AirPods Max Review: An Audiophile's Perspective

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Snazzy Labs

3 månader sedan

Are Apple's new $550 AirPods Max any good? As reluctant audiophiles, we give the most in-depth review yet!
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0:00 - Background
0:49 - Comfort/Fit
3:40 - Controls
4:45 - Case/Portability
6:46 - Battery
7:42 - Repairability/Teardown
9:40 - The Good Stuff
9:56 - Active Noise Cancelling
12:22 - Transparency Mode
13:26 - "Off" Mode
13:48 - Bluetooth Codecs
16:48 - The $35 Cable
19:09 - Objective SQ
20:08 - Subjective SQ
21:44 - Spatial Audio
22:36 - Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
23:51 - vs Sony 1000XM4
24:10 - vs B&W PX7
24:30 - AirPods vs The Competition
25:08 - The Problem with AirPods Pro
26:09 - Should You Buy Them?
Crinacle measurements:
LDAC’s problems:
Bluetooth headphone codecs:
AirPods Case design interview:
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The Apple AirPods Max have been released to much fanfare. At a colossal $550, it puts itself way above the competition like the very popular Sony WH-1000XM4, Bowers & Wilkins PX7, and the Bose 700; however, it's still a bit shy of what the hi-fi market would expect in terms of pricing. Are they good? Yes. Quite good, in fact. But are they good enough to warrant their price tag? Watch our comprehensive AirPods Max review to find out.

BowtothePrince 19 timmar sedan
As a Carpenter I’ve been dying for some over the ear noise cancelling. The AirPods Pro were over and above expectations but I miss those drivers. Very very intrigued! My last can phones were jbl synchros s400+bt and I loved them. Touch control, long battery, cable option, great sound for a steal. This price point is staggering but for my circumstances I believe it could be there.
Andrei Marasoiu
Andrei Marasoiu Dag sedan
try Grado GW100 and you will be amazed . Simple bt headphones, but they sound sooo great .
Orjon Zaganjori
Orjon Zaganjori 4 dagar sedan
audiophiles, those that use music to listen to their devices.
Andrew Salinas
Andrew Salinas 5 dagar sedan
I think they sound very very good
Zork 98
Zork 98 5 dagar sedan
660 euro... i'd rather buy any audiophile headphone and amp and walk around with the amplifier in the backpack🤣
Marc Marchal
Marc Marchal 5 dagar sedan
Looking for good headphones I stumbled upon the Amiron from Beyerdynamics. Did you have any chanve to listen to those?
gomez3420 6 dagar sedan
First time listening to your reviews. I am impressed that you gave a thoughtful review that was balanced and cut through a lot of the BS that many plague reviewers. Well done.
RM 713
RM 713 7 dagar sedan
I have had two of them and had to send them back. The first ones had connection problems and right ear cup noise but I could reset them. I sent them back for a replacement. I got my second AirPods max and they were even worse. A different pair in a different colour. They had the same issues but won't resett. I'm getting a refund this time and refund on the apple care also. Very disappointed that Apple put out a product that doesn't match it's high price. When they worked they were great at times but the continuous problems on and off and then finally not being able to reset them made me just want a refund. They look great and are strong. The sound quality was brilliant at times and the noise cancellation the best. Another reason I didn't go for a replacement was that they wanted to send a replacement in the same colour. I wanted to make sue I didn't get the same ones back. I DON'T THINK THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IN STEVE JOBS DAY. I also had all my devices on the latest upgrades of software and the headphones are also. Didn't make any difference to the annoying things happening at times with them. I tried everything to get them sorted.
Sanjjeev21 9 dagar sedan
Does it make sense to use the APM with an external DAC such as the AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt or a DAP such as the AK SP2000 to take advantage of the superior DAC? Does the APM in wired mode bypass the DAC inside of it? Thank you.
Jason Moorhees
Jason Moorhees 12 dagar sedan
Can you use these to listen to vinyl with the added lightning port to 3.5 mm jack cable? Trying to kill two birds with one stone here.
J T 15 dagar sedan
If you plugged in the headphone and listen to Tidal Master music you get the high sample rate of 96 kHz or higher. Something you don't get from Android. Is that correct?
jeff antalik
jeff antalik 15 dagar sedan
Incredibly great review
phin 16 dagar sedan
nice review bro
Bobby G.
Bobby G. 16 dagar sedan
It must really really suck to be bothered by every little thing possible. I love this guys videos but between him and Linus they complain about small petty shit that I and many others wouldn’t even think of. It’s quite exhausting actually.
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 16 dagar sedan
That’s the whole point of a review, my man.
Ms. K
Ms. K 17 dagar sedan
GREAT Video and I currently just got my AirPods Max,so far I'm enjoying them.
D Mac
D Mac 18 dagar sedan
I like that jacket dude. Where did you get that?
promachacker 18 dagar sedan
Excellent review
Dan Hazard
Dan Hazard 19 dagar sedan
Review of the V-Moda M200's? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Barry James
Barry James 19 dagar sedan
This is the fist time I have watched you and I am impressed so far.
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 19 dagar sedan
Nebular Phonics
Nebular Phonics 20 dagar sedan
Can I use these to record music on Logic Pro x?
ABJ4 20 dagar sedan
I didn't buy the AirPodMax max at all
Warlock 21 dag sedan
Anker Soundcore Q30 it is, then. :D
TruceEverlast 22 dagar sedan
I have them. The two main things I like about them are their comfort (the weight doesn’t bother me) and their transparency mode.
Karan Upadhyay
Karan Upadhyay 24 dagar sedan
That’s all the information I ever wanted in a single airpods max review
Brian G
Brian G 25 dagar sedan
Excellent Review. Thanks
WCGOLD27NZ 25 dagar sedan
Probably the best in-depth tech reviewer on SEmost.
Chris Moghtaderi
Chris Moghtaderi 26 dagar sedan
What a great review! I appreciated the balanced approach on this. Well done!
Tembrock 26 dagar sedan
Very much appreciated your review. I learned some things! I have a pair. I appreciate good quality headphones and I do like them. To me it's a bit like so may accessories. Sometimes the best accessory is the one that you have on hand or the one that's easiest to use. These are extremely easy to use (and more of a slam dunk in an Apple eccosystem) and sound amazing to me. They are not insignifigant in heft but pretty darn comfy for my big head overall. My other pair of headphones I almost sold (then decided I was crazy) was my Sennheiser HD 660S which I quite enjoy. Those are VERY comfy for me and quite light but of course wired only.
boop bwep
boop bwep 29 dagar sedan
Save yourself some moneu, get a fiio, turn on ldac, get some kzs.
Rich Briere
Rich Briere Månad sedan
Fabulous point after point.
newfnshow031 Månad sedan
600 for medium fidelity headphones? No thanks I'll stick with the $30 earpods
andrew pankiw
andrew pankiw Månad sedan
Apple know what they’re doing cus they dabble with black maj
Jordan Bach
Jordan Bach Månad sedan
You are everything anyone could ever want in an informative SEmostr.
Juko Månad sedan
great review - although criticizing lightning on this product is a little too much. i cannot see it any other way, seeing as it’s mainly an accessory to other products that use lightning.
Uncle Rey
Uncle Rey Månad sedan
Uncle Rey.
Precision rifle reviews
Precision rifle reviews Månad sedan
Fantastic review please can you tell me/ would there be an advantage to a male to male (lightning to lightning) cable to plug headphones in to phone if using say tidal for music.
Glock Glock
Glock Glock Månad sedan
It’s called Air Pod Max for a reason
Martin Newman
Martin Newman Månad sedan
I have a similar head to you, and the Max's have a similar fit. I got them yesterday and I don't know what I am going to do. The sound is incredible, I have to say, but when listening to Batman The Dark knight Rises, the bass was a bit overwhelming for me, although not for the headphones themselves (I'm sure we've all had headphone which couldn't handle the extreme bass from a subwoofer-type sound). I may keep them and pay them off from the credit card over a few months, as I think I deserve it at the moment, but I'll keep them for a week or so before I decide. Good, honest review though, Mr Audiophile.
Samuel J Booth
Samuel J Booth Månad sedan
Ps i owned the apple headphones and own the Sony's v4 I sent the apple back . But if you don't need it to be Bluetooth and noice cancelling what could you get for a 300 and 500 ( usb ) DAC and headphones ?
Samuel J Booth
Samuel J Booth Månad sedan
Sorry so the cable takes analog to digital ( the headphone ) then in the headphones back to analog . ie D-A A-D D-A? Normal Headphones D-A. ??? ( you are a hifi guy ? ) And its limited by the converters of the output of the source, mac or pc? would it not be better for the apple headphones to have wifi and run non compressed audio? or a apple LDAC? And iTunes to run at Tidal quality? Please do a thing about those old headphones of yours wold love to no more ? And please explain about D to A and how it makes everything in what we here. I know you need to pay the bills we all do . But this is the third video of yours pushing a product . Please let us all Know if you are sponsored or not.
Samuel J Booth
Samuel J Booth Månad sedan
Thank you for the review . I do hope tho we never get to the point where we speak to another human in-front of us with our headphones on. God i m getting old. :-) hehe
Theodor Watson
Theodor Watson Månad sedan
666 dislikes
Terreos Månad sedan
666 dislikes?!? Oh you’ve pissed hell off! I was on the fence about these. I’m not an audiophile in my eyes. But I do enjoy a good sounding set of head phones. I have my earbuds for working out, but something that integrates well with my iPhone and iPad would be nice. I watch movies and tv shows all the time on my iPad so that would be nice to have. What was stopping me is a lot of people were saying the Sony headphones were straight up better? But seeing your collection of headphones makes me feel like you’re the only one being honest about the sound quality.
Lorde Darius
Lorde Darius Månad sedan
Case? That’s a BRA
Andrew Almalhi
Andrew Almalhi Månad sedan
You look like a different type of phile
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs Månad sedan
I like movies but not enough to be a cinephile.
Blas Ontiveros
Blas Ontiveros Månad sedan
Since when Bose is out of the competition?
rmis32 Månad sedan
I had headphones that I thought were pretty good. Trying out the AirPods Max out of curiosity, I fell in love with them. I received my purchase today. After several hours of music listening, I'm very happy that I got them.
ItsMini Månad sedan
From another audiophiles perspective, I believe you're wrong.
TheJaisah Månad sedan
Great review. I would love a pair of Airpods Max but I cant justify the expense. I have Bose NC700's at home and my old set of QC35's at work. They will do just fine for now.
Andrew Vera
Andrew Vera Månad sedan
How’s the sound vs the M50’s? Disregard the price tho like pure sound.
HarryWooldridge Månad sedan
Thinking of upgrading from my Bose qc35 ii Should I?
Gabriel Rossini
Gabriel Rossini Månad sedan
I will officially put your road noise as my ringtone. Fucking nice touch.
s s
s s Månad sedan
Nice review
Al Magcope
Al Magcope Månad sedan
That dent broke my heart
Victor S
Victor S Månad sedan
lol who the fuck uses wireless charging? long live lightning
Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke Månad sedan
How do they compare to the V-Moda Crossfade 2?
wonkyfishnut Månad sedan
5:34 Uhuhuh, third party cases exist bro 🤦‍♂️
Ken Chen
Ken Chen Månad sedan
If they broke for me mate Dankpods, they a automatic fail for me.
Brett Thompson
Brett Thompson Månad sedan
I share your awkward head pain
AnakChan Månad sedan
At 20:27, you're saying the Airpod Max implying made by Monster? Are you sure about that?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Månad sedan
The plant geology additionally thank because pizza indisputably own throughout a mushy coal. laughable, goofy quill
O0oOo8oOo0O Månad sedan
This is like the best review in 2020
Xavier Breath
Xavier Breath Månad sedan
Great review, but let's not forget that the source of the music is vital. No self-respecting audiophile would be caught dead using their iPhone as their source. Nor would they be using a heavily compressed format, a cheap cable with a DAC like the one Apple sells, or bluetooth. More likely, for headphone listening, they would be using a high end CD player (worth thousands), a specifically designed headphone amp, and WIRED headphones.
Reed Harston
Reed Harston Månad sedan
Wow, hard to believe they've been out this long already... I always knew that your review would be the only one I'd need, since you care enough about audio to give the headphones a proper review, while also caring enough about the ecosystem and unique features to give them weight in your review as well. What your review says for me is that I'll need to try them on to see if they fit (I have a large head...) and that yes, they do add value over their competition so their price isn't that outrageous. Now the only problem is I don't know if I'd ever pay $80 for a pair of headphones, let alone $550. 😂 I got my AirPods free with the iMac I bought last year using the education discount and I absolutely love the wireless experience, but I don't know I would have ever paid full price for them, so the AirPods Max would be a hard sell for me. Maybe someday...
Bryan Windmark
Bryan Windmark Månad sedan
Apple would have to pay ME $560 to use these headphones. Forget it!
Mike Broesel
Mike Broesel Månad sedan
I love mine the best thing I ever did it to buy them.
Allen Tejada
Allen Tejada Månad sedan
Can you compare the xm4 with your eq vs the airpords pls 🙏🏼
v1ce21 Månad sedan
Great objective review!
Yair Martinez
Yair Martinez Månad sedan
have the bowers and I reaaally struggle to think the air pods can sound better, just because it`s apple... guess I`ll have to give them a try
humor Månad sedan
still seems like bass heavy garbage for $500, matching of the left and right driver is poor. regarding the measurement, personally I'd like flatter bass and more emphasis around the 2k-3k region.
Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill Månad sedan
nah the xm4's are better.... and their case isn't stupid.. and they have more functionality.. and their cheaper? airpods max are dumb
Richard Briggs
Richard Briggs Månad sedan
Dumb case, heavy, expensive, and very lossy AAC bluetooth codec. No thanks.
Lucifer Månad sedan
Overpriced, dumb design and stupid case. Fucking ridiculous.
Xander Oerlemans
Xander Oerlemans 2 månader sedan
Is there a galaxy buds pro review coming?
joel richards
joel richards 2 månader sedan
Can you use the transparency and/or noise canceling while using 3.5mm cable?
Vladimír Petija
Vladimír Petija 2 månader sedan
Man your review so on point. If only you had those bi neural mics
Pedro 2 månader sedan
By air play or connection to tv you could watch a movie from phone
Devvie Life
Devvie Life 2 månader sedan
10:04 Has no one noticed the slight increase of audio when he increased the volume on his iPhone?
Joseph Nicholson
Joseph Nicholson 2 månader sedan
Anyone else wildly distracted by this stunning (GS?) on wrist? Oooof those reflective hands and markers! Oh, solid review of the cans too ;) As usual, more depth and detail than any other video out there! Much appreciated!
superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur 2 månader sedan
Apple could've made a case identical to the Bose 700's, would've made it so much better. The Bose 700's also have a charging case available. If Apple makes that, and (or just) gives the capability to switch between iCloud and at least one non-iCloud device, I'd order them immediately. I got to try them out for a bit and I was astounded by the clarity, though I did only listen to one song. It did sound fairly flat to me in the 5 minutes I had with them, but I was able to pick out individual voices with the AirPods Max much better than I have been with other headphones I've tried. I don't have a direct comparison, but I have listened to both the Bose 700s and the XM4s, and if it weren't for the slight inconvenience (I'm assuming, since AirPods Pro have to be repaired with my laptop every time I use them) I would be much more interested in getting them. I may still be interested eventually, but I'm not entirely positive I'd get as much use out of them.
tono80 2 månader sedan
I found my AirPods Max kinda hissy. Anybody found the same? Also, I have a big head so there is a lot of pressure above my ears, so headaches. Thinking about returning them
tono80 2 månader sedan
@Greig I know. But as a Quality Engineer that used to que for Apple it would surprise me that something that big would escape.
Greig 2 månader sedan
@tono80 QC is not perfect. It is even listed as an important management factor in BA classes.
tono80 2 månader sedan
@Greig You think? It’s only on the highs. You think it’s get past Apple’s 100% QC inspection?
Greig 2 månader sedan
just return it the hiss mean your amp are no good.
Mike's Tech Talks
Mike's Tech Talks 2 månader sedan
While they do sound great and the noise cancelling is good. If you have any allergies to materials... you need to be careful. I had a severe allergic reaction. It sucks, but if Apple had different materials in their cups, like a natural leather... I could still use them.
Martin Lok
Martin Lok 2 månader sedan
Late comment, but does the $35 cable transfer mic data back to the source? Important when using discord while gaming...
Aaron U
Aaron U 2 månader sedan
Drop a link to that jacket I've been wanting something like that for a while
Sal Avila
Sal Avila 2 månader sedan
19:08 for those that only care about the sound quality
MzTraveling Usa
MzTraveling Usa 2 månader sedan
Great review. Particularly about the clamping on the head. I'm one of those that can't stand clamping pressure. I've had several over-the-head headphones be gifted to friends for this reason. Where I was about to pull the trigger on purchasing them, I'm now in HOLD mode thanks to your awesome review.
Tyson Gates
Tyson Gates 2 månader sedan
I have the PX7 and WH1000XM3 headphones but mine seem to have different sound signatures than yours. My PX7 is overly heavy and muddy in the bass with highs that roll off at low frequencies over Bluetooth (though wired with USB they don't have the same issues). My Sony is much more neutral over Bluetooth with a little extra bass but no distortion. I've also never had an issue with LDAC reliability
M Latief
M Latief 2 månader sedan
Did you say like this video, Love it Thanks
GAIN 2 månader sedan
If you use them with the cable do you still need to charge them?
Dustin Quinn
Dustin Quinn 2 månader sedan
That’s what I call a review. Good job. Liked and subscribed ;)
SNKR Champagne
SNKR Champagne 2 månader sedan
You sayed it's supported just on IOS , was it the spatialu audio where u said " When am I going to watch a movie on my iPhone", but is it TVOS compatible...!? and nowadays when there is a little confusment in if iPad OS n iPhone OS is the same!? so is it iPad compatible?....because watching a movie on iPad is nice , specially on the 13" the questions are (sry , MR. ADHD here :): 1. Is it just iPhone compatible they sound info you talk about in 22:30ish and if yes is there some kinda of workaround as in almost any Apple case. 2. IF it's just iPhone OS compatible does it mean it's iPad compatible also because the OS is basically the same ?
brian hester
brian hester 2 månader sedan
Love mine. I’ve found they sound better with the eq off on my iPhone. I did buy the 35 dollar cable to see if they would sound better say through my iPod classic or MacBook. I’ve been a musician all my life but I guess I’m not a “audiophile” because I couldn’t hear much of a difference so long story short that cable is being returned tomorrow. I have a love hate relationship with apple. I love their products but they suck for nickle and diming their customers. They know people have to get the protection plan so the cans are really 610.00. It would’ve been a lot cooler if they charged $475 instead. But hey that’s just my humble subjective opinion. Great reviews by the way.
brian hester
brian hester 2 månader sedan
@Tim Gardner hey Tim that's good to know. I think I'm past the point of return but I did get the interest free for 6 months. but congrats on the good deal you got. I've always been leary of buying tech used unless its from someone I know but I know, there are some good deals out there. I just returned the cable, ill tell ya they've got a lot of nerve charging 35 bucks for probably the cheapest made cable I've ever seen.
nternalPractice 2 månader sedan
I bought the Airpod Maxes and quickly decided that they weren't worth more than twice what I paid for my Sony XM4s. That was before both my ears swelled up with an INSANE allergic reaction to wearing the headphones. I've never gotten an allergic reaction from a consumer product before yet, it's happened 3 times to me when buying new Apple products. I got itchy rashes from Apple Watch sport band and the sport loop but these were NOTHING compared to my ears blowing up and turning an angry red after wearing the Airpod Maxes on and off over the course of 3 days. I can't believe I'm the only one that has had this experience.
Kris Burke
Kris Burke 2 månader sedan
I can't stand wireless headsets, they just sound crap, even the good ones.
A B C 2 månader sedan
MP3 is also psychoacoustic, btw. Comparing bit rates is dangerous for other reasons :)
The Unplanned Life
The Unplanned Life 2 månader sedan
Alright. I’m going with the Sony WF 1000XM4 instead.
Fred Howland
Fred Howland 2 månader sedan
The Doug Demuro of audio!
Tom Krupa
Tom Krupa 2 månader sedan
Using them with a wire will sound better as the MacBook's DAC is a better sound quality than the AAC encode the headphones use over bluetooth!
Everable Med Spa Marketing
Everable Med Spa Marketing 2 månader sedan
Which mobile app do you use to listen music to? :)
Glennwulf 2 månader sedan
okkkkk i had no idea you could adjust options in accessibility. WOW. liked and subscribed for this alone lmao
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