What If The Other Half Got Snapped? | Alternate Endgame Short Film

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What If.. Reverse Snap.. AKA. If The Other Half Got Snapped In Infinity War? An Alternate Avengers Endgame Short Animated Film!
A Fan-Short Film about a scenario If The Other Half Of The Heroes Got Snapped Out Of Existence. What would they do?

Composed by Captain Roxas, follow him!
SEmost - bit.ly/31voSox
Instagram - bit.ly/2GZ6RWw

What would have happened if all the characters "snapped" out of existence at the end of Avengers: Infinity War instead stayed behind while the other heroes were gone? That's what one fan wondered -- and created a short video that explores the question in animated form, inspired by the forthcoming Disney+ series from Marvel Studios, What If...?. As with the comics, What If...? will tackle alternate universe stories where things played out a little differently than they did in the "main timeline," and it will give them a chance to reuse characters, some of whom may be the ones who have left the franchise by now.
Marvel's alternative reality animated series is kicking off with a premiere episode that imagines a world where Peggy Carter becomes Captain America, while Steve Rogers works with Howard Stark to become Iron Man. Before Endgame it seemed as though What If? was just taking a flight of fancy with this storyline; now, it seems like it could be a crucial epilogue to Avengers: Endgame's controversial ending.

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Spectrum Cinema År sedan
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Mmmmm Dag sedan
@Edrian Raneses really? i must be wrong then... 👋
Edrian Raneses
Edrian Raneses Dag sedan
@Mmmmm no it doesn't so shut it!
Mmmmm Dag sedan
@Edrian Raneses you dont need to believe me, its how it works
Edrian Raneses
Edrian Raneses Dag sedan
@Mmmmm I don't believe you
Mmmmm Dag sedan
@Edrian Raneses y, thats how it works
promaximus albert rex
promaximus albert rex 8 timmar sedan
what a cringe the concept is good but i feel more deaths than never
Keith Meehan
Keith Meehan 11 timmar sedan
Tharani 12 timmar sedan
Scout can't be erased he is in quantum
S. V
S. V 15 timmar sedan
Wait, Antman wasnt snapped because he was in the quantum realm right? He couldnt be snapped. So why is he snapped?
Pajpo game
Pajpo game 15 timmar sedan
Time Stone Kurwa !!!!!!!!
ISHWARYA | ISWK 17 timmar sedan
Damn this was sad
Pisces Mongkey
Pisces Mongkey 19 timmar sedan
for antman part it will never be because u will not vanish in quantum...
Thomas Grant
Thomas Grant 19 timmar sedan
Scott would not have been snapped inside the Quantum realm.
Agente Zebro
Agente Zebro 21 timme sedan
5:26 Strange: Hope is not lost just yet. Hope: ...uh, the fuck? I'm right here dude, what are you talking about?
Shubham Semwal
Shubham Semwal Dag sedan
Very bad plot🤣
FonyGamez Dag sedan
What kind of plot do you fucking expect from a 20 minute fan film that is based on an existing idea?
Jas Dhameja
Jas Dhameja Dag sedan
Starlord looks like mcaulay culkin
Janus Sanders
Janus Sanders Dag sedan
7:42 , thanos be like *oh shi*
Weirdly Stupid
Weirdly Stupid Dag sedan
This is really good but in all honesty the other infinity gauntlet wouldn't exist without Stark to make it
Hydra Gaming
Hydra Gaming Dag sedan
Lol. If tony, bruce dead then who will make time machine?😹
Unstable bg
Unstable bg Dag sedan
If this happened avengers endgame will be the most hated avengers movie
Kay Denise
Kay Denise Dag sedan
What if Thanos got snapped? Mind officially blown.
Bobby Dhuth S
Bobby Dhuth S Dag sedan
Maybe it would have been 10x awesome seeing our main hero's coming in rescue in the final fight
Roberto Ticas
Roberto Ticas Dag sedan
Awesome subscriber now. Keep up the good work
TARAK Dag sedan
Nice work dude
Vadrif Draco
Vadrif Draco Dag sedan
Spiderman was technically in an armor suit too in the original movie but the entirety of him got dusted. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Justin T
Justin T Dag sedan
what I hear: Mr. Stark? what the captions said: *miss stomach*
X MIA 1_Samuel Manu
X MIA 1_Samuel Manu Dag sedan
Good movie, i hope marvel watch this and put in the what if series
om nadkarni
om nadkarni 2 dagar sedan
this should be in What IF? series :D
Zahin Zobayer Arnob 58
Zahin Zobayer Arnob 58 2 dagar sedan
Not Mr.Stark Its Mr.Stomach Turn On The Subs And See Yourselfs
Jephin Shaji
Jephin Shaji 2 dagar sedan
You missed falcon
DAN GAMER 2 dagar sedan
What was shown in avengers that the people who got snapped, if they didn’t get snapped and the other half was snapped instead, there would be no way to bring back the half of universe, because the avengers getting snapped are the most likely the most intelligent ones, tony is the most intelligent along with, hulk, Scott, Steve Rogers , Natasha romanoff, rocket. So one would be able to build the new gauntlet or the time machine to bring back the stones
ADITYA NAIR (IRON MAN) 2 dagar sedan
As I was imagining
I don't think this would happen. They are still more strong. But what about first snap which hulk made. Who will instead of him ha. And this so deadly. I don't think they would die like this. And I think many things are not included like time travel, New gaunlet, hulk snap and all.👎
Excadrix 2 dagar sedan
are they fighting the retired thanos? the one who destroyed the stones but here the stones aren't destroyed. if this is 2012 thanos, it wouldn't be possible without starks time machine
PHANTOM GAMING YT 2 dagar sedan
If Tony didn't survive the snap thenn who made the Nano gauntlet??
Superior Time
Superior Time 2 dagar sedan
Not possible
Josue Velasquez
Josue Velasquez 2 dagar sedan
And Falcon
VvĮŘØŻ 2 dagar sedan
Jackybhai 2 dagar sedan
where is sam?
Lego stop motions
Lego stop motions 2 dagar sedan
Wanda is so sensitive
JANAGAMA SAGAR 2 dagar sedan
I pretty much shore that not half of avengers vanished up to 70%of avengers gone
Charmy 3 dagar sedan
How would the guardians have made it back to earth? And also thanos would have been snapped meaning the infinity stones would be lying around so they could have easily snapped and brought them all back then fight thanos, so in reality this what if would be the exact same but the bit before the final fight would be about 15 minutes Another reason this what if makes no sense is that they’d have no idea where the farm is since nebula died
Joshua Lemieux
Joshua Lemieux 3 dagar sedan
Tf happened to thanos’ army
Suman Inu
Suman Inu 3 dagar sedan
Spidey ''
Shawn Harold
Shawn Harold 3 dagar sedan
That was a great what if! 👍
Christian Carroll
Christian Carroll 3 dagar sedan
This was awesome! Not a fan of the end. 😭
Jimmy Bulman
Jimmy Bulman 3 dagar sedan
Love the details of the iron suits staying behind.
Ayman Sheth
Ayman Sheth 3 dagar sedan
What the hell you doing petah?😂😂😂
DChain 3 dagar sedan
Disney while writing for What If series: "Write this down! Write this down!"
Charmy 3 dagar sedan
They wouldn’t as thus what if could never happen and would not happen the way the SEmostr made it in this
Alexis Starc
Alexis Starc 3 dagar sedan
What If... Thanos had killed Quill in the 2nd GotG? 😂😂
YourDailyMarvelContent 3 dagar sedan
shenba sing
shenba sing 3 dagar sedan
How dare you kill the famous avenger spiderman you suck
Chris 3 dagar sedan
Ok. I like this.
Tԋҽ Dαιʅყ Eƚԋαɳ
Tԋҽ Dαιʅყ Eƚԋαɳ 3 dagar sedan
It makes 0 sense that Ant-Man gets sbapped away, he was unaffected in the Quantum thing right?
Piyush Solanki
Piyush Solanki 4 dagar sedan
This is what if rockstar games have created what if looks like😂😂
adepu rajesh
adepu rajesh 4 dagar sedan
Really great work.... Amazing.... Extraordinary... No words to praise.... 👌👌👌👌
Alex Bravo
Alex Bravo 4 dagar sedan
Wtf Wanda channeled her contortionist abilities to Thanos
DangerIncreased 4 dagar sedan
VvĮŘØŻ 4 dagar sedan
So, not falcon and the winter soldier, not loki, no kang, not NWH, not young avengers, not thunderbolt, no Guardian of the galaxie, actualy the ending of avengers infinity war, that was cool huh
Egg boi
Egg boi 4 dagar sedan
Mr stomach😔😔
dpw drawing
dpw drawing 4 dagar sedan
To gory and I understand life doesn't end in a happy ending but did spiderman have to die
sj craft 12
sj craft 12 4 dagar sedan
Now Spiderman
Newspaper Zombie
Newspaper Zombie 4 dagar sedan
thanos snap hes finger ...... 5yrs later thanos nsap hes neck
BC M 4 dagar sedan
Great What if?
Toppatgamer 4 dagar sedan
Hope this comes in What If
S J 5 dagar sedan
The last scene... Gave me goosebumps. With power comes great responsibility.... And he handled his responsibility in the best way he could. 🙂
IMadeYa ReadThis
IMadeYa ReadThis 5 dagar sedan
I think they would've lost, without Cap's leadership, Tony's inventions/smarts, Hulk's smarts & Thor's anger/strength/power. Without the main Avengers, I doubt they would've won.
Ambati yeswanth
Ambati yeswanth 5 dagar sedan
Santhosh kumar
Santhosh kumar 5 dagar sedan
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz 5 dagar sedan
Why is Drax blue and Groot is big and Mantis looks like a human
Ste Mckeown
Ste Mckeown 5 dagar sedan
It's good but the amount of times spiderman said "Mr Stark" made me cringe
Skeleton King
Skeleton King 5 dagar sedan
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy 5 dagar sedan
The snap got Captain marvel, good This other half got the attention he deserve and plus Star lord realized his mistake to engage and I like how they went down to business after the snap There goes endgame and the endgame memes
BEKONG 5 dagar sedan
Good thing thor is not fat
Asit Kumar Malik
Asit Kumar Malik 6 dagar sedan
Drax looks like Kratos ( God of war ).
123小神321 LittleGod
123小神321 LittleGod 6 dagar sedan
their moves are so weird
Tԋҽ Dαιʅყ Eƚԋαɳ
Tԋҽ Dαιʅყ Eƚԋαɳ 3 dagar sedan
Let's see how good you can animate then.
CheetosUpMyNose 7 dagar sedan
Antman should be alive as he was in another dimension
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy 5 dagar sedan
Ant man: Um, I’m okay? Ooooh yeah I forgot, they got him
JP GAMING 7 dagar sedan
But yet Dr strange could reverse their deaths without affecting the war outcome like thanos did with vision
Dhruv Anand
Dhruv Anand 7 dagar sedan
The music that plays when Peter dies is actually "Amazing Grace". Hearing this rendition made my heart break.
Pranay Shete
Pranay Shete 7 dagar sedan
Really Wanda is this much powerful 😂 if thanos doesn't have infinity stones then we can digest that but thanos with infinity stones is much much powerful then your thinking 🧐 just read some marvel comics addition !!
Lauren Bernard Frio
Lauren Bernard Frio 7 dagar sedan
Really? Spiderman is already famous but didn't expect to be the main hero in this alternate version but it requires more sacrifices...
The Lone Star
The Lone Star 9 dagar sedan
I don’t care if it’s low quality/budget. I’m glad it’s a thing
Mackenzie Shain
Mackenzie Shain 9 dagar sedan
If that happened thanks would of dusted and they probably wouldn’t have done anything lol
Its me mayo!
Its me mayo! 10 dagar sedan
lol when you put the subtitles it says "mr. stomach"
Simon Perez Rodríguez
Simon Perez Rodríguez 10 dagar sedan
This looks like a ps1 game
Leonardo Perez
Leonardo Perez 10 dagar sedan
❗This is priming for the Rapture❗ Jesus Christ is coming✝❗
Carter Olson
Carter Olson 10 dagar sedan
This vid makes no sense at all like there is alot more then these like 10 wtf lol and the story of this is just dumb like
Trolling Modeactivated
Trolling Modeactivated 11 dagar sedan
Then there wouldnt have been endgame since all geniuses exept hank pym and hope and her mother would have been there without stark and bruce and even zuri
Jessica Winchester
Jessica Winchester 11 dagar sedan
I think the world would have been even more screwed 😂 no tony start means no time travel
Prince Contcka
Prince Contcka 11 dagar sedan
Tinggal Dr. strange gunai time stone untuk mengulang peter parker jadi gak mati
Xynot_ 11 dagar sedan
Would ant-man be snapped ? Or would quantum realm have saved him ?
Osmin Perdomo
Osmin Perdomo 11 dagar sedan
Que falso
Aashutosh Adsul
Aashutosh Adsul 12 dagar sedan
My God! This gave GooseBumps
Oatte DT
Oatte DT 12 dagar sedan
Actually, Ant man should be here because he was in quantum realm when thanos snapped
ちㄥ丹ㄚモ尺Gタɱエղg 13 dagar sedan
Wanda scene gave me goosebumps
TheXI Players
TheXI Players 13 dagar sedan
It's purely time pass video...👎🏻
T. Prabhu
T. Prabhu 13 dagar sedan
Please put avengers endgame full movie in English
T. Prabhu
T. Prabhu 13 dagar sedan
Please put avengers endgame full movie in English
Penne Luna
Penne Luna 13 dagar sedan
Is...is that...Ada Wong...? Resident Evil???
Selvy Letchumanan
Selvy Letchumanan 13 dagar sedan
Falcon behind screen:hehe I no need fight with thanos again,Dr.Stranger order because its can create nexus event and TVA will sucking there
岡山のホークアイ 14 dagar sedan
Inês Homem Cardoso
Inês Homem Cardoso 14 dagar sedan
Not me counting the number of seizures Thanos had
Goutam Jena
Goutam Jena 14 dagar sedan
I know wanda is too powerful to beat thanos . But she cannot defeat him when he has the all stones
Rasputin 2 dagar sedan
Who knows.I mean she could hold him with 5 stones,while destroying one.Also,she is choking him,so he is unable to move/use the stones.That's make sense.
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