? I do phone repair and we don't offer soldering services, I personally have some basic soldering experience but no micro soldering. I love how you explain things and was just curious.
TronicsFix 17 dagar sedan
Yep! I have an entire soldering course...and the first course is free! www.gameconsolerepairschool.com
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 17 dagar sedan
I have a ps4, and thanks to your videos I've learnt & taken 6 apart and fixed them, thank you so much :) , I just want to say,the Xbox is laid out way better than a ps4 I personally think & how big is that heat sink compared to pS4 ? 😅
Matthew Straub
Matthew Straub 17 dagar sedan
I love the little Spyderco!
Zaid 17 dagar sedan
Sir my ps4 controller is not working I hv changed new battery and tha 12 port wire and it's getting charged too but it's not powering on
Tronicsfix 15 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
TheWittyGeek 17 dagar sedan
I bet an FPV HDMI cable would fit and would look so much better than the trimmed one.
Hamdan Alansari
Hamdan Alansari 17 dagar sedan
Try fixing Broken PS3s from eBay
Hamdan Alansari
Hamdan Alansari 17 dagar sedan
Well done Steve
Hamdan Alansari
Hamdan Alansari 17 dagar sedan
Hi I am a fan
Hamdan Alansari
Hamdan Alansari 17 dagar sedan
Hi Tronicsfix
Matt Kish
Matt Kish 17 dagar sedan
I would imagine the original Xbox One HDMI connector you soldered is limiting the output, as it is most definitely not HDMI 2.1, but instead HDMI 1.4b. The data rates are massively different and itwill probably be limiting the frame rate and resolution. But hey, it at least somewhat works.
AT 17 dagar sedan
This video is the perfect representation of the word "resourceful", you just fixed something that was not supposed to be fixable yet. Excellent!!
AT 17 dagar sedan
This video is the perfect representation of the word "resourcefulness", you just fixed something that was not supposed to be fixable yet. Excellent!!
RAGiN CRiNZ 17 dagar sedan
Why don't people use warranty?
Cyan soul
Cyan soul 17 dagar sedan
Do you know how to replace a 2ds screen? I spent all my birthday money on it and it the bottom screen lost all capability of touch screen when I dropped it.
Tronicsfix 15 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Tyrone Nelson
Tyrone Nelson 17 dagar sedan
I have seen bigger graphics cards!
articwolf2448 17 dagar sedan
My xbox one s wo t update any ideas?
Tronicsfix 15 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
WillStreamIt 17 dagar sedan
That was super creative wow
GrimReaper4383 17 dagar sedan
Take it that model doesn't use hdmi 2.1?
Daniel Del Aguaro
Daniel Del Aguaro 17 dagar sedan
9 min video prolly fixed it in record time
Gearturismo 17 dagar sedan
What is the main culprit of spoilt hdmi port?
Ted Strong
Ted Strong 17 dagar sedan
You’re incredibly good at soldering, wow
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 17 dagar sedan
Can you try to fix my ps4 so i can play my video games
Tronicsfix 16 dagar sedan
••+•1•2•2•4•3•6•6•7•2•4•1•• ••W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p••
Mr Skeleton
Mr Skeleton 17 dagar sedan
Please make a video on repairing a logitech wheel
RoyalKalibur 17 dagar sedan
Tronicsfix: I can tell the HDMI is broken Me : looking at the screen like 🧐
RedHead Avenger
RedHead Avenger 17 dagar sedan
Great work man.
Pedro Fernández
Pedro Fernández 17 dagar sedan
xbox: we could use a regular hdmi... or we could use a special one that is 2 milimeters longer! Muahahahahahaha
M 17 dagar sedan
I love this little beast
Unkown 18 dagar sedan
First Xbox Series S fix compared to how many PS5 fixes? I think that says something about the quality
MinimAle 18 dagar sedan
Menistro 18 dagar sedan
Hey Steve. Check out GPU HDMI port. Maybe you can find some that might fit in. I don't remember how big is in my GTX 1050Ti but with the metal plate covering the port I would take a look
Shawn O'Connor
Shawn O'Connor 18 dagar sedan
When I get a console with stripped torx screws I use a flathead that's shaved down.
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