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Brothers Jermell and Jermall Charlo embrace immediately after Jermall's weigh in for the Charlo vs Montiel fight this Saturday.

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Loaneen Heimuli
Loaneen Heimuli 13 dagar sedan
Love these 2
Nimcan Shariif
Nimcan Shariif 20 dagar sedan
I get confused to differentiate them 😳
DontBSilly 21 dag sedan
You can clearly tell something is up with Jermell.. his really bothered by something.
9th Dapp
9th Dapp Månad sedan
Jermell is so ignorant and his career and eventual fall is going to lonely and hard. He stays in chaos, which is why no one supports him.. I was a fan of both, until he started trashing his Bro. It is a sad situation for their mother. You can see the tension and the fact that Jermall didn't even acknowledge him, and Jermell ad to ask a couple of times for Jermall to take a picture with their mom and him.
ShadomanG Månad sedan
I know the feeling of being in a “grey” patch w/ur twin. Expectations. Competition. Saw my twin sister yesterday when I flew home to see family. Miss the great times. I’m 30 now, realized that Love is the only thing that matters. Forever bonded 💪🏽
Mist'er Johnson
Mist'er Johnson Månad sedan
"Nobody wins when the family fued"
Prolific Månad sedan
How you beef with yourself 😂
Twon G
Twon G Månad sedan
My fav fighters lol just the evil twin needs too relax 🤣🤣🤣 it’s always a cool twin & an evil one tho lol
tadiwa muparutsa
tadiwa muparutsa Månad sedan
bruh they ma look same age as them... i guess that's what happens when you take punches to the face for a living.
bumrushz Månad sedan
be humble bruh....
Adilson Vieira
Adilson Vieira Månad sedan
Fuck $ or whateva, they are brothers and should have each other’s back in this evil ass world, if you can’t trust your bro then who can you trust??????
Rebellion Månad sedan
Jermell alwayyysss angry lmao! 😂😂😂 Gotta love the dude though .
Jose Campos
Jose Campos Månad sedan
There moms got no hair lmfaoo
Ricardo Bates
Ricardo Bates Månad sedan
Me and my brother just like that but play with us if you want every grown man has a different path don’t feed into it ..
Robert Gray
Robert Gray Månad sedan
You can tell there's still tension between them, but I hope in time they patch things up. You only get one brother if you got one and you always want peace between the both of you.
Heinz Folau
Heinz Folau Månad sedan
Relax jemal
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker Månad sedan
People are trying to criticize Jamal Charlo after winning 12 straight rounds in a fight how many fighters win all 12 rounds in boxing and still gets criticized of course he showed some ring rust in the fight but he still want all 12 rounds by the judges what else does a man need to do in a fight when he wins all 12 rounds now the predictions of certain people are saying can he be canelo Alvarez can he be David benavidez which the answer is yes the man is capable of beating any fighter that he gets in the ring with but until that day comes he's still the middleweight champion of the world that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it 🤔💡🥊🥊🥊💯🥊🥊🥊💯🥊😎
Rick Stone
Rick Stone Månad sedan
Jermall seems more level-headed and reasonable
semaj wells
semaj wells Månad sedan
Dude is just an idiot, I'm talking about Charlo. I tried to like them but, it's hard. He never learned anything. He's a fool that's ready to lose everything for nothing. How stupid can you be. How can you be a leader of your house hold, and you don't know sh:t.
DON DOLLA Månad sedan
Some of yall lame af a brother love is a brother's no matter what and yeah brothers talk shit shxt n fall out thats just family shxt
D.sheree life
D.sheree life Månad sedan
Why don't they speak though?
Montana To the death of me
Montana To the death of me Månad sedan
Dam bro your mom is right there man chill don’t you see the pain in her face bro
Montana To the death of me
Montana To the death of me Månad sedan
Mell u have to be more respectful brother your mom right there and your talking reckless
Carlos Garza
Carlos Garza Månad sedan
It's good to see them embrace but u can see right away the quick shine away !
Montana To the death of me
Montana To the death of me Månad sedan
No matter Wht that’s your brother your twin chill and love each other mom Is hurt brother chill don’t put this pain in her heart do it for mom. I lost mine and I would do anything to have her back with me
I Rise
I Rise Månad sedan
Mell a savage! His ‘turnt’ switch stay ON!!
MAZI SBK Månad sedan
He always mad i love it 😂😂
MyRonniej Månad sedan
I hate this man they’re brothers They need time to Themselves
Truth B. Told
Truth B. Told Månad sedan
You are Brothers, Family, NEVER EVER let ANYTHING come between the both of you! Lion's Only Baby!!!!!
Father with Fragrance
Father with Fragrance Månad sedan
I love it
Soldier Månad sedan
Jermall charlo is the better brother, jermell is evil.
Easy Bandz
Easy Bandz Månad sedan
Blood thicker than water
David Tunnell
David Tunnell Månad sedan
That niggga really krazy evil twin fr 😂😂😭
Pedro Cervantes
Pedro Cervantes Månad sedan
I mean congrats I guess. But you looked worse than Mungia. Now it's obvious he's dodging Canelo!
Will C
Will C Månad sedan
Mell got that Tupac energy lol
Mr. McCann
Mr. McCann 17 dagar sedan
And we all saw what happened to him. Moral of the story is(IF you don't humble yourself,somebody else will)
BigTaf Mitch
BigTaf Mitch Månad sedan
Her ell is the hot head one
jessokcool1 Månad sedan
Christopher J
Christopher J Månad sedan
Made me happy to see them walk out to the ting together..the way its supposed to be , to anyone with siblings know this, your brother/sister is and will always be your 1st best friend and will always be there for you when nobody else is ❤💙...GOOD SHIT FELLAS, 👍, FUTURE HALL OF FAMERS/ HOUSTON LEGENDS
T_TRUTH Månad sedan
This dude charlo is struggling against someone that looks like a yoga instructor and can’t even knock him out. And y’all say he has a CHANCE AGAINST CANELO??? HAHAHAHAHA FUCKING NEVER 👎🏻!!
Enos Moaning
Enos Moaning Månad sedan
Mal is sick of mells shit. He ain't trying hear his shit.
Q Man
Q Man Månad sedan
The charlo with the all blue hat is impulsive and aggressive as shit at all times... like wtf bro... your mom is here chill out
Conn Shawnery
Conn Shawnery Månad sedan
Family is everything. How do you think Floyd Mayweather Jr became so successful? He had an incredibly tight support system made up of good people around him his whole career.
Blessings Månad sedan
Lions 🦁 only day baby
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones Månad sedan
Jermell stay wildin' 🤦🏾‍♂️ he go from saying sumn nice right back to the crazy talk. No thought into what he be saying 🤬 lol
Mr Jester
Mr Jester Månad sedan
I used to say things like “die slow, you and whatever family members” to people when I was upset. After losing my parents a couple years ago, I think of those times and the people I said it to. Smh I hate I did that fr
anthony jones
anthony jones Månad sedan
Mell be acting like a bitch some times but them boys can fight
Kaymian killerbee
Kaymian killerbee Månad sedan
Lol you got to love the Charlos
sinnceer era
sinnceer era Månad sedan
✌🏾🙏🏾🐜Did you make proper weight?✌🏾🙏🏾🐜Love and Blessing🙏🏾✌🏾🐜
Pasadena Where you at?
Pasadena Where you at? Månad sedan
The twins act like young lions towards each other, hence the nickname. They'll always be sizing each other up, sh*t talking and competing. However, if they didn't get along, you wouldn't see them spend so much time with each other.
Thomas Mcvaigh
Thomas Mcvaigh Månad sedan
MONEY gets in between every thing
Keel He
Keel He Månad sedan
I love their slogan Lions Only 🦁
RichmkndVanorth Månad sedan
The real TK please stand up 😳
Claudius Albury
Claudius Albury Månad sedan
Super Awkward! But glad the olive branch was finally extended. Fortune and fame is temporary. Family is forever!
Roger Williams
Roger Williams Månad sedan
Love this!!! Brothers 💪🏽
Zee Rie
Zee Rie Månad sedan
The Charlo brother that was using profanity needs to refrain from using it around his mother. He was cursing intentionally! Smh.... respect your parent(s).
DonCarlo Månad sedan
I can relate to the bumping heads as brothers. But blood is blood!!
Tribe Judah Princess
Tribe Judah Princess Månad sedan
Happy Father's day!! To all
TriLL Månad sedan
Congrats on 1mil subs..been here since day 1, road to 2 mil 📈
Jay 91
Jay 91 Månad sedan
The vibe is awkward
cody gerton
cody gerton Månad sedan
Can someone explain to me where and what the rift between them two is??? Was it mells IG live ?
Enos Moaning
Enos Moaning Månad sedan
Mall be getting the shine and mell wants the world to know he the best. Mall us still undefeated and still getting better. The beef started at Ronnie Shields gym where mall was getting more praise for being better.
Bontroversial Podcast
Bontroversial Podcast Månad sedan
They have their moments where they talk shit to each other but I love to see them Embrace each other like this.
Dvon Edmunds
Dvon Edmunds Månad sedan
These two are the hardest twins EVER!
Manuel Pitts
Manuel Pitts Månad sedan
LR266 Månad sedan
Didn't know they had fighting until watching the all access show. Good to see they've made up.
Isidro Guillen
Isidro Guillen Månad sedan
Really hope they stay together as they are twins with a close bond. Lionsonly need each other.
Goodfella Sports TV
Goodfella Sports TV Månad sedan
Good to see them together!!!
Keith LaMotta
Keith LaMotta Månad sedan
Why Mell be talking crazy all the time to 😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony Rainey
Anthony Rainey Månad sedan
Jermell is real live. Love it
James Macdonald
James Macdonald Månad sedan
I thought that was Dababy lol 😂
patrik carvalho
patrik carvalho Månad sedan
Jemell always mad 😂
Pots & Pans Productions
Pots & Pans Productions Månad sedan
This how it be with brothers sometimes, nothing but a lil rift. If u have a brother u know how it is. I'm mad at u but if someone else fuck wit u we on they ass. In the end its always love no matter what
Downsta1rsXL Official
Downsta1rsXL Official Månad sedan
Is it just me or jermell looks a lot more mean than her all in the face
pdiddy Box
pdiddy Box Månad sedan
Thats Errol
pdiddy Box
pdiddy Box Månad sedan
I never predict my fight cause I might loose hehehe
S P Månad sedan
Different merch supply 🤔... The ending was very confusing.
John Estrada
John Estrada Månad sedan
You can tell the charlo sisters were raised by a woman acting all emotional and shit like females.
intelin123 Månad sedan
pollo locos
cashe Månad sedan
Killaa P
Killaa P Månad sedan
There’s so much tension , charlo vs charlo 2023 ya’ll heard it here first
garymagr81 Månad sedan
That would be crazy on so many different levels boy for their mama and people to have to watch that OMG crazy scenario but realistic possibility talkn about sibling rivalry
louie grim
louie grim Månad sedan
Charlo on go mode 🔥🔥🔥let's go champ
Dan R
Dan R Månad sedan
I hope The Charlos continue to stick with their family and their real friends and not let other new bad influences ruin their career. I've seen it too often where other people come into the life of an Athlete and completely ruin him.
Elias Gomez
Elias Gomez Månad sedan
Hoo brother you guy don't look like hero's trash talking booms facing montiel words than money thas maywather you know we're the money is but you need balls
Mitch Blue
Mitch Blue Månad sedan
Talking like that like mom’s not even around. No respect
Danny Golden
Danny Golden Månad sedan
Lmfaoo jermell crazy, gotta love the guy though
Mr. Funny man
Mr. Funny man Månad sedan
What if this two fight who win?
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown Månad sedan
I guess Jamal Charlo know how demetrius Andrade feel now when he can't get a fight with a fighter he been chasing for years demetrius Andre been chasing both of the brothers for over 5yrs and they still won't fight him so canelo giving Jamal a taste of his own medicine (REAL TALK)
Mark Cardoza
Mark Cardoza Månad sedan
Something definitely wrong with Jermell.
TappatopShotta Månad sedan
Ain't nothing like some brotherly love. You can see the tension between them dissipate after they dap it up.
_どうもありがと,ジェロじゃねーよ Månad sedan
Why the tension ?
RebelLyfe Boxing
RebelLyfe Boxing Månad sedan
Same way I am with my twin
RebelLyfe Boxing
RebelLyfe Boxing Månad sedan
When they talk... they talking to each other in the mirror
Deandre White
Deandre White Månad sedan
What the hell is wrong wit dude
Great family, GOOD JOB MOM !
Pauly D
Pauly D Månad sedan
When Jermall cuts that weight you literally cant tell them apart
BOOK OF ELI Månad sedan
@Ian Alexander Scarface💯💪🏿
Ian Alexander
Ian Alexander Månad sedan
@BOOK OF ELI the eyes chico, they never lie
BOOK OF ELI Månad sedan
The Eyes
Ian Alexander
Ian Alexander Månad sedan
@Andrew Bryant Boxer that’s a good one. Never noticed
Kelvin Dube
Kelvin Dube Månad sedan
@Pasadena Where you at? 😂😂😂😂it can't be said any better than this
EastSide Eazy
EastSide Eazy Månad sedan
Buddy is a very angry person 😂😂😂
Quan Shaw
Quan Shaw Månad sedan
@Rebellion your right my badd
Rebellion Månad sedan
@Quan Shaw De la hoya aint no dam taurus
Quan Shaw
Quan Shaw Månad sedan
Taurean are not angry there really Tranquil just Bullys at times Taurus are the Puglist ofthe Zodiac sugar. Ray ROBINSON LEONARD DE LA HOYA JOE LOIS
Pete EZ
Pete EZ Månad sedan
Jermell is angry. He ain't getting none.
Pete EZ
Pete EZ Månad sedan
Jermell have no respect
Justin Perry MMA
Justin Perry MMA Månad sedan
Jermell a real one BUT bro gotta relax. Like he’s gotta learn to take that tension off. His whole aura is just too “wartime”. Bro gotta relax ease up fr
Nadib Ali
Nadib Ali Månad sedan
The Most High God is a man of WAR
Sean McGowan
Sean McGowan Månad sedan
Respect from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💪 fuck the haters
Versus 4 da Most High Servants!
Versus 4 da Most High Servants! Månad sedan
They definitely look smack alike now that jerrmall has cut weight to be honest 😂 but they need to grow up and love eachother like real blood Bros put away that fake tention yah both successful and also decent boxers stay blessed 💯
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